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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #285

10/29/07 Ė 11/2/07

Vincent is despicable
We know that Vincent is a psycho, but he has really sunk to a new low.  The man is plain despicable.  His latest plan was to kill Jonathan so that Eve would get blamed for it.  He is worse than Alistair.  The man is just evil.  We know that he hates Eve, but he didnít have to try and harm a baby.  Killing a baby or a child is just low.  He also tried to get Eve to commit suicide.  Is this the best that the writers can do for Vincent?  Now that Vincent has tried to kill Jonathan, there is no redeeming him.  The only things missing from Vincent are his pitchfork and tail.

Eve helped Vincentís plan
Since Eve had to keep drinking and running her mouth about her patient, she made it really easy for Vincent to set her up.  She shouldnít have drank alcohol while she was at the hospital.  If she didnít do that, she wouldnít have given a patient the wrong medication.  Vincent wouldnít have been able to make her screw up again.  To make matters worse, she chose to drink at the hospital again.  Julian smelled the alcohol on her breath.  Lucky for her no one else noticed how she was drinking.  That would have made things even worse for her.

Fancy is a terrible cop
If weíre supposed to believe that Fancy is a good cop, then they are mistaken.  Fancy is just as inept as the rest of the keystone cops.  She ended up at the mansion and in Esmeís room.  She tried to investigate Jakeís murder, but she messed up.  She kept touching things with her hands when she knew she was at a crime scene.  She also allowed Esme to stay in the room while she was checking it out.  Most likely the suspects wouldnít be in the room during the investigation.  Fancy should know that she shouldnít have tampered with evidence.  Maybe she should go back to the academy.

Gwen risked Jonathanís life
Something must really be wrong with Gwen.  Why does she insist on risking her babyís life?  The doctor told Ethan and Gwen that Jonathan can be saved with a particular treatment, but she didnít want him to have it.  When Ethan wanted to give permission for the treatment, she claimed he wasnít the babyís legal father.  She never put his name on the birth certificate so he didnít have a right to decide if the baby should get the treatment.  We donít understand why Gwen wouldnít want to do everything she could to save her babyís life.  She is acting so different from how she was acting the night before when the baby was sick.

Theresa nitpick
Why did Theresa have to be at the hospital with Ethan and Gwen?  We know that she loves Ethan, but she didnít have to stay so close to him.  Ethan and Gwen are the ones who are dealing with a crisis, so she should have stayed in the waiting room.  There was a point when she was by Jonathanís bed with Ethan while Gwen had to stay behind them.  The doctor was telling Ethan and Theresa about the baby.  Gwen had to go to the doctor to hear news about her son.  We understand that the writers need to show her everyday, but give us a break.  She could sit in the waiting room instead of constantly shoving herself down Ethanís face.

Here are some random thoughts:

It was so obvious that Kay only wanted Tabitha to come back because she would have cleared her name.  Itís too bad that Tabitha did end up helping her out after all.

Why was Ivy expected to just accept that Sam was letting Kay off the hook for murder?  Just because Kay was let off the hook for Jakeís death doesnít mean she didnít kill Fox.

Why isnít Julian hounding Sam about Foxís murder?  Doesnít he want to know who murdered his son?

A word to the writers:  trying to convince us that Shuis are not a good couple by having Tabitha put them together wonít convert any die-hard Shuis fans into Lancy fans.





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