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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #279

9/17/07 – 9/21/07

Pilar criticized Gwen
Ethan was questioning Gwen about the baby she had.  Pilar took this opportunity to criticize Gwen.  Pilar had the gall to ask Gwen how she could keep a child from his father.  We were so glad that Gwen didn’t let Pilar get away with that question.  She told Pilar to ask Theresa about that.  Pilar closed her mouth after Gwen put her in her place.  It’s obvious that Pilar has forgotten what her daughter did to Ethan.  Is it okay for Theresa to keep Ethan in the dark about his son for over a year, but it’s wrong for Gwen to do that for a couple of weeks?  Pilar’s hypocrisy knows no limits.

Ethan keeps forgetting about Jane
Is anyone else getting annoyed by this?  Did the writers write the girl off the show?  Ethan seems to have forgotten that he and Theresa have a daughter.  All he was worried about were his baby with Gwen and little Ethan.  He even made a vomit-inducing speech about how little Ethan helped him be a better dad.  Are you serious?!  Did the man forget that Jane gave him practice in child rearing too?  He acts as if he’s a first time father.  Gwen’s baby is not the only biological child that he has.  Little Ethan is also not his only biological child.  We know that he has dreamed of having a son, but that doesn’t mean that he should forget that he has a daughter too.  He hasn’t even asked Theresa if he could see her.  We realized that she is an insignificant member of Ethan and Theresa’s family, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to mention her every once in a while.

Pretty needs to get a brain
We are really getting sick of her seesaw attitude.  One minute she wants to help Alistair get revenge on Fancy and the next she’s changing her mind again.  She needs to decide what she’s going to do and stick to it.  She also expects a monster like Alistair to tell her the truth about his feelings for her.  He doesn’t hide how he still loves Fancy the best, but Pretty still wants to help him.  She should realize that he is only using her until he has no use for her anymore.  Since we think she’s worn out her welcome on the show.  We are looking forward to the day when he is finished with her.

Luis kept pressuring Fancy
Luis was looking out for Fancy because of her nosebleeds, but he was being really annoying about it.  He was really being a broken record when he kept telling her about going to the hospital.  Fancy kept telling him that she was fine, but he kept pestering her about it.  We wonder if the implant was really why she slapped the taste out of his mouth.  She might have done it because he was being annoying.  This wasn’t the worst thing that happened this week, but it irked us enough to be added in this section.

Gwen’s change of heart
What is going on with our girl Gwen?  She was the one who wanted Ethan to now that Theresa is keeping little Ethan’s paternity from him.  Now she wants to keep Theresa from telling the truth about it.  She is under time impression that she will be able to get Ethan back now that she has his son.  If she really thought she could keep Ethan by having a baby, why didn’t she tell him she was pregnant in the first place?  Also, why was she so willing to get a divorce if she wanted to stay with Ethan?  We do have a theory about this.  We think that the writers want to keep Gwen as the bad guy in this story while making Theresa the “heroine” again.  Theresa was the one who was keeping little Ethan’s paternity a secret, but Gwen will be the one who is wrong because she wouldn’t let Theresa tell Ethan the truth.  Give us a break!  The writers need to hold Theresa responsible for her own actions without making Gwen be responsible for what happened.

Theresa missed another opportunity
The door was open so wide for Theresa to tell Ethan the truth, but she wouldn’t do it.  Ethan asked her how she knew about Gwen’s baby if Gwen didn’t tell her.  She could have told him then that the son she was talking about was little Ethan.  She didn’t do it.  She tried, but she let Gwen talk over her.  Theresa did that again when little Ethan and Ethan noticed how the baby looks like little Ethan when he was a baby.  Gwen came up with a reason for that.  She said all babies look alike.  Pilar contradicted her and said that’s not true.  This was another time that Theresa could have told Ethan the truth.  Ethan told little Ethan that they didn’t have to be biologically related to be a family.  Theresa just stood there.  She had plenty of chances to tell Ethan the truth, but she continued to dig her own grave.  It will be her own fault if he leaves her and if little Ethan hates her.

Sam showed favoritism
Julian had a theory about what happened to Fox.  He thought that Kay and Miguel were responsible for Fox’s death.  For some reason, his suspicion was not taken seriously.  Sam chose to brush off Julian’s allegations rather than question Kay and Miguel.  Sam doesn’t know that Miguel has disappeared into Tabitha’s basement and that Kay was looking for him.  He was willing t accuse Esme of killing Fox.  He said that a killer is usually someone you know so why does that eliminate Kay and Miguel as suspects?  They have a motive for killing Fox so Sam should have gone to Tabitha’s to question them.  Did he refuse because the chief’s daughter and the high and mighty Lopez-Fitzgeralds are above the law?  It’s no wonder that people can get away with murder in Harmony.




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