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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #276

8/20/07 – 8/24/07

Fancy tried to hide from Luis
Once Pretty finally told Luis the truth, she chose to hide from him.  She hid in the bushes and Luis had to chase her down.  She took the coward’s way out by sneaking off like that.  She claimed that he would be ashamed of her so she couldn’t face that.  She was acting like a child.  She wasn’t acting like someone who was innocent of throwing acid in Pretty’s face.

Whitney and Chad went along with Theresa’s plan
This didn’t really make sense to us.  We know that Whitney would do anything to help Theresa, but that’s going above and beyond the call of friendship.  Whitney and Chad went along with Theresa’s plan to lock Gwen and Rebecca in the bathroom to keep the truth about little Ethan fro coming out.  All they did was postpone the inevitable.  The truth is going to come out someday so they didn’t help her.  Whitney thinks that Ethan should know the truth.  If that’s true, then she shouldn’t have done anything to stop him from finding out the truth.  She knows what it’s like to be kept in the dark about something so why would she do that to someone else?  We know that she is Theresa’s best friend, but she was not doing her any favors.  Chad was just as bad as Whitney.  Ethan is supposed to be his friend, but he wants to keep him in the dark.

Alistair was cruel to Pretty
We all know that Alistair is a heartless monster, but he really proved that this week.  He was so mean to Pretty at the mansion.  He was insulting her looks.  He conveniently left out why she ended up that way.  She wouldn’t have been “ugly” if it weren’t for his precious Fancy.  What kind of grandfather would be that cruel?

Pretty helped Alistair escape
This really boggles the mind.  Alistair insulted her and said he didn’t want to go anywhere with her, but she still wanted to help him.  That made zero sense to us.  The man was so cruel to her, but she still wanted to help him get away.  He could have gone to jail if it weren’t for Pretty.  She helped him for nothing since he won’t appreciate it anyway.

Gwen took too long to tell the truth
We mentioned this in the Raves section, but it belongs here too.  Gwen wanted to wait until Theresa’s wedding day before she would tell Ethan about little Ethan.  She chose to make a long speech when she did decide to tell Ethan the truth.  It’s bad enough that she waited too long to tell Ethan the truth, but when she did decide to tell it, she took too long.  It would have taken five seconds to tell Ethan the truth.  She had to keep driving it home that her gift was unforgettable and that she had to give it to them.  She wanted everyone to hear it.  All she had to do was tell Ethan the truth and then give a long speech.  She knows that she would have to draw a picture for Ethan to understand anything so she should have just spit it out and then discussed what she said.  For some reason, Gwen seemed surprised that she wasn’t able to tell him the truth.  What did she expect?  She took so long to say anything to Ethan so she shouldn’t have been so surprised that she was denied the chance to tell him the truth.

Theresa dodged a bullet again
We’re not really surprised by this.  Someone is always looking out for Theresa. Whitney, Pilar, and Chad kept Gwen from telling the truth.  That allowed her to marry Ethan.  She dodged the bullet because Ethan wanted to marry her and didn’t want to know her secret yet.  How lucky can you get, Theresa?  It’s okay that she went into this marriage with such a huge secret, but it was wrong when Gwen did it.  Talk about a double standard.  Let’s get back to the point.  Theresa dodged another bullet when Ethan didn’t want to hear Theresa’s secret during the honeymoon.  That was pretty convenient for her.  She was dragging the truth out just as Gwen did.  She chose to tell the truth when Ethan was passed out.  That was going to be the only was she was going to tell it.  If she just said little Ethan is your son, then she could have told him before he passed out.  Since this is Passions, she had to give the secret a huge buildup before she said anything.

Here are some random thoughts:

Ethan was so obsessed with finding out the truth about Theresa’s secret, but he didn’t want to hear it.  He actually wanted her to wait to tell it.  Why did he suddenly change his mind?

Why didn’t Alistair expose Theresa’s secret and then try to kill her?  It was such a copout for him to want to kill her instead of telling the truth.  It’s obvious that he wants to protect Theresa.

Kay obviously wants to get exposed as a witch or she would stop using her powers when she knows that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Since Fancy is always “accidentally” hurting or trying to hurt Pretty, maybe she should stay away from weapons.  That would keep her from having another convenient “accident.”



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