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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #289

12/3/07 Ė 12/7/07

Luis believed Pretty
We know that Luis has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he outdid himself this week.  Pretty let it slip that she knew about Spike.  There was no way for her to know that he and Sheridan were dealing with Spike unless she was in on it.  Luis did try to get the truth out of her, but she came up with a lie that satisfied Luis.  She said she found out about Spike because Fancy told her about it.  He should have known that Pretty was lying.  Fancy didnít know that spike was helping them find Marty so she couldnít have told Pretty about it.  Luis didnít even think about it.  He believed it.  The writers arenít doing him any favors as far as his brains are concerned.

Fancy was whining again
Fancy found out that Luis was with Pretty and the whining began.  She spent the majority of the week whining to her favorite psychiatrist Esme as well as to herself.  It was really maddening. She kept going on and on about Luis hurting her and how she thought he loved her.  We were waiting for Fancy to start kicking and screaming while she was complaining to Esme.  Fancy didnít have a nerve to question Luisís love for her when she was bed hopping with Noah.  She also dumped Luis so it shouldnít matter that he hooked up with Pretty.  Fancy said something while she was whining that bothered us.  She said that Luis cheated on Sheridan too.  How selfish was that?  We donít think we will like the idea of Luis being with Pretty, but we could live with it if that means Fancy wouldnít be with him.

Julian put Eve in rehab
Julian put Eve in rehab this week.  There is nothing wrong with Eve getting help.  She really does need it.  Our problem with this is that he didnít have a nerve to do it.  He is just as big of an alcoholic as Eve.  He told Esme that he put Eve in rehab, but he was guzzling down booze himself.  When is he going to admit himself into rehab?  Did he admit Eve into rehab so he could be with Esme without having any guilt?

Eve didnít fight Vincent off
Eve didnít do anything to fight off Vincent when he was trying to kill her.  Vincent took her restraints off of her wrists so she had an opportunity to do something to defend herself.  She also had the use of her knees and feet.  She could have kicked him in the stomach or stomped on his feet if she wanted to do it.  Eve is taller than Vincent so she should have been able to handle herself with him.  She should also know the human body so she could have pressed one of his pressure points to keep him from trying to strangle her.  It she had her way, he would have killed her.

Theresa was trying to be a martyr again
Once again Theresa stood up on her soap box and started spouting out to Pilar how SHE has to do something to save Jonathan.  Give us a break!  We know we are supposed to believe that she is doing a good thing, but we are not so easily fooled.  We know that the writers want us to think that she is such a caring person because she wants her biggest enemyís son to live.  We now that she would not care if Gwenís son lived or died if he werenít Ethanís child.  We have trouble believing her speeches because she had no trouble risking Nathanís life by raping Ethan to get pregnant with Jane.  She wasnít nearly as torn as torn over which baby to save as we are supposed to believe.  Everyone else may have forgotten about him, but we didnít forget.  Another reason why we doubt her sincerity is that she was worried that Ethan would hate her. If she really cared about saving Jonathanís life, why not just tell Ethan the truth and save Jonathanís life?  Why should she care if he hated her if she thinks itís the right thing to do? We wouldnít be surprised if the writers decided to make her Jonathanís biological mother instead of Gwen since she acts as if she cares more than Gwen.

Gwen cared more about Ethan
Gwen was talking to her mother on the phone.  She wanted Rebecca to go to the hospital to help her get another chance with Ethan.  Can you believe that?  Her son is dying, but she was worried about losing her chance to be with Ethan.  What is so special about Ethan?  He spent their entire marriage loving another woman so why would she want him back?  You would think that she would just be worried about her son and not about Ethan.

Noah and Palomaís fantasies
Those scenes were really boring.  They were at Tabithaís house and they were reading her spell book.  Noah found a spell that was right for them.  They ended up spoofing a pirate and a fair maiden.  You read that right.  They were even speaking in sonnets.  That was a big mistake because it brought out the worst acting in both of them.  Also, why are they always having sex in Tabithaís house?  Is there something romantic about Tabithaís house?  Hereís another thought:  Why does the darkside want them to be together?  They are sickeningly sweet together so you would think that the darkside wouldnít help them get together.

Ethan yelled at Theresa
As much as we enjoyed seeing Ethan yell at Theresa, he didnít have a right to do it.  He said that she didnít care about Jonathan, but thatís not entirely true.  She would have left the hospital if she didnít care about him.  Ethan also expected her to care about Jonathan as much as he does and wants her to only think about his son.  What right does he have to expect that?  He knows that Theresa hasnít left the hospital so she must care about the boy.  She also hasnít checked on her daughter because sheís been worried about his son.  She probably cares more about his son than her own kids.  She didnít shed that many tears over the health of her own daughter the ways he is over Jonathan.  Theresa shouldnít have let him get away with yelling at her like that.  She should have stood up to him or something.






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