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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #286

11/5/07 – 11/9/07

Are Fancy and Luis supposed to be saints
Tabitha said something about Lucy this week that had us scratching our heads.  Tabitha said that she could get Endora back since she destroyed Lucy using Sheridan.  Are you kidding?  Are we supposed to believe that the dark side thinks that Luis and Fancy are so great together that they would be happy if they broke up?  We don’t think so.  It’s hard to believe that the dark side needed Luis and Fancy to “suffer” before they would give Endora and/or Miguel back to Tabitha and Kay.  The last time we checked, Fancy and Luis were not saints.  We understand that the writers obviously love Fancy to death, but she is far from innocent.

Theresa needs to get her priorities straight
Theresa knew that Jonathan was taking a turn for the worst, but she was worried about how close Ethan and Gwen were getting.  Can you believe her?  How self-centered can you get?  Unfortunately, she proved that later on in the week.  Don’t worry.  We’ll get to that in a bit.  Ethan and Gwen had a right to be worried about their son, but Theresa was only concerned that they were getting closer.  If she didn’t have to be Ethan’s third hip, she wouldn’t have seen anything.  She didn’t even have a reason to worry.  Ethan wasn’t on top of Gwen when she saw them.  They were only hugging each other.  We didn’t realize that would mean that he would forget about her because he had the audacity to think of someone other than her.  She really should think of someone besides herself for a change.

Kay was the reason Tabitha lost Endora again
Once again Tabitha tried to get Kay to do what the dark side wanted, but she didn’t want to listen.  She saw how the dark side sent Endora back to Tabitha and she changed her mind and wanted to do evil.  Kay ended up trying to back out when she thought she had to hurt people forever.  Tabitha had to try and convince her that she may not have to be evil for long.  The dark side obviously heard her and took Endora away from her again.  It’s too bad that Tabitha didn’t do more than just shoot lightning bolts at Kay.  She deserved so much more for what she did.

Theresa slapped Pilar
Theresa slapped Pilar this week.  There was no excuse for her to do that to Pilar.  It doesn’t matter if she’s upset about having to give Ethan up.  That doesn’t give her the right to slap her mother.  Theresa wasn’t provoked to hit Pilar.  She was crying and whining to Paloma because Pilar didn’t want her with Ethan.  The only thing that was missing from Theresa’s rantings was that she didn’t stomp her feet.  Theresa jumped up and slapped Pilar.  That was just horrible.  Theresa never wanted to listen to Pilar any other time so why should she listen to her now?  Knowing that information, Theresa had no reason to slap Pilar since she didn’t have to listen to her.  Theresa has never slapped Pilar before so she shouldn’t have done it now.  She may have apologized for what she did, but the damage is done.  Their relationship will never be the same because Theresa crossed the line.

Eve got drunk and high again
The woman will never learn.  She knows she’s under fire because of Vincent so why make things worse?  She kept drinking and pill popping while she was at the hospital.  Does she want to lose everything?  It’s hard to believe that this is the same woman that everyone thought was so perfect not too long ago.

Theresa’s request for Gwen
As previously mentioned, we wanted to discuss the other way that Theresa was being self-centered.  She found out that Ethan couldn’t go to sports day with little Ethan.  She stomped off and went looking for Gwen.  Once she found Gwen, she had the gall to ask her to let Ethan go to sports day with her son.  Theresa expected Gwen to stay at the hospital with Jonathan by herself just so Ethan wouldn’t let little Ethan down.  Theresa was trying to appeal to her as a mother.  Gwen turned her down.  We were so glad Gwen did that.  Gwen was right about her when she went off on her.  She told Theresa how selfish she was being.  Did Theresa really think that sports day was really more important than a dying baby?  Maybe Theresa just thinks that Ethan should forget about his son with Gwen and be with her son.  Theresa was just unbelievable when she asked Gwen to do that for her.  We know if Gwen wanted Theresa to show her some compassion, she would never do it.  She would have reacted the same way as Gwen.





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