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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #287

11/19/07 Ė 11/23/07

Pilarís secret
Pilarís secret was revealed.  We did consider that a rave, but we still feel cheated by it.  We waited just to find out that Pilar was raped and killed Carlos.  We were hoping that she had a juicier secret than that.  The writers tried to spice up the plot by having the police kill Juanitaís (Pilarís childhood friend), children.  Pilarís secret fell flat with us.  Pilar didnít intentionally kill Juanitaís husband.  She only killed him because he raped her.  Carlos was also in the mafia so she didnít kill a saint.  She also wasnít the reason why Juanitaís children were killed.  Pilar did call the police, but Carlosís actions were responsible.  Actually, Juanita could also blame herself for what happened because she shouldnít have married Carlos in the first place.  Pilar tried to warn Juanita about him, but she wouldnít listen.  This secret was really hyped up as a bad one, but it was a letdown.  Gwen and Rebecca made it seem as if Pilar was the equivalent to Alistair because of her past.  Pilar was also afraid of it coming out, but she knew that she accidentally killed Carlos.  This secret is almost as bad as what was in TCís shed.

Kay forgot about Maria and Ethan
Kay was grandstanding with Tabitha this week.  Kay saw Tabitha doing evil and she told her to stay away from her family.  Kay went to the trouble to list the relatives that were off limits to Tabitha, but she didnít include Maria or Ethan.  She said Tabitha couldnít hurt her father, brother, or sister.  Did she forget her daughter as well as Ethan and his children?  Kay shouldnít take for granted that Tabitha wonít go after Maria because she is destroying everyone.  Tabitha didnít say that she would spare Maria or Ethan and his children so Kay should have made sure to include them.  We know that she doesnít care about Maria, but itís obvious she doesnít care about her brother either.

Julian and Esmeís scenes
No offense to the actors, but their scenes were really boring this week.  All they kept doing was drinking and carrying on so we were bored with those scenes.  They were probably written as comic relief, but they werenít funny.

Eve fell for Vincentís plan again
Vincent decided to target Eve again.  He showed up at her office as Valerie and wanted to get pregnancy test.  Eve refused to help at first, but she changed her mind.  She ended up checking ďValerieĒ out and received the shock of her life.  Vincent ended up telling her the truth.  He told her how he was really Valerie too.  What do you think Eve did?  Did you guess right?  She decided to drink again.  She could call someone when she sees Vincent so someone else could see him.  She could also use her phone and get pictures of him.  She would have proof that Vincent was really alive.  She chose to drink instead so he will get away with torturing her again.

Ethan would have chosen Theresa over Jonathan
Ethan proved that he doesnít really care about Jonathan the way we are supposed to believe he does.  When Gwen wasnít over the moon with joy that Theresa wasnít in jail, he emotionally blackmailed her.  He told Gwen that if she didnít let Theresa stay out of jail, he would devote all of his time to Theresaís case instead of being there for Jonathan.  Can you believe his gall?  He didnít now for a fact that Theresa was telling the truth, but he was wiling to walk away from Jonathan.  If he thinks so little of his son, why did he want to save his life at all?  Why didnít he just run off and have his wonderful life with Theresa?  He really didnít prove that Jonathan meant anything to him when he tried to guilt Gwen into doing what he wanted.

Kay didnít keep her word to Tabitha
Kay promised Tabitha that she wouldnít interfere with her plans anymore, but she didnít listen.  Kay tried to stop Tabitha from scheming against Noah and Paloma.  When Tabitha wanted Kay not to stand in her way or she would go to jail, she agreed not to interfere.  Kay didnít say she wouldnít do it if her family were going to be targets.  We wish that Tabitha would frame Kay again.  If she did, then Kay wouldnít be able to stand in her way.

Gwen wanted to risk Jonathanís life
We have been watching soaps since we were little girls and not since the butchering of Kristen from Days have we ever seen a character assassinated so badly.  Itís so blatantly obvious that the writers want to make Gwen look bad to make Theresa look like a better character.  They must think that we will suddenly overlook Theresaís evil ways if Gwenís actions are worse than hers.  With that said, we are not too far gone in our support of Gwen that we would overlook her wrongdoings.  We donít know whatís happening to our girl.  She doesnít want Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan even though he could be a match for Jonathan.  We know that Theresa was trying to use Jonathanís condition to free her conscience and tell Ethan the truth, but Gwen shouldnít risk her sonís life.  Jonathan is her miracle baby so why would she want to possibly risk his life to get Ethan?  Jonathan may be her only child so she should forget about revenge and focus on saving her sonís life.






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