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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #282

10/8/07 Ė 10/12/07

Pilar was being a hypocrite
She was trying to read Gwen the riot act over Theresa.  Pilar had the nerve to tell Gwen that she should leave Ethan and Theresa alone.  We couldnít believe Pilarís nerve.  She knew that Theresa threw down the gauntlet by going after Ethan in the first place.  Where was Pilarís speech when Theresa refused to give up on Ethan?  She may have told Theresa that it was wrong to do it, but she still managed to enable Theresaís actions.  Now that Theresa has Ethan, Gwen is supposed to leave them alone and let them be happy.

Pilar is also a hypocrite because she has such a high and mighty opinion about keeping secrets when she is keeping one too.  She always tells Theresa that secrets have a way of coming out, but that must not apply to her or her secret would be out.

Kay was set up for murder
Kay got what she deserved when Sam questioned her for murder.  Kay should not have used her magic to put Tabitha in a fast food bag.  Tabitha would have been able to clear Kayís name.  Kay even had the nerve to expect Tabitha to help her out now that Ivy and Sam are suspicious of her.  Kay will deserve it if she does end up going to jail because she shouldnít have tried to outsmart Tabitha.

Sheridan tried to guilt Luis into committing a crime
Spike gave Sheridan and Luis his demands.  He wanted money to leave town and he wanted his records erased.  Luis didnít want to do it.  He didnít want to break the law.  Sheridan went ballistic when Spike refused to help them because of Luis.  She kept reminding him about how he wouldnít believe her about Marty.  She practically called him a loser because he didnít find Marty.  Luis ended up caving and he deleted Spikeís record.  Sheridan didnít understand what she was asking of Luis.  The man considers himself a by-the-book cop so it would be hard for him to break the law for a man like Spike.  She didnít care about that.  She used every trick in the arsenal to get him to do what she wanted.  She even reminded him how he escaped jail to try and clear his name.  She even mentioned how she let her nephew die but he wouldnít do anything he had to do to find Marty.  Sheridan has to stop throwing Luisís mistake up in his face.  He probably feels guilty enough about what happened with Marty with Sheridan driving it home how he didnít help her.  Sheridan canít claim she forgives Luis when she gets her way and then be upset with him when she doesnít.

Kay outted Tabitha as a witch
Kay was so tacky when Sam questioned her about the murders.  She told him how Tabitha is a witch.  Kay was such an ingrate.  Tabitha was willing to put her up and babysit Maria for her.  She also helped her when she got herself in one of her many jams, but thatís the thanks she gets.  That didnít stop Kay from selling her out.  Luckily for Tabitha, Sam didnít believe her.  When Tabitha gets out of the bag, she needs to kick Kay out of her house.  Speaking of Kay outing Tabitha, she was very good not to out herself for being a witch.  She could have showed Sam her magical powers and then he might have believed her crazy story about Tabitha.

How desperate is Gwen
We are glad that Gwen was able to get the goods on Pilar, but we do have a problem with it too.  Gwen has to resort to blackmail to try and get Ethan back.  It doesnít make any sense because she was the one who ended things with Ethan so why would she go to so much trouble to get him back?  She also told Ethan how she wanted to be with a man who loved her, but she has decided she wanted him back.  Gwen has never been someone who had to resort to blackmail to be with Ethan.  We are still holding out hope that Gwen is only doing this because she wants revenge.

Ethan is the dumbest man in Harmony
Theresa told the truth, but once again Ethan didnít catch on to it.  Theresa said that ďJulian is not little Ethanís father.  You areĒ.  For whatever reason, Ethan just wouldnít get it.  We donít know what itís going to take for him to develop a brain.  The man is just too stupid even for Passions.  Eric Martsolf should be embarrassed to play a character that is so dumb.  Maybe Theresa should tell Ethan that he is little Ethanís biological father.  If he doesnít get the hint after that, then itís time for him to get his head examined.  Itís obvious that his stupidity is needed for the hamster wheel storyline to continue.

Luis should have made copies of Spikeís records
We will gladly eat crow if we are wrong about this, but Luis didnít make copies of Spikeís records.  He doesnít know if Spike was telling the truth about Marty.  He could have said anything to make sure that he didnít go to prison.  Luis should have been smarter than that.  Itís no wonder that Spike called him ďOfficer DimwitĒ.  Luis will earn this title if it turns out that he didnít make copies of Spikeís records.  He risked his job to do this.  He might also go back to jail too.  If he had a copy of Spikeís records, he could have still arrested Spike after he and Sheridan found Marty.





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