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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #290

12/10/07 – 12/14/07

Rebecca injected Gwen
Gwen wanted to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan, but Rebecca wouldn’t let her do it.  Rebecca was determined to keep her from telling the truth even if it meant injecting her.  Rebecca didn’t know what was in the needle that she used.  Luckily for Gwen, it was just a sedative.  We really do have to question Rebecca’s sanity.  Why wouldn’t she want to do what she had to do to make sure that her grandson lived?  We know that Rebecca is a very selfish and self-centered person, but this is bad even for her.  If Rebecca loves Gwen, why wouldn’t she want to make sure that nothing happens to her son?  Rebecca knows what Gwen went through when she lost Sarah and Nathan (we still remember him even though no one else does) so you would think that she wouldn’t have stopped Gwen from getting to Ethan.  That was the time for Rebecca to a child’s health before her hatred for Theresa.  If Rebecca had her way, Jonathan would have died because he wouldn’t have a donor.  What would she have done?  All of the apologies in the world wouldn’t change how she would have been responsible for Jonathan’s death.

Alistair was right about Luis
Alistair walked I on Luis and Pretty having sex and he read them the riot act.  He told Luis that he was a cad and how he didn’t want to have sex with someone like Pretty as well as other things.  Luis tried to deny Alistair’s allegations, but what was the point?  Alistair was right about him.  Sure, Luis is Dudley Do Right, but not when it concerned Pretty.  All he did was talk about Fancy, but we were expected to believe that he really cares about Pretty.  The only thing Luis was accomplishing was giving Pretty false hope.  She knows how people treat her when they see her scar so he wasn’t doing her any favors by telling her how beautiful he thinks she is.  He did accomplish something.  He can now add one more Crane woman who will become obsessed with him.

Comments about Pretty’s scars
We don’t know about you, but we are really getting sick of hearing the comments about Pretty’s scar.  Maybe the writers should have made Pretty’s scar cover her entire face instead of placing it on the side.  The scar could easily be hidden.  Right, Fancy would be a monster for doing that so that wasn’t going to happen.  Anyway, it makes no sense for Alistair, Spike, and even Pretty to make remarks about her face.  She is not scarred enough for the comments to make any sense.  Maybe she should visit a burn unit so she could be more thankful that her scar doesn’t look worse than it does.

Little Ethan’s reaction
As happy as we are that little Ethan knows the truth, we were disappointed by it too.  We expected little Ethan to be upset with Theresa for keeping him in the dark about it.  We know he’s not old enough to ask her more probing questions about her deception, but he should have been more upset.  We were waiting for this reveal to be huge, but that didn’t happen.  Theresa had some pity me excuse for why she didn’t tell him sooner, but he bought it.  If little Ethan were going to be that calm about it, then Theresa could have told him sooner.

Gwen got lucky
Since Theresa found a way to get little Ethan tested anonymously, Gwen didn’t have to tell Ethan the truth.  We now that it’s not Gwen’s secret to tell, but she needed to get little Ethan tested anyway.  Gwen go really lucky because she can have her son and she can try and get Ethan back too.

Paloma flipped out on Noah again
Noah made the mistake of dressing up as Santa Claus and he paid for it.  Paloma really flipped out on him.  She hit him again and she kept yelling at him.  We didn’t understand why she was making such a big deal about it.  It was just a harmless goof, but she acted as if he cheated on her again.  Paloma was really overreacting to what Noah did.  The writers must really need conflict for them since they have nothing to do without it.  It really doesn’t matter because Noah and Paloma will still be a boring couple.






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