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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #283

10/15/07 Ė 10/19/07

How selfish can Theresa be
Theresa asked a question that she must love asking.  She asked Pilar what could be more important than my happiness?  Can you believe she asked that?  She didnít think about what was good for Luis and Miguel.  Vincent told her to stay away from Ethan or Luis would die and Miguel would spend his life in prison.  For some reason, she couldnít do it even if it meant their lives.  Now that her mother is being blackmailed, Theresa expects Pilar to think of her happiness first.  How selfish can Theresa be?  She knows that Pilar is hiding something huge, but all she could think of was how she canít live without Ethan.  Why should Pilar put her happiness first when she wasnít willing to sacrifice her happiness to save her brothers?

The problems with Vincentís storyline
The storyline is getting more confusing the longer it goes.  Vincent has become obsessed with being with Julian.  Vincent knows that Julian is his father so he shouldnít want to be with him.  There was a time when Vincent was obsessed with being with Ethan, but now he wants to be with Julian.  We know that Vincent is crazy, but that is just beyond ridiculous.

Another problem with the story is that you have to suspend disbelief to watch it.  Vincent can keep getting in and out of his Valerie costume without getting caught.  Vincent only appears to have a face mask and a wig, but his entire body changes.  The writers would have been better off giving Vincent a full body suit instead of just a face mask.  Thanks to DonnyDarko for the Days and Passions forum for the great observation.  Vincentís body changes whenever he wears the mask or takes it off.  His wig also changes when he wears it as Valerie and as Vincent.  When heís dressed as Valerie, the wig looks natural.  When heís dressed as Vincent, you can tell he is wearing a wig.  Things like that as well as other things make it hard to enjoy the story.

What would Fancy do without Esme
Fancy had to keep getting advice from Esme on what to do about Luis.  Fancy knows that Esme is supposed to be grieving (if you could call it that), but she still wanted her help with her love life.  Esme had to tell Fancy to call Luis to see if he would lie to her.  That takes common sense, but Fancy didnít get it without Esmeís help.  Esme also had to tell Fancy to open the door when she saw Shuis together at the motel.  This is something else that required common sense.  Fancy is acting as if Luis is the only man that sheís been with in Harmony.  It didnít take rocket science to figure out what she should do with Luis.

Fancy and Esmeís catty comments about Sheridan
We could be too nitpicky here, but we are getting sick of hearing Fancy and Esme call Sheridan old.  Sheridan is not that much older than Fancy or Esme, but they keep saying that about her.  Whenever Fancy thinks Sheridan is going after Luis, she becomes old.  We find that comment very offensive because we are around her age so the last thing we want to hear is that someone near our age is old.  If Fancy thinks Sheridan is old, what does she think of Luis?  He is older than Sheridan so is he old too?  What does this say for people who are Ivy, Eve, and Pilarís ages if they think Sheridan is old?  Another catty remark Fancy makes is that she calls Sheridan a slut.  What right does she have to do that?  Ivy, Esme, and Pretty practically implied that sheís gone through more men then underwear so she really shouldnít call Sheridan a slut.

Whereís Maria
Kay claimed that Maria was with Paloma, but she wasnít with her.  Paloma was with Noah at the Book Cafť.  Since Pilar is with Theresa, Sam is at the station, Noah and Paloma were together, who had Maria?  It canít be Tabitha since sheís in the fast food bag.  Kay didnít have her either so where could she be?  Since Kay knows that Tabitha doesnít have Endora, you would think that she would spend time with Maria.  Also, Kay might end up going to jail for murder so what would happen to Maria?  We feel so sorry for her because she is always being ignored.

Is Gwen trying to kill her son
Why does Gwen choose to overlook that something is wrong with her baby?  Whenever someone tells her about her baby, she gets jumpy and defensive. Since Jonathan may be her only child, you would think that she would make sure that he is healthy.  He was already hospitalized the night before so she take precautions with him.  He probably has a fever now, but she wonít admit it.  Pilar and Ethan tried to tell Gwen that Jonathan has a fever, but she didnít want to listen.  There is something up with Gwen and her baby.

Luis kept whining about Fancy
Luis was really driving us crazy by constantly mentioning Fancy.  He kept telling Sheridan that he had to tell Fancy the truth and how he hated lying to her.  We figured that out the first 50 times he said it.  If he really wanted Fancy to know the truth about Marty, he could have told her.  He didnít have t keep driving it home to Sheridan that he had to tell Fancy about Marty.  Sheridan is not going to confirm that he wanted to tell the truth so he may as well just stop driving it home or tell Fancy the truth.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why did Gwen tell Ethan what Sheridan told her about Marty?  Alistair could have heard that conversation.

What did Noah and Paloma expect to find in Tabithaís attic?  It didnít make sense for them to be in the attic looking for clues to clear Kay of murder.

Since Esme knows that her lovers are dying, why would she pick up another man?

Theresa should feel like dirt whenever little Ethan tells her about how his father doesnít care for him.  She should tell him the truth so he can have a father who loves him.





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