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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #277

8/27/07 Ė 8/31/07

Fancy tried to dump Luis
For some reason, Fancy felt the need to try and break up with Luis.  She thought that her family was horrible and that he deserved better.  She came up with the ďbrilliantĒ idea of breaking up with him because of what she did to Pretty.  Give us a break!  Luis was willing to get over what she did.  He wasnít even mad at her so she broke up with him for nothing.  She was really sounding like a broken record when she said how she was a terrible person because of what she did to Pretty.  She kept blaming herself for the accident (obviously it wasnít an accident the way she claimed), but Luis still thought she was great.  The woman actually wasted the first part of the week on this nonsense.  She also made sure to drag Sheridan down with her when she was talking about how horrible her family is.  Itís as if she wanted to make sure that Luis didnít go back to Sheridan if he did stay away from her.  Luis was able to convince her to stay with him.  Weíll spare you the vominous details of their so-called reunion.  If the writers expect the die-hard Shuis fans to switch to Lucy fans, then they might want to try and make Fancy into a mature woman instead of having her behave like a whiny brat.

Alistair killed Chad
Alistair has always been a monster, but he really proved that this week.  He killed Chad in cold blood this week.  What type of person would knowingly kill his or her own child.  The writers obviously donít want the audience to root for this character.  He is so poorly written.  He is hateful for no reason.  He also has no redeeming qualities.  On other soap operas, the villains usually have a redeeming quality.  More times than not, the redeeming quality would be their children.  That is not the case with Alistair.  He would have no trouble hurting his kids.  He has always tortured Julian and Sheridan in the past, but his actions took the cake this week.  He had no problem shooting Chad.  He didnít even feel guilty about it.  He ran away as if he did nothing wrong.  The writes have to do something to make him a better character because he is just too evil.  The only thing missing form him is a pitchfork and a tail.  He really is the devil.

Theresa and Gwen fought over Ethanís poisoning
It was unbelievable.  They know what happened to Ethan (he ate the poisoned strawberries that were meant for Theresa), but they were worried about who was to blame for what happened.  Neither one of them took the time to blame the person who was responsible for what happened.  They barely blamed Alistair when he was the one who wanted Theresa to die.  Another problem we had with this is that they didnít take the time to ask Alistair about the poison.  He admitted that he tried to kill Theresa so why wouldnít he tell that?  That would have saved the doctor time when he wanted to know what type of poison he Ethan ate.  It was such a waste of time for Theresa and Gwen to blame each other.

Vincentís attitude changed
What was with Vincent this week?  He was acting really different from how he was before he revealed himself.  He was begging Spike not to kill him. Why was he so afraid to die all of a sudden?  He had no problem with dying while he was still pulling the strings in Harmony.  He even had poison ready to avoid going to prison.  He said that he would kill himself if Sheridan or Ethan had called the police on him.  It was hard to believe that he would suddenly want to live.  After what happened at the cliff, this seems like a moot point.  Speaking of what happened on the cliff, letís move on to our rant about Sheridan.

Sheridan saved Spike and let Vincent die
She actually did it.  She let her own nephew die and save someone like Spike.  Spike hit Vincent and they both fell over the side of a cliff.  Sheridan was there because she happened to be on the wharf and saw Spike trying to shoot Vincent.  She risked her life to save Vincent thatís why her actions later on make no sense.  Anyway, they were hanging over a cliff at the same time so she could only save one of them.  She claimed that she was going to save Vincent, but Spike dangled Marty in from of her face and she eventually chose who she was going to save.  Do you think she saved her brotherís child with the love of his life?  Did she save a man who could have lied to her about her dead son being alive?  What do you think she did?  Thatís right.  She saved Spike.  She allowed her brotherís son to die and then she had the nerve to lie to him and Eve about it.  We thought that was very selfish of Sheridan to allow Vincent to die to save Spike.  She knows what type of person Spike is so why would she believe him when he said Marty is alive? He was hanging over a cliff.  He would have told her anything so she could help him.  We werenít really surprised that Eve became upset with her.

We donít feel sorry for Vincent since he was a killer and he was willing to let Luis die for his crimes.  He would have deserved to die, but Sheridan didnít have to be the one responsible for it.  We wanted to make it clear that we werenít trying to defend him.  We just know that Sheridan had no right to make that decision just to get what she wanted.

Another problem we had with what she did was that Sheridan has been destroyed.  Even though she killed a man who is a killer and who tried to kill her, she still looks like a monster.  It wonít matter that she had a right to want to find out if her child is really alive.  She is still backed into a corner storyline wise.  Do the writers think weíll all switch to Lucy fans now that she let Vincent go in favor of Spike?  We donít like what she did, but it wonít make us root for Lucy at all.  The writers are going to have to try harder than that for us to care about them.




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