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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #288

11/26/07 Ė 11/30/07

Theresa used Jonathanís condition to her advantage
This may not be news to those of you who are not fans of Theresa, but Theresa tried to use Jonathanís failing health to her advantage.  She expects Gwen to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan to save Jonathanís life.  Little Ethanís paternity is Theresaís secret so she should be the one to tell Ethan the truth.  Why is Gwen expected to tell Ethan about little Ethanís true paternity?  That is Theresaís responsibility.  Theresa is using this situation to keep her hands clean of all wrongdoing.  We donít believe that Theresa really cares about Jonathanís health.  If she did, then she wouldnít have been so relieved that Jane couldnít be a donor for Jonathan because she was sick.

The way the writers are choosing to rewrite this story is upsetting to us.  The writers are trying to make Gwen the bad one for not wanting to tell Ethan the truth while Theresa looks like the caring mother.  Theresa is the one who is wrong for keeping the truth from Ethan.  That is not going to change because Jonathan suddenly suffers from a contrived liver disease.  Theresa could have told Ethan about little Ethan any time.  Now that Gwen doesnít want her to tell the truth, itís another excuse for Theresa to have to keep quiet.  The writers are really going overboard trying to make Theresa come off like a martyr.  The woman didnít even know that her daughter had an ear infection, but weíre expected to believe that she is the greatest mother.  She also ignores her children and leaves them with nannies.  We wonít even begin to tell you what sheís doing to little Ethan by keeping him in the dark about his biological father.  The writers are doing an excellent job proving that Theresa cares so much about her kids based on her actions. (dripping with sarcasm)

Ethan suddenly cared about Jane
Ethan never cares about Jane, but now weíre expected to believe that he cares about her.  He was talking to Pilar about risking one childís life for the other.  That speech rang false to us because he didnít care about her until now.  She wasnít worth coming out of his coma when Alistair poisoned him.  He kept talking about how he always wanted a son when he woke from the coma and found out about Jonathan.  He didnít even mention Jane.  He never said anything about seeing Jane either.  Fast forward some time later and now heís so worried about Janeís health.  Right.  It all coincides with the contrived plot.  He only cares about Jane because it has to be driven home millions of times that Jonathan needs an older sibling to save his life.

Gwen risked Jonathanís life again
Gwen knows that Ethanís family is not a match for Jonathan, but she wanted to gamble with his life in order to keep Theresa from being with him.  She hasnít spoken to her own family in years and she wasnít sure if they would even come to the hospital to be tested.  Theresa kept telling her to let little Ethan be tested, but she kept refusing.  She said there was no way that she was ever going to let her tell Ethan the truth.  She must think time is standing still for Jonathanís life and she has all the time in the world to hope for a miracle.  It is time for her to swallow her pride and let little Ethan be tested to see if heís a match for Jonathan.  Who cares if she doesnít get Ethan?  Ethan shouldnít be more important than her son.

Alistairís plan for Luis
Are we the only ones who are confused by Alistairís plan?  For some reason, he thinks the answer to getting rid of Luis is by forcing him to get Pretty pregnant.  We know that he thinks the plan will keep Luis away from Fancy and Sheridan, but Luis will still be in his life.  Why would he want Luis to father another Crane baby?  If he wanted that, why did he want to take Marty away?  Why would Alistair want Luis to be connected to him forever?  Alistair obviously didnít think the plan through enough because it doesnít make any sense.  He considers Luis to be the great unwashed so why would he want him to father a Crane baby?  It doesnít matter if Pretty will be the mother.  The baby will still be a Crane.  The plan wonít work because Fancy and Sheridan will not stay away from Luis.  All Luis has to do is say that he had to get Pretty pregnant to save his life or to get Marty back to Sheridan.  Actually, it would have made more sense if he had to have sex with Pretty to get Marty.

Sheridan told Alistair the truth
She kept guilting Luis into keeping quiet about their plan to find Marty because she didnít want Alistair to know what they were doing.  She purposely kept Luis from telling Fancy because she was afraid Fancy would tell Alistair that they were looking for Marty.  Then out of the blue, Sheridan told Alistair the truth herself.  She made a big production out of not telling him, yet she did it herself.  She may as well have told him before if she was going to let it slip so easily.  It was an obvious excuse for her to break up Luis and Fancy.  She didnít care one bit about Alistair knowing the truth.  If she did, she wouldnít have said anything to him herself.

Sheridan was too smug at the B & B
Sheridan and Paloma walked in on Noah and Fancy together.  As happy as we were that Sheridan saw them together, we were annoyed too.  Sheridan was being too smug when Paloma was trying to read Foah the riot act.  She was really taking over the scenes.  She even decided to rewrite her history with Luis.  She told Fancy that she was the reason for her breakup with Luis.  Fancy had to remind Sheridan that she married Chris.  Sheridan almost made it hard to enjoy watching Foah get ripped apart.





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