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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #281

10/1/07 Ė 10/5/07

Kay doesnít want Miguel back
Kay couldnít be more obvious that she doesnít want to find Miguel or Endora.  The dark side gave Tabitha and Kay an order for them to follow if they want to see Miguel and Endora again. Kay and Tabitha have to do their bidding for them.  For some reason, Kay didnít want to do it.  She canít hurt people.  Give us a break.  Kay had no problem hurting people when she wanted Miguel years ago.  Now she doesnít want to do anything wrong.  She knows that the dark side wants her and Tabitha to do their bidding, but she canít do it.  She had her chance to do it through Shuis, but ďlittle Miss ReformedĒ couldnít do it.  Tabitha wanted Fancy to see Shuis making love, but Kay didnít want to do it.  She thought it was so wrong.  First of all, she wants Miguel back so she should have been willing to do anything to get him back.  Second, Fancy broke her brotherís heart so why would she care if Fancy saw Luis with Sheridan?  She should have been happy that Fancy would have been heartbroken.  Anyway, Kay also put Tabitha in a fast food bag to keep her from hurting people.  We hope that Tabitha puts a spell on her to pay her back for foiling her plan to break up Lucy.  That brings us to our next rant.

The writers gave Shuis fans a slap in the face
Why do the writers hate Shuis so much?  It is such a big switch from a few years ago.  They were a couple that the writers were calling one of the greatest supercouples of all time.  Now all of a sudden, Shuis are considered the bad couple while Lucy are a good couple.  This is a slap in the face to those of us who have been Shuis fans since day one.  One of the harshest blows happened this week.  Tabitha felt that she had to please the dark side by using her powers to get Shuis to have sex.  We were hoping that Shuis would have been together on their own.  That didnít happen.  It was bad enough that their union was considered a bad one, but they ended up forgetting it happened.  Kay had to use the help of the ďgoodĒ spirits to make Shuis and Fancy forget what happened.  To add insult to injury, Luis ended up making wuv to Fancy in her bed.  Shuis had to have Foxney sex (with their clothes on and on a couch) as if it meant nothing to him.  Shuis fans have been waiting for years for them to reunite only to be letdown once again.  There was a time when the dark side wanted Tabitha to break up Shuis, but now the dark side wants them to be together because itís considered evil.  Maybe the writers hate Shuis fans and not just the characters.

Esmeís story
We donít really care for this story.  Esme is too new for us to care that her lovers are dying.  With the exception of Fox, she hasnít been with anyone that the audience would care about at all.  Esmeís current jump off (Pete) was another casualty of the killer.  If you ask us, he wasnít taken care of soon enough.  We know Esme and Peteís scenes were supposed to be for comic relief, but they were stupid.  Pete was seemingly normal at the Blue Note, but he quickly became a cat-loving freak.  The killer ended up showing up at his apartment and sent a dog to attack him.  We really donít understand the point of this mystery.  Itís not even much of a mystery since itís obvious that Vickyís the killer.  She is the only one who would go out of her way to frame Esme.  None of the murders happened before Vicky showed up in Harmony so who else could it be?

Vincent wanted to seduce Julian
Vincent decided to dress up as Valerie again to seduce Julian.  This plan makes no sense at all.  Vincent knows that Julian is his father so why would he want to be with him again?  Guess there is no point asking this since he was willing to have an affair with his uncle.  The writers need to drop the incest storyline because itís not working.  Itís just sick.





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