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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #274

8/6/07 Ė 8/10/07

Ethan walked over Gwen
He was a real jerk to Gwen this week. He saw Theresa sitting in an electric chair and walked in the room.  The problem with that is he walked over Gwen to get to Theresa.  Gwen was lying on the floor because she was electrocuted too.  She touched Theresa while she was getting electrocuted and ended up getting shocked.  Ethan barely acknowledged Gwen until after he went to Theresa.  Gwen had to wake up on her own.  He also assumed that she was the one who did that to Theresa.  He found it hard to believe that Sheridan could hurt Theresa, but he had no problem assuming that Gwen did it.  He had to eat crow when Theresa confirmed that Gwen was innocent.

Pilar punched Pretty
We understand why Pilar felt that she had to stop Pretty from telling Luis about Fancy, but we didnít approve of what she did.  She punched Pretty in the face and with Fancyís help; she dragged her into Luisís cell.  What right did she have to do that?  She would not like it if someone punched one of her kids in the face while she was standing there.

Ivy thought Pretty deserved to be hit
What kind of mother is Ivy?  She stood by and watched Pilar hit her daughter.  She even had the gall to say that Pretty deserved it.  We know that Pretty wanted to tell Luis about what Fancy did, but Ivy should have been upset at Pilar.  To add insult to injury, Ivy wanted Pilar to leave Pretty on the floor.  Pilar actually wanted to put Pretty on the bed, but Ivy didnít want to do that. Ivy shouldnít take sides between Fancy and Pretty.  It wasnít too long ago when Ivy was badmouthing Fancy to Noah, but now sheís trying to be Mother of the Year to her. Itís no wonder that Ivyís children hate her.  She is a terrible mother.

Pretty, please stop whining
We were all for her showing up and destroying Fancy, but it didnít happen.  Instead, she insisted on whining about her scar.  She is bitter, but she needs to do something about it or get out of Harmony.  Her acting isnít good enough to keep enduring her constant whining.  Her scar isnít that bad for her to be complaining about it.  All she has to do is keep her hair over it.  By the way, she must really think that people are shallow to think that she canít find love because of a scar thatís on the side of her face.  Her attitude could be why people donít want anything to do with her.  It doesnít have to be her scar.

Fancy tried to steal Pilarís thunder
During Luisís execution, Fancy had to make a spectacle of herself.  She had to keep running to the window telling Luis not to leave her.  It was so pathetic to watch her carrying on like that.  Pilar was about to lose another son, but she didnít act that way.  While Fancy was crying and whining, she told Luis not to leave her.  Are you serious?  She could have asked Luis not to leave us instead of herself.  We could be heartless, but while she was acting that way, we didnít feel any sympathy for her.  We only felt sorry for Pilar and Paloma.

Sheridan tried to criticize Eve
Didnít she have a lot of nerve?  She knew that Vincent was the blackmailer and killer all along, but she didnít say anything.  She even tried to kill Theresa in a vain attempt to save Luis.  When Vincent refused to save Luis, she still kept her mouth shut.  She stood there and watched Luis get injected, but she wouldnít stop it.  She kept going to Vincent and demanded that he stop the execution.  He didnít do it.  Once Eve stopped the execution and sold Vincent out, she told her how that could have been avoided if she told the truth.  Were we supposed to forget that sheís known the truth all along?  Well, we didnít forget that she could have stopped everything once she found out the blackmailerís identity.  She was no better than Eve so she wasnít in a position to judge her.



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