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 Michele and Cheryl's Rave #202

2/19/07 Ė 2/23/07

Sheridan put Fancy in her place
She told Fancy how it was her fault that Luis is in trouble.  Sheridan told her this before, but we thought that she was just jealous.  We still think that sheís jealous, but she has a point.  Fancy should have left Luis alone and he might not be in trouble.  If Fancy didnít have to scheme to get closer to Luis, he probably wouldnít be getting accused of raping her and murdering Rae.  She should have stayed at Crane Industries instead of going after Luis by trying to be a cop.  She has made one stupid decision after another since she joined the police force so we were glad that Sheridan called her out for it.  We also enjoyed watching Sheridan slap Fancy.  Fancy has slapped her quite a bit recently.  Itís too bad that she didnít slap some sense into Fancy.

Chadís lover had a camera
Chad wanted to end things for good with his lover again.  Chad kept giving him the break up speech and then he had the nerve to expect him not to contact him anymore.  He certainly fixed Chad.  Little did Chad know, his lover had a video camera in the motel room.  He is probably going to end up blackmailing Chad.  He is going to get what he deserves because he shouldnít have been with him in the first place.

Simone wanted to give up on Jessica
We were happy to see Simone finally get tired of hearing herself talk to Jessica.  We didnít blame Simone for wanting to give up on Jessica.  How many times does Simone have to tell Jessica to get away from Spike before she listens?  Simone lashed out at her because of what happened to Rae, but she needed to wash her hands of Jessica.  It was short lived since the attacker attacked Jessica.

Theresa chose Jared over Ethan
Ethan got a taste of his own medicine this week.  He thought that he and Theresa were going to have a future together, but he was wrong.  She ended up choosing Jared over him.  The audience knows why she chose Jared, but Ethan didnít know it.  He just thinks that sheís up to something.  He didnít even think about Gwen this week.  He claims that he loves Gwen, but you would never know it now.  He was doing so much crying because Theresa chose Jared.  Now he knows what Theresa went through when she was trying to get him back and he stayed with Gwen.  We are so glad that Ethan is going to be alone at least for now.

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