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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #271

7/16/07 Ė 7/20/07

Theresaís advice to Sheridan
We touched on this last week, but it needed to be repeated.  Theresa told Sheridan that she needed to let Fancy and Luis be together.  She said Luis made his choice and Sheridan needed to accept it.  That was so rich of Theresa. She may have been right, but she had a lot of nerve.  When Ethan was ďhappily marriedĒ to Gwen, Theresa did everything she could to break them up.  No matter how many times she was told to leave Ethan and Gwen alone, she wouldnít do it.  She thought that Ethan loved her so she was right to go after him.  What makes that different from what Sheridan wants to do?  At least Luis isnít married unlike Ethan.  Guess now that Theresa has Ethan, she thinks people shouldnít interfere in other peopleís relationships.  Would Theresaís advice be the same if she didnít have Ethan?  No wonder Sheridan wanted to poison her.  She would have probably done it without the demons being in her head.

Ethanís request
As we mentioned in the Raves section, Ethan wanted Gwen to leave him and Theresa alone so they could be happy. He had some nerve.  Where was this request when he was married to Gwen?  He knew how Gwen was insecure about Theresa coming between them because she complained about it constantly.  He didnít go running to Theresa to tell her to leave them alone.  Instead, he played tonsil hockey with her.  Maybe if he had this spine when he was with Gwen, they would still be together.  Considering the bad blood between Gwen and Theresa, we donít see why he would have asked her to leave them alone.

Eve was so weak
When Vincent went bananas on Eve he choked her.  She didnít do anything to defend herself.  She stood there and let him practically choke her to death.  She had the use them.  If he didnít happen to see her pointing to her bag, she would have been taking a dirt nap.  The woman needs to learn some self-defense?

Gwen revived Theresa
Theresa was unconscious when she drank the tea that Sheridan poisoned.  She was out for a few minutes.   Jared and Fancy as well as Jared and Ethan tried to revive her to no avail.  All it took for Theresa to wake up was for Gwen to slap and shake her. If thatís all it takes to wake someone up, why do they need Eve?  They could get Gwen to revive people.

Eve will never learn
Eve chose to keep Vincentís identity a secret.  She knows that he set up Luis, but she didnít want to say anything.  She would rather see Luis die than sell out her son.  She knows that Luis execution has been moved up, but she wonít say anything.  She feels as if she owes him since she wasnítí there for him growing up. Hello?! He tired to kill you Eve.  It doesnít matter if you protect him.  Heís still going to hate you.  Heís only playing on your guilty.  Luckily for Vincent, it worked.  Eve should have felt like garbage when Pilar cried to her about losing her son.  Itís even worse that Eve could have prevented that from happening.  She must want to lose all of her friends. Itís bad enough she helped cost Grace her life, but now she wants to cost another life.  How in the world will she be able to live with herself if Luis is executed for what her son did?

Fox wonít give up
Fox schemed to get Kay back.  He wanted Spike to kill Miguel.  For some reason, he thought getting Miguel out of the way would make Kay stay with him.  She told him that she didnít want anything to do with him, but he still wanted to be with her.  Is he that pathetic that he canít admit defeat even when she told him where to go and how to get there?

The blackmailerís identity
We were disappointed with the reveal of the blackmailerís identity.  It was such a copout for it to be Vincent.  It was so obvious that it was going to be Vincent. What also ruined the reveal was the fact that the writers spoiled it before the reveal.  Did they forget that it was supposed to be a mystery story?  You are not supposed to reveal the reveal that early.  Have they ever heard of leaving the audience in suspense?

Here are some random thoughts:

Why did Kay all but agree to marry Miguel before she got divorced?

What was the point of Gwen knowing Theresaís secret if she wasnít going to tell Ethan the truth?  It was fun watching her taunt Theresa, but it was wearing thin.

Who did Theresa think she was expecting Gwen not to tell Ethan her secret?  When Theresa found out Gwenís secret, she couldnít wait to tell it to Ethan.  Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Gwen was supposed to help her keep Ethan.

Why was it suddenly an issue that the person who knows anything about the blackmailer come forward to save Luis?  Before Eve found out the truth, everyone wanted the blackmailer to come forward to save Luis.  That was so plot driven so Eve could be mixed up in this story.

Why did Chad need Whitney back in order to fight for his kids?  He should have fought for custody anyway.  He proves that he doesnít care for the kids the way he said he did or he would put them before Whitney.


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