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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #272

7/23/07 Ė 7/27/07

Theresaís reaction to Jared leaving
She wanted to leave Jared to be with Ethan, but we were expected to believe that she was so broken up about Jared leaving her.  She was really trying to play it up like she was so heartbroken.  She had tears in her eyes and she told Jared that she loved him.  Give us a break!  Was she trying to keep Jared from leaving?  She told him how she loved him.  She also seemed upset that he wanted to go.  We know better.  She wanted to make it look as if she cared more than she did.  Once they went upstairs, she really put on a performance as well as the water works.  She didnít do one thing thoughÖshe didnít tell him that she wanted him to stay with her.  She let him keep packing and then she added insult to injury.  She said that it will take a while for her to get over him.  Yeah, it took her all of five minutes to get over him.  She had to say that because he knows her secret.  Once he dropped that bombshell, she made it seem as if he meant more to her.  She also proved her love for Jared by having sex with Ethan the same night Jared left.  Doesnít that prove how much she loved Jared?

Jared left with a whimper
He walked out on Theresa this week.  Itís about time.  We have never been fans of his, but his exit could have been better.  Theresa treated him like dirt by carrying on with Ethan behind his back, but he wanted to be the nice guy.  We were so disappointed.  We were hoping that he would have yelled at her for treating him like that.  Well, it didnít happen.  He was practically making her feel better about what she did to him.  He was also blessed with a trump card to use against her when he found out her secret.  Did he use it?  Well, this rant would not be here if he did.  Thatís right.  He didnít use it. He even promised he would keep her secret.  He could have buried her for what she did, but he walked away.  There was no point of him finding out Theresaís secret since he didnít do anything but walk away.

Theresa is being naÔve
Itís hard to believe that she really believes that Gwen would keep her secret.  Why would she think that after everything she and Gwen have done to each other?  Are the writers trying to make her appear this naÔve so Gwen will really look like a monster for revealing her secret?  Thatís probably it.  Think about it.  Theresa was willing to accuse Gwen of poisoning her when she wasnít even at the Book Cafť, but she would think that she would keep her secret? Yeah, right.  Now that she has Ethan, she has lost her brain and would think that Gwen would leave her alone.  That is more of a reason for Gwen to get revenge on her.

Eveís addiction
What has happened to Eve?  Now she is pill popping and boozing again.  We know that Eve is upset about Vincent being her son, but that doesnít excuse what sheís doing now.  She was going to spend 75 years in jail for three attempted murders, but she didnít want to be a boozehound then.  Now she is hooked on drugs and drinking again.  Vincent blamed her boozing and drug use for his ďconditionĒ so why would she go back to that?  You would think that she would want to stay clean because her behavior will eventually cost her everything.  Hasnít she lost enough because she had to get high?

Julian didnít want to turn Vincent in
We know that Julian is back to being a bad guy again, but eh has topped himself. He knows that Vincent is his son and the blackmailer.  He didnít want Eve to turn him in to the police.  Eve didnít want him to do that right away, but when she did want to call the police, he stopped her.  He just like Eve, barely know Vincent so why would he want to cover for him?  Is he doing it to protect Vincent or the Crane name?  Maybe the answer is the latter because he did mention the Crane name being dragged through the mud.  Julian would rather see an innocent man die than see the man who he thinks raped his daughter get punished.  Heís choosing his long lost son over his daughterís happiness by keeping quiet.

Miguel wasnít at the prison
He knows that Luis is dying that day, but he wasnít at the prison.  He chose to stay with Kay.  What type of brother is that?  He knows what Luis has done for him, but he hasnít even thought of him.  He hasnít even seen him since he left the prison. Miguel obviously only cares about Kay and not his family.  If that werenít true, then he would have been there for Luis.  He could have had sex with Kay any time.  He doesnít have that much time to spend with Luis.

Sheridan and Fancyís ďcatfightĒ
What was the point of their fight?  They knew that Luis was supposed to die that day, but they had to fight instead.  It made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  It was also a bad fight as well.  It was badly choreographed.  It was obvious that Sheridan and Fancy werenít hitting each other during their fight scenes.  They also looked like they were trying to land planes at first.  These things really made the scenes lose something.

Sheridan should come forward
Sheridan knows that Luis is going to die, but she wonít say anything.  She even spoke to Vincent again. He tried to reach out to her and talk her into keeping her silence.  She will most likely agree to help him and thatís a shame.  Luis is supposed to be the love of her life, but she cares more about losing him to Fancy than she does about saving him.  Did it ever occur to her that she could win him back from Fancy?  She could have been the one who saved his life.  She could have let Luis know that she saved him, but Fancy didnít.  What good would it do her to listen to Vincent when Luis would be dead?  She canít be with him that way.  If she turned Vincent in, then she has a chance to get Luis back.  She is letting her hatred for Fancy and Luisís relationship cloud her judgment.

Here are some random thoughts:

What were the odds that Whitney wanted an older brother while growing up?  She certainly wasnít happy when she thought Chad was her brother.

Speaking of Whitney, if she wanted someone else in Milesís life, why wonít she let Simone be with him more?  He doesnít need an uncle more than he needs and aunt in his life.

Didnít it seem as if Theresa was more worried about Ethan knowing her secret than she was about Luis dying?  She was talking about losing Ethan just as much if not more than she was talking about Luis.

Why was Noah concerned with marrying Paloma when Luis is dying?  He could have proposed to her again another time.

Ethan said he did everything he could to help Luis.  Did we miss something?  When did he have time to do that when he was too busy chasing after Theresa?  That must have happened off screen.



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