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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #278

9/3/07 Ė 9/7/07

Fancy bought Prettyís act
Pretty was back in Harmony because she wanted to destroy Fancy for scarring her face.  The woman was full of hate for Fancy.  She made up her mind and wanted to tell Luis what she did to her face.  Please keep in mind that it is the same night that Pretty arrived in Harmony.  Fast forward some weeks real time (probably about 20 hours Harmony time) and Pretty suddenly wanted to be friends with her.  Why would Fancy actually believe it?  They were just declaring how much they hated each other in Alistairís study so why would Pretty have a change of heart?  We know that the writers want us to buy that Fancy is being naÔve, but we are not buying it.  It would have been more believable if they werenít just fighting each other earlier that night.  Since they were fighting, Fancy should have been suspicious of Pretty wanting to make up with her out of the blue.  Pretty ended up drugging her lemonade so that Alistair could go through with his plan.

Alistairís plot to keep Fancy and Luis apart
The man obviously needs to get some help.  He seemed to enjoy watching Fancy with Luis.  He couldnít seem to look away from them.  That was sick by itself.  He also wanted to manipulate Fancy by having a device implanted in her head.  He wanted to have the old Fancy back.  That was a ridiculous plan  The doctor that Alistair hired to do the implantation put the device through her nose.  We assumed he would have to do more than wait for Fancy to inhale the device.  You would think the doctor wouldnít have wanted to do something like that to Fancy, but he barely objected to it.  Anyway, Alistair wanted to risk Fancyís life just to keep her from Luis.  If Alistair really loved Fancy, he wouldnít want to hurt Fancy like that.

Whitneyís abrupt exit
We know that Brook Kerr is leaving the show so the writers had to wrap up her storyline.  They should have paced her exit better than that.  Whitney decided this week that she had to leave Harmony for good.  We understand that she wanted to get away because of Chadís murder, but we think she is being a little selfish because her family doesnít want her to leave.  Eve wants to see her grandchildren.  Whitney wants to take Miles to New Orleans, but that means that Eve wonít be able to see them as much anymore.  Theresa also didnít want her to leave.  Theresa needs someone to keep her in line, but Whitney will be gone.

Whitneyís decision was a hasty one because she has unfinished business.  Chad needs a funeral and Alistair has to pay for what he did.  Whitney was still Chadís wife when he was killed so she should have been there to arrange a funeral for Chad.  Who is going to have the service for Chad now that Whitney is gone?  Whitney also should have stayed in Harmony to make sure that Alistair suffered for what he did to Chad.  She could have helped the police catch Alistair.  Itís hard to believe that she would care so little about what Alistair did.  She is literally letting Alistair get away with murder.  The writers should have killed Chad off sooner than they did.  If they did, then Whitney could have given Chad a funeral and she could have tried to make sure Alistair went to jail.

Theresa hogged up Ethanís time
Theresa was really monopolizing Ethanís time at the hospital.  She wouldnít let anyone spend time with him while he was in the coma.  Pilar and Whitney were in the room with him, but Theresa never left the room.  She may be his ďwifeĒ, but that didnít give her the right to keep everyone away from him.  She never even allowed the doctor to exam him without being in the room.  She didnít call Ethanís family to tell them about Ethanís condition.  If it werenít for Whitney, Sam and Ivy wouldnít even know what happened to Ethan.

Vincent/Valerie ďtwistĒ
The connection between the two of them was revealed this week.  As you know, Vincent and Valerie are one and the same.  It was very predictable.  Most of the audience already saw this ďtwistĒ coming.  Weíre glad that itís finally revealed (see Raves section), but the twist doesnít make any sense.  Valerie was in Harmony for a while and she was seemingly normal.  She didnít indicate that she was a man when she was introduced.  Why would she work at Crane Industries all of this time when she could have simply said she was Evianís son.  Chad has been intimate with Valerie and Vincent so why didnít he realize that they were one and the same?  Itís a safe assumption that Chad has seen them naked so he should have noticed something.  Why would Vincent (as Valerie) have sex with Julian when he knew he was his father?  That makes no sense at all.  Itís hard to believe that Alistair would want Vincent to shame his family like that.  That is really sick even for Alistair. 

It was obvious that Valerie and Vincent were the same when he started dating her.  They were never seen together.  They were also fighting off screen.  Just like other people on the show, Valerieís body changed the second she took off the mask.  The height and weight were completely different.  We hope that the writers didnít really think that they were surprising us with that secret.  The only way for this twist to make any sense would be for Valerie to be Vincentís sister and not the same person.  Maybe Vincent dressed up like her and locked her up when Eve showed up.  Other than that, why would he bother showing up at Valerieís place and threaten to kill her when he was alone?  Itís not as if anyone would have known that he was talking to himself.  Also, why didnít he just hide there and not answer the door when Eve showed up?  No one had to now that he was there.

Gwenís surprise for Ethan
She showed Ethan her surprise at the end of Fridayís episode.  She showed him their baby.  We are happy that Gwen had a baby, but how was that possible?  She wasnít gone that long to have a baby.  Was she months pregnant when she left Harmony?  Did she ever plan on telling Ethan about his son if she didnít come back?  Why didnít she tell him sooner than she did?  It was also obvious that Gwen had a baby because Theresa avoided telling Ethan that little Ethan was his son.  She kept saying that he had a son.  Also, Rebecca mentioned how Gwen was barren out of the blue.  That pretty much clinched it for us.  We already suspected that she had a baby though.  We hope that Gwen really did have a baby and that she is not passing off another baby as Ethanís to keep him from being with Theresa.




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