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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #284

10/22/07 – 10/26/07

Sheridan’s treatment of Luis
We are really getting sick of Sheridan blaming Luis for what happened to Marty.  Once again he wanted to think realistically, but she couldn’t handle it.  She slapped him and blamed him for losing Marty.  She also called him the worst father.  She said that he was worse than Martin.  We couldn’t believe that she said that to him.  Considering she has forgotten about James, she has no right to criticize Luis’s actions.  When Luis wanted to try and reason with her, she told him she didn’t want his help.  Sheridan said he could run after Fancy.  She would deserve it if Luis did decide to stop helping her look for Marty.  He could look for him with Fancy’s help and not hers.  Luis has a right to look for his son with or without Sheridan.  She is probably looking for him because she thinks she’s going to get back together with Luis.  If she continues to treat Luis like garbage, it will take a lot more than Marty to get Shuis back together again.

Pilar’s request for Theresa
We are two-sided about this situation.  Pilar should not expect Theresa to sacrifice her life for something that she did in her past.  Pilar knows how much Ethan means to her so she shouldn’t have asked Theresa to give him up without a reason.  Pilar is the main one who wants her children and even her friends to tell the truth.  Her favorite saying is that secrets come out.  Shouldn’t that same thing apply to her?  What makes Pilar think that she will be able to keep her secret much longer?  She knows that Gwen and Rebecca know about it so it will spread to more people.  Another problem we have with Pilar is that she still has the nerve to judge people when she has a huge secret.  She continued to criticize Gwen, Theresa, and Ivy for their behavior as if she is without sin.

We also have a problem with Theresa’s actions.  She knows that she has to give Ethan up or her family could die.  Do you think she is going to do it?  If you are a fan of the show, than you know what the answer is.  She is not going to give Ethan up.  Is anyone really surprised by that?  She knows that Pilar’s secret will affect her family if it comes out, but she doesn’t care.  Theresa also knows that her children's lives are in danger, but she still won’t give up on love.  We understand that she doesn’t want to sacrifice her happiness for a stupid vendetta (we wish that a character on Days of Our Lives would think like that), but she should think before she decides.  Actually, her actions shouldn’t surprise us since she wouldn’t give Ethan up to spare her brothers’ lives before so she won’t do it now.

Noah and Paloma’s scenes
Noah and Paloma’s scenes were ridiculous this week.  They spent the bulk of the week trying to talk to Tabitha’s Timmy doll.  You read that right.  Paloma thought that she heard Timmy talking about Miguel and Endora.  Noah came up with every stupid excuse for what they heard.  It was such a waste of screen time.  The writers obviously don’t know what to do with them or they wouldn’t be reduced to doing this stupid story.

Kay expected Tabitha to help her again
Kay had a lot of nerve this week.  She expected Tabitha to bail her out of trouble again.  She wants Tabitha to help clear her of murder.  She shouldn’t even help Kay.  Kay is the reason why she is accused of murder in the first place.  If she didn’t put Tabitha in the bag, she wouldn’t be accused of murder.  Kay is constantly messing up and always expects someone to bail her out.

Gwen risked Jonathan’s life
What in the world is going on with Gwen?  She kept denying that anything was wrong with the baby.  Pilar, Ethan, and Theresa tried to tell Gwen to get the baby to the hospital, but she refused to listen.  When Theresa kept telling her about a fever reducer, Gwen told her to mind her own business.  Since Gwen wanted to have a baby, why would she torture the one child she can have like this?  This is so out of character for Gwen since she’s always dreamed of being a mother.  This can’t be the same person who rushed away from Ethan when he was in a coma to be with the baby when he was sick last night.  Fast forward to the next day and she’s willing to overlook that something could be wrong with him.  She is really acting strange.  Maybe this isn’t the real Gwen.  The real one must still be held captive somewhere because this one can’t be the real one.

Here are some random thoughts:

Sheridan tried to blame Fancy for why Marty got away.  She will stop at nothing to hold Fancy responsible for everything.  Will she end up blaming Fancy for kidnapping Marty?

Sheridan told Luis not to blame himself when Fancy was missing.  Is she the only one entitled to blame Luis for what happened to Marty?

We are really getting sick of Kay trying to ruin any moments we can get to see Shuis together.  Why is she so high and mighty when it concerns seeing Sheridan and Luis together, but she doesn’t do anything about someone evil like Alistair?  He is the one that she needs to use her powers on to stop him from hurting people.





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