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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #208

4/2/07 – 4/6/07

The blackmailer made Ethan look stupid
Ethan was in the blackmailer’s apartment and saw all the pictures on the wall.  For some reason, Ethan chose not to call Sam and stay in the apartment.  He had to go to Theresa to stop her wedding.  That was really stupid.  He shouldn’t have left the apartment without any proof that the pictures were on the wall.  He probably has a phone with a camera so he could have taken pictures of the apartment.  Needless to say, when he went back to the apartment, the pictures were gone.  Ethan deserved to look like a fool because he shouldn’t have left the apartment when he did.  If he called Sam or Theresa and told them about the proof, then he would have had it.  We’re glad that the blackmailer ended up being a step ahead of him.

Ethan finally talked to Miguel
We were really shocked.  Ethan started working on Miguel’s case this week.  It’s about time that he did that.  Ethan usually seems more worried about getting Theresa back and helping Luis.  Ethan doesn’t worry about Miguel until this week.  Miguel needs help too since Fox can positively identify him.  Ethan should be helping Miguel just as much as he’s helping Luis.  Just because he’s not being charged with rape and murder that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t get help.

Vincent’s comments about Whitney
Vincent was so right when he was talking about Whitney to Chad.  He was talking about her because she was judging him for cheating on Valerie.  We are not fans of Vincent, but we found ourselves agreeing with him when he was telling Chad about her behavior.  We are really looking forward to seeing the look on her face when she finds out about Chad and Vincent.

The blackmailer got back at Theresa
The blackmailer watched Theresa have sex with Ethan.  Needless to say, he/she was unhappy about it.  The blackmailer decided to call Judge Reilly and get Miguel and Luis trial dates pushed up.  The blackmailer called Theresa and let her know what happened.  She had that coming because she didn’t do what she was told to do.  She expected the blackmailer to keep her secret and keep Luis and Miguel from going to prison while she still had Ethan.  The blackmailer wasn’t willing to do that.  Since she wouldn’t stay away from Ethan, the blackmailer went through with part of his/her threat.  It’s too bad that the blackmailer didn’t reveal little Ethan’s paternity first.

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