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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #280

9/24/07 – 9/28/07

We decided to do something a little different this week.  We decided to write some unanswered questions that we had about this week’s episodes.  Our questions are in no particular order.


Why was Gwen acting so suspicious?
We’re sure that we are not alone here.  We thought that Gwen was acting suspicious when she wouldn’t let Ethan see the baby this week.  For some reason, she was nervous when Ethan wanted the baby to be checked out.  She didn’t want the baby checked out.  A nurse also looked at the baby and thought something was wrong.  Gwen managed to talk her way out of that one.  We have a feeling that her baby was given to her by Alistair.  Maybe he was the one who found the baby at an adoption agency.


Why would Gwen work with Alistair?
She knows that Alistair is a monster so why would she take the risk and work with him to get Ethan back?  The man was willing to twist her arm to keep her from telling Ethan what Theresa did.  Now she wants to work with him to break Ethan and Theresa up.  The writers came up with any excuse to keep this hamster wheel of a storyline going.  It could have ended a while ago if Theresa had only told Ethan the truth about little Ethan in the first place.  The writers obviously don’t know what to do with Ethan and Theresa, which must be why Gwen is still in their storyline.  Ethan and Theresa are together so there shouldn’t be a reason why Gwen could come between them.


Why didn’t Luis arrest Alistair?
Luis was standing in the kitchen with Alistair, but he didn’t arrest him.  Somehow, he knew that Alistair killed Chad, but he didn’t arrest him.  He chose to tell Sheridan about Fox’s murder.  If that weren’t bad enough, he chose to hug her.  Yes, he ended up turning his back on Alistair and he escaped.  Luis was actually surprised by that.  We don’t understand why he was shocked.  Luis turned his back on a killer, but he was surprised that he got away.  If he arrested Alistair first and then comforted Sheridan, that wouldn’t have happened.  There’s Harmony P.D. for you.


Why does Sheridan keep making Luis feel guilty?
How many times is Sheridan going to remind Luis that he didn’t believe her about Marty?  She was really driving it home how Luis didn’t believe her.  Is Sheridan going to keep reminding him of his mistake whenever he does something she doesn’t like?  It’s not fair for Sheridan to do that to him, but Luis never reminds her that she didn’t believe him when he had the proof to get Alistair arrested.  If Shuis are ever going to make it work, she is going to have to get over what he did.


Why did Kay risk her life again?
We don’t really care for this story, but we’ll talk about it briefly anyway.  Kay and Tabitha used their magic to go to a different place to look for Miguel and Endora.  Kay didn’t even mention Maria.  She was too willing to do any stupid thing she had to do to get Miguel back.  Would it really hurt the story if she made a throw away comment about Maria?  It’s obvious to us that Kay doesn’t care about Maria the way she should.  Since Maria is her only child, you would think that Kay would want to spend as much time with her as possible.


When did Fancy get back on the force?
Did we miss something?  When did she decide to go back to being a cop?  She just quit the force either this night or the night before so when did she get back on it?  Earlier this night when she put the gun to Alistair, she said she was a former cop.  Right, she will only be a cop when the story calls for it.


Gwen’s baby is the greatest gift Ethan’s ever known?
We couldn’t believe that we heard that.  Ethan told Gwen that except for marrying Theresa, the baby was the greatest gift he’s ever known.  That is a slap in the face to Gwen and especially to Jane.  It’s a slap in Gwen’s face because she was his first love.  It’s also an insult to Jane because she was his first child as far as he knows.  Obviously, Ethan only cares about male children.  Jane will end up resenting him one day.


Theresa is ready to tell Ethan the truth now?
Theresa has had over a year to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan.  She wouldn’t do it.  Pilar and Whitney told her over and over again to tell the truth, but she wouldn’t listen.  She was even blackmailed to tell the truth by Vincent, but she still wouldn’t say anything to Ethan.  Fast-forward some months and she’s finally ready to tell Ethan the truth.  She knows that Alistair doesn’t want the world to know what she did to him, but she doesn’t care.  She’s going to take the risk and tell him the truth anyway.  Did she just meet Alistair?  The man tried to kill her and she is still going to call his bluff.  She also watched him kill his own son (Chad) in cold blood, but she is going to go against him and tell Ethan the truth.  Also, Theresa knows that Ethan shouldn’t be excited but she doesn’t care.  Alistair is obviously willing to murder people to get what he wants so who knows what he would do if she tells the truth.  You had a year, Theresa.  You should have said something before Alistair showed up again.


Why is Vincent only targeting Eve?
Why does he only want to target Eve?  We know that Eve turned him in, but he shouldn’t have said anything to her, he chose to confess to his crimes.  What did he expect to happen?  Also, why isn’t he going after Sheridan?  She is the one who let him fall off the cliff.  Why wouldn’t he go after her?  Is he going to let Sheridan get away with letting him die to save Spike?




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