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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #273

7/30/07 Ė 8/3/07

Kay has no family loyalty
Kay was practically obsessing over the Luis/Fancy and Noah/Paloma double wedding this week.  We didnít understand why she would want to make sure that Fancyís wedding was perfect.  Fancy was the love of Noahís life once, but she dumped him.  Just because Noah moved on with Paloma doesnít mean that it was okay that Fancy was marrying Luis.  Kay should have been more loyal to Noah than that.  Fancy broke her brotherís heart and she wanted the womanís wedding to be perfect?!  Kay is some sister, isnít she? 

Kay used her powers for the double wedding
As we mentioned in the previous rant, Kay was obsessing over the double wedding.  She was using her powers to make a perfect wedding.  Why didnít she try to use her powers to get Luis out of being executed?  That would have made more sense than worrying about a stupid wedding.  We think that Luis would rather be free than worry about having the perfect wedding.

Noah wanted to have a double wedding with Luis and Fancy
Why did Noah want to have a double wedding with Luis and Fancy?  He didnít have to try and steal their thunder by wanting to get married at the same time as Luis and Fancy.  Noah and Paloma had the rest of their lives to get married.  Luis only had hours left.  Also, why would he want to get married with his ex-girlfriend?  Did he want to show Fancy that he has moved on with his life?  Now that sheís in love with Luis, she wonít care that Noah is getting married.

Noah and Fancy have forgotten about each other
Are we the only ones whoíve noticed how Noah and Fancy seemed to have forgotten about each other?  You would never know that they even loved each other once.  Fancy is even worse.  She is really acting as if Noah means nothing to her.  She doesnít even mention him at all.  Noah does this too, but heís barely on the show anymore.  One year ago, they might have been the ones getting married.  We think it would have been a nice touch if they pulled each other aside and asked if they were okay with getting married to other people.  We know that people fall out of love all the time, but they could mention their relationship every once in a while.

Fancy is a hypocrite
She broke up with Noah because he lied to her, but now she is keeping something from Luis.  Noah had no choice but to keep quiet about his past, but Fancy didnít care.  She was still mad at him because he didnít tell her the truth.  She said that you donít lie or keep things from someone you love.  Fast forward a year later and sheís doing that too.  She is keeping the truth about Pretty from Luis.  Pretty threatened to tell Luis everything if she didnít call off the wedding.  Fancy gave in and she didnít marry Luis.  She chose to keep her secret instead of allowing Luis to know what she did to Pretty.  She claimed she accidentally threw the acid on Pretty so why wonít she tell Luis?  How is she any different from Noah?  He didnít tell her something about his past just as she wonít tell Luis.  Somehow we think that she will expect Luis to stay with her knowing that she kept the truth about Pretty from him.

Ivy wants Pretty to keep Fancyís secret
Ivy decided to choose sides between Pretty and Fancy.  She chose Fancyís side.  Ivy knows what Fancy did to Pretty so why did she have Fancyís back?  She should have stayed out of it or she should have sided with Pretty.  Ivy was practically ordering Pretty to keep quiet about what Fancy did.  Pretty didnít want to listen to her. We donít blame her one bit.  Ivy wasnít much of a mother to her, but she had the nerve to expect her to protect Fancy?

Sheridan tried to kill Theresa
Sheridan knocked Theresa out and dragged her to an electric chair.  She did this because she had to save Luisís life.  Vincent said that Sheridan could get Luis back and he would be free.  If Sheridan really wanted to save Luisís life, she could have told the police about Vincent.  That would have guaranteed that Luis would have been freed.  Now that sheís going through with Vincentís plan, she could be screwed.  There is no guarantee that Vincent will honor his end of the deal.  She didnít want to do it at first.  What if Vincent does the same thing to her?  He might ďforgetĒ what he promised her.  He is a killer.  What makes her think that he is above lying if he has to?  She would be better off turning Vincent in and freeing Luis instead of relying on Vincent to do it.  Note to Sheridan:  The only way to free Luis is for Vincent to confess.  That is not going to happen so she will be trying to kill Theresa for nothing.  Sheís also running any chance that she has to get back together with Luis. He is not going to marry a woman who wants to kill his sister.

Here are some random thoughts:

What took Miguel so long to show up at the prison?  He didnít even make up an excuse for why he wasnít there.

Why would Eve tell the warden about Vincent by herself?  She could have asked anyone to wait with her.  That would have kept Vincent from locking her in a closet.  Speaking of Vincent, where did he get the keys to lock the closet?  Did he attack someone to get them?

Fox should give up on winning Kay back.  She doesnít want him anymore so killing Miguel wonít change that.  Why would he even want her like that?  He should have some pride and forget about her.


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