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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #291

12/24/07 – 12/28/07

Luis and Fancy’s love
We as Shuis fans know that the writers are going overboard trying to get us to believe that Luis and Fancy are such a great couple.  It’s gotten to a point where Luis all but forgets about his love for Sheridan. If Lancy’s love was so great, why did Tabitha have to use her magic in order to get them back together?  It should have happened on its own.  Guess their love isn’t that great after all.

Theresa only cared about losing Ethan

When Theresa was at Mass, all she worried about was losing Ethan.  Before she got her Christmas wish of little Ethan getting better, she was going on and on about losing Ethan.  Her son could have died, but she was crying about losing Ethan.  Someone had her priorities mixed up.  Little Ethan’s health should have been more important.


Ethan only care about Theresa
Ethan was just as bad as Theresa during Mass.  His son could have died, but he was talking to Father Lonigan about Theresa being selfish and not being there for him.  Shouldn’t he have been praying about Jonathan getting better?  We know if our sons’ lives were in danger, we wouldn’t be worried about our love lives.  Our children would come first.

Gwen went back to scheming
Jonathan was barely out of the woods when she went right back to scheming. She wanted to let Theresa have Ethan because of the noble act she did to save Jonathan.  She liked how Theresa was willing to let Ethan yell at her without telling him why she hasn’t been there for him.  Instead of going through with it, she let Rebecca talk her out of it.  You would think that she would want to do good things since her son was better.  She shouldn’t want to rock the boat.

Kay waved her goodness pompoms
There’s nothing wrong with being good, but Kay’s preachings about being good was enough to through something at the television.  Wait a minute. Why should we possibly destroy the television?  We would be better off reaching through the television and strangling her.  When Tabitha decided to take Timmy’s advice to do good things in order to get Endora and Miguel back, it worked.  Kay couldn’t wait to drive it home how doing good was all they had to do in the first place.  It’s probably a safe bet that Tabitha didn’t want to be reminded about that.  Maybe it would have been believable that Kay was a poster girl for goodness if she were always like that.  What happened to the Kay that we used to root for?  That Kay wasn’t always harping on doing good things.  She was misunderstood and easier to root for. Now we can take her or leave her.

Ethan was self-centered
He ripped into Theresa again this week because she wasn’t there for him and Jonathan.  When she tried to explain where she was, that wasn’t good enough for him.  He thought that nothing was more important than he is.  What about Theresa being around her own children?  Isn’t that important?  Does he expect her to be at his beck and call 24/7?

While we’re griping on Ethan, let’s get to the fact that he’s a seesaw.  He thinks that it’s okay to yell at Theresa as if she’s his daughter, but the second someone else tries to see his point about Theresa, he defends her.  This week, Ivy told Ethan that he should break up with Theresa and be a family with Gwen and Jonathan.  She gave him this advice after he complained about Theresa not being there for him.  Anyway, once Ivy insulted her, he tried to defend her by saying she’s so great and that he loved her.  If he loves her so much, why does he bother yelling at her?

Kay botched up another spell
Kay put a spell on Miguel because he couldn’t remember what happened to him when he was gone for months.  He was ready to enter himself into a psych ward because he thought he was going crazy.  Tabitha warned Kay that Miguel must never find out that they are all witches.  Kay took that as an excuse to use her magic.  Her spell made Miguel have amnesia. When she tried another spell, he remembered everything that happened.  Here’s something ironic.  Kay’s spells worked when it was time to stop Tabitha from breaking up Luis/Fancy and Noah/Paloma, but they didn’t work on Miguel. Hmm…

Here are some random thoughts:

Where has Marty been all of this time?  It’s not likely that Alistair would have let him go that easily.

How did Marty know to refer to Sheridan as his mother?  He thought that Beth was his mother when he was kidnapped, but he was suddenly going to know that Sheridan is his mother. Not likely.  We think that something fishy is going on with Marty.  We wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that he is not Marty.

Fancy got a haircut this week and no one said anything about it.  It’s not as if it was a subtle haircut.  Her hair is cut to her chin.  It’s a noticeable difference, yet no one said anything.

How did the gloved hand know that Esme going to drink out of the poisoned cup?  Esme hooked up with the Santa that she took Viki to see last week.  While they were fulfilling her fantasies, the gloved hand put poison in the drink that Esme got for her and Santa.  The killer must have ESP to know not to drug Esme’s cup.






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