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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #275

8/13/07 – 8/17/07

The scenes at the Bennetts’ and Tabitha’s house
No offense to the actors and actresses, but these scenes were so stupid and pointless.  Kay kept trying to use her magic again to help Jessica, but she messed up as usual.  Her spells caused Sam and company to confess to killing the johns.  It also made everyone go back and forth between the Bennetts’ house and Tabitha’s house. 

Another spell made Sam want to arrest Kay for the crimes.  Kay never learns.  Every time she tries to use her magic, she messes it up.  Once she does mess up, she expects Tabitha and Endora to help her.  It would be great if they didn’t help her for once.  She would have no other choice but to stop abusing her powers.  To get back to the point, the scenes really were stupid to us.  Also, it’s hard to believe that Kay suddenly cares about Jessica enough to use her powers to help her.  Where was she when Jessica was going through that mess?  She didn’t care because she was too wrapped up in her own mess.  We had to endure watching those scenes and Kay probably won’t even see Jessica again until the end of the year.

We didn’t like the scenes at Tabitha’s house either.  Watching Tabitha, Endora, Edna, and Norma dancing around at the house was funny, but it was a waste of air time.  We also had to endure Endora helping Noah and Paloma have a romantic dinner.  That was a complete waste too.  The scenes at Tabitha’s house weren’t as bad as the ones at the Bennett house, but they were a waste.

Fancy and Pretty’s fight
Their fight had to be the cheesiest fight that we’ve seen in a long time.  All they basically did was pull each other’s hair and roll around on the floor.  We remember when Fancy fought Sheridan and she really kicked her butt.  Now that she had to fight Pretty again, she acted as if she didn’t know how to fight at all.  What happened to all of her police training?  What if Pretty were a perp?  Would Fancy have allowed the perp to beat her up like that?  She allowed Pretty to choke her just like she did when she threw acid in her face.  Somehow Pretty ended up in the pool.  We didn’t get to see how it happened though.  Fancy claimed it was an accident.  That was the second “accident” she caused that night.  She was the reason why Pretty had fell in the pool house earlier.  She grabbed Pretty and when she got away from Fancy, she tripped.  Anyway, fancy kept going on and on about how everything she did was an accident.  Pretty didn’t believe her.  We’re not surprised by that since Fancy gave her the Harmony mantra “I never meant to hurt you.”  Everything is always an accident with Fancy.  Pretty still wanted to tell the truth.

Pretty ended up face down in the pool.  Fancy didn’t do anything to help her.  She could have pulled her out of the water since she knows how to swim.  All she did was call Eve.  She obviously wanted Pretty to die.  If not, she wouldn’t have left her floating in the water.  She could have tried CPR the same way that Luis did.

Gwen waited too long to tell the truth
She has known Theresa’s secret for a while, but for some reason, she chose to wait until Theresa’s wedding day to say anything.  That was a mistake.  Theresa was being so smug to her, but she wouldn’t say anything.  We would have told Ethan the truth to crunch Theresa’s face.  At first, we liked the idea of Gwen waiting to tell the truth, but that didn’t last too long.  We wanted to see Theresa get busted, but Gwen wouldn’t do it.  Now Gwen won’t get the chance to tell Ethan the truth any time soon.

Fancy didn’t tell Luis the truth again
Why did Fancy allow Sheridan to talk Luis into thinking that what happened to Pretty was done on purpose?  Fancy just stood there and let Sheridan go on and on about what happened to Pretty.  She could have told Luis that Pretty’s accident wasn’t the way Sheridan made it seem.  She wouldn’t do it though.  She kept her mouth shut.  If we’re all supposed to believe that Fancy is so innocent, why wouldn’t she tell Luis that what happened was an accident?  She kept saying that a million times when she was talking to Pretty, but she wouldn’t defend herself when Luis wanted to know what happened.  The last thing she should have done was keep the truth from Luis.  Now it looks like she has something to hide.  She is her own worst enemy.

Luis didn’t know about Pretty
The Cranes are supposed to be the most famous family in Harmony so why didn’t Luis know about what happened to Pretty?  He has lived in Harmony all of his life so he should have known what Fancy did.  Pilar, Eve, and even Father Lonigan know what happened, but Luis didn’t.  It would have made more sense if he didn’t know because he left town, but he didn’t. He should have heard about it through word of mouth or he should have read about it.  The citizens of Harmony always manage to hear stuff, but Luis didn’t hear about Pretty.  That was really hard to believe.

No one wants to tell anything
This has been a really big problem lately.  People find out about other people’s secrets (Vincent & Gwen), but they don’t say anything.  They also know secrets already, but they want to wait until the right time to say something (Pretty, Fancy, Sheridan, and Theresa).  What is the point of this?  It would be a nice change if they would just come out and say what they know.  Pretty, Gwen, and Sheridan were the standouts this week.  They all knew something that could destroy their enemies, but they wanted to wait to reveal it.  If we had dirt like that on one of our enemies, we would rush to tell it.  It doesn’t do any good to wait to do it.  They all chose to wait to reveal what they now while watching their enemies be happy with their men.  We would never let that happen.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why did Theresa decide to elope and not invite all of her family?  She finally realized that she wanted Whitney there, but what about her family?

Speaking of Theresa, how was it possible for her and Ethan to elope when they aren’t legally free to be together yet?  They just received the divorce papers that day so they shouldn’t be legally divorced.

Theresa still wouldn’t tell Ethan the truth.  She found out what Gwen planned on doing at the wedding, but she still wanted to wait.




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