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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #270

7/9/07 – 7/13/07

Sheridan wanted Gwen to fight for Ethan
Isn’t it something how Sheridan wants Gwen to fight for Ethan now that she has to scheme to get Luis?  When Sheridan’s life was going her way, she was one of the many people who thought that Ethan and Theresa belonged together.  She kept telling Ethan how much he loved Theresa.  Even when Sheridan changed, she told Gwen that Ethan didn’t love her.  Fast forward a bit later and she’s telling Gwen to fight for Ethan.  Would Sheridan have gave Gwen this advice if Gwen told her to give up on Luis?  We doubt it.  She probably would have rubbed it in her face how Ethan loved Theresa.

Ethan let the blackmailer go
Ethan must have silly putty for brains.  He fell for the blackmailer’s poor-me story.  The blackmailer knew what buttons to push to get Ethan to feel sorry for him.  The blackmailer had Ethan convinced that he was going to turn himself in.  Ethan stupidly turned his back on the blackmailer allowing the blackmailer to get away.  What in the world was he thinking?  The blackmailer said he would kill himself before going to jail.  What made Ethan think he wouldn’t have lied to get away?

Pilar didn’t want Fancy to tell the truth
We were surprised that St. Pilar would tell Fancy not to tell Luis the truth about Pretty.  She of all people should expect Fancy to tell the truth.  Besides, she just told Theresa to tell the truth about little Ethan so why shouldn’t Fancy tell Luis the truth?  While we’re on the subject, why would Pilar want Luis to be with Fancy?  This applies to now and before he was convicted.  She knew all of this time what Fancy did to Pretty, yet she stood by and let Luis be with Fancy.  Even when she did object to them being together, it wasn’t because of what she did to Pretty.  It was because she was a Crane.  Apparently, Fancy did the cruelest thing known to man to Pretty so Pilar shouldn’t have given her approval to their relationship.  Perhaps we would have Shuis back together if she stopped Luis and Fancy from being together. LOL!

Eve and the blackmailer’s scenes
Although it was good that the blackmailer was revealed to be Eve and Julian’s son, those scenes were a waste.  After he revealed who he is, very little else was revealed.  Eve and the blackmailer kept having the same conversation.  How many times did we have to hear the blackmailer blame Eve and Julian for being a freak.  Also, Eve’s whining was getting annoying. The last thing she needs to do is whine and “cry” at the same time.  No offense but she sounds like a wounded animal when she does that.

Theresa should tell the truth
What is it going to take for Theresa to tell Ethan the truth?  Does Ethan have to sign a written statement in blood guaranteeing that he would leave her no matter what her secret is before she says something?  He has to be going for a record for how many times he said he wouldn’t leave her once the truth comes out, but she still won’t say anything.  Now she’s conveniently scared that Gwen and Rebecca will find out her secret, you would think she would rush to tell it.  She will have no one else to blame but herself.  When she gets busted, knowing Theresa she’ll blame Gwen for telling the secret instead of herself for keeping it.

What’s with the Demon Elf
We don’t really get the purpose of the Demon Elf?  The only point we see to him is relieving people of their responsibility.  People can go on killing people and they are relieved of any guilt because they don’t know what they are doing (Sheridan, Gwen, Jared, etc.).  It gives new meaning to the devil made me do it.


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