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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #269

7/2/07 Ė 7/6/07

Sheridanís performance while possessed
We didnít really care for Sheridanís performance while she was possessed.  Her performance wasnít as good as Gwenís.  Sheridan was so robotic that it was a wonder the blackmailer couldnít tell she was possessed.  She should have taken some lessons from Gwen on how to sound natural while possessed.

Kayís reaction to Foxís secret
Naturally, Kay went bananas when she found out that Fox lied to her about dying.  Ivy let it slip that Fox wasnít dying while Miguel and Fox were fighting.  Once Kay found out, she gave Fox the riot act.  Our problem with Kayís reaction was the fact that she acted as if she was innocent in this.  She may not have pretended to be sick, but she did mess up.  If she was honest with Fox in the beginning, he might not have felt the need to scheme in order to keep her.  She should have told Fox that she loved Miguel and couldnít marry him.  Instead, she chose to drag her feet and keep him in the dark.  She gave him the impression that she loved him so he was going to do whatever it took to keep her.  We donít approve of what he did, but we see why he did it.

One of the things Kay told Fox when the truth came out was how she was worried about him when she thought he was dying.  When exactly did she do that?  She was only concerned a few times.  Other than that, she was more concerned with getting it on with Miguel.  If Kay wasnít so smug with Fox once the truth came out, we might have been on her side.  Also, her performance wasnít that great either.  She was over the top with her reaction.  She had too much neck bobbing and hand swinging for our taste and it ruined the scenes.

Whitney and Chadís fight over Miles
We thought Whitney and Chad were both wrong in their fight over Miles.  Whitney was being too stubborn and Chad was being manipulative.

Whitney kept going on and on about not wanting Chad to be near Miles and their unborn child.  She doesnít want to listen when someone tells her that Chad has a right to see Miles.  She thought that Chadís affair was enough to keep him from the children.  She needs to come up with an agreement with Chad.  It would make life easier than trying to sue him for sole custody.  He already threatened to take the children away from her.  He would have quite the case against her since she abandoned Miles when she went to the convent.  Chad will not hesitate to use that in court.

Chad was trying to manipulate Whitney into going back to him.  He gave her another ultimatum.  He threatened to take the kids from her if she didnít give him a second chance.  He really proved that he wanted to be in the kidsí lives, didnít he?  If he really wanted to spend time with Miles and the unborn baby, why didnít he just focus on the kids?  He didnít have to mention Whitney at all.

Ethan could have seen the blackmailer
Ethan had quite a few chances to see the blackmailer, but he blew it.  While they were fighting, he could have pulled up the mask.  The blackmailer was in his face, but Ethan didnít pull up the mask.  The blackmailer even took the time to have a fantasy which would have given him time to pull up the mask.  Instead he chose to stand there and watch the blackmailer daydream.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why werenít Ethan and/or Jared bruised from their fight?

Why didnít Ethan let the blackmailer think he was interested in him/her?  He might have been able to get the blackmailer to confess to what he/she did to Luis.

When is Theresa going to visit Luis?  Why does she keep coming up with excuses to get out of seeing him?

Why does anyone bother telling Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan?  She never listens to them so why bother giving her advice?

If Gwen has a new man, why does she care how Theresa treats Ethan?

Why didnít Kay just kick Fox out of Tabithaís house instead of leaving herself?  It would have been less trouble for Fox to leave than it was for Kay, Miguel, and Maria.

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