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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #268

6/25/07 Ė 6/29/07

Ethan grilled Theresa for marrying Jared
Ethan had a lot of nerve giving Theresa the business for marrying Jared.  He gave her a song and dance about how much it hurt him that she married Jared.  He also said that if she really loved him, she wouldnít have married Jared.  That was so rich of him considering he did the same thing to her when he married Gwen.  Theresa begged him to be with her, but he wouldnít do it.  He married Gwen anyway.  Did he think watching that was like being on a fun ride at the amusement park for her?  She didnít like it either.  Itís not fair for him to expect her to up and leave Jared to be with him when he didnít leave Gwen to be with her.  If Gwen didnít see the light about him, he would probably still be with her.

Gwen should have confessed
Gwen claimed she was going to confess to the tabloid secret this week.  Ethan made it very easy for her not to confess by telling her that he didnít want to hear it.  She was relieved that he didnít want to know the secret.  She should have told the truth anyway.  At least her conscience would have been clear.  Since sheís not with Ethan anymore, she had the perfect chance to come clean.  What was he going to do if the truth comes out, leave her?  She doesnít have to worry about that happening since they are getting a divorce.  She doesnít want to be with him so sheís got nothing to lose.  That was just another excuse to keep that secret from coming out.

Sheridan could have helped Luis
Sheridan had her chance to help Luis clear his name, but she didnít do it.  The blackmailer was at the cottage with her.  The blackmailer could have been caught, but she let the blackmailerís offer tempt her.  The blackmailer wanted her to kill Theresa in exchange for the blackmailer bringing Pretty back to Harmony.  This plan was for Sheridan to get Luis back and for the blackmailer to get Ethan.  Instead of calling the police, she listened to the blackmailer and got tempted by the offer of getting Luis back.  Sheridan proved that she doesnít care if Luis gets out of prison.  If she did, she would have sold out the blackmailer.  She only wants Luis out of prison if she knows sheís going to get him back.  Sheís willing to let him die if Fancy gets to have him.  While weíre on the subject, Sheridan knows who the blackmailer is so she could go to the police and have the blackmailer arrested.  If she doesnít want to help Luis, she could save Ethan.  Ethan is supposed to be her friend and she knows how much Ethan wants to be with Theresa so why not sell out the blackmailer for him?  Thatís right, Sheridan.  Look out for number one.

Ethan and Theresa got engaged
Seeing as Ethan and Theresa are still married, was it appropriate for them to get engaged?  Itís tacky.  They could have waited until they were both divorced to get married.  That was such a slap in the face to Gwen and Jared.

Kay should have listened to Tabitha
Kay must need a brick to go upside her head before she will listen to Tabitha.  Tabitha told Kay not to make a deal with the Demon Elf, but Kay didnít listen.  She thought she knew best.  She had to save Jessica.  Eventually, Jessica was saved, and Kay thought she was in the clear.  She was so smug about the Demon Elf not causing trouble.  That was what she thought.  Thanks to her, the demon was able to cause destruction in Harmony.  What did she care?  She thought she did the right thing so she kept using her powers.  She assumed Tabitha didnít know what she was talking about so she was going to do what she wanted to do.  She was the reason why Sheridan, Gwen, Jared, Spike, and Fox were possessed.  She was just so sure that her powers were going to help her life be perfect.  She used her powers to get Miguel to do what she wanted.  In her attempt to play games, she almost got Miguel killed.  Earlier she tried to use her powers to cure Fox.  Predictably, the spell didnít work and the Demon Elf used her power to make his demons stronger.  Who knows what will happen thanks to her?  We can already predict that she will go to Tabitha to help fix the mess she made again.

Whitney called the police on Chad
When Whitney got home, she ran into Eve.  When she went to check on Miles, she found out he was gone.  Eve made the mistake of telling Whitney that she let Chad see Miles.  She was angry and called the police.  She hold them Chad kidnapped Miles.  She confronted Chad and wanted him arrested.  She tried to throw her weight around, but it didnít work.  Whitney really needs to ease up on Chad as far as Miles goes because Chad has a right to be with Miles.  She hasnít sheíd him for sole custody of Miles so she doesnít have a right to keep him from Miles.  She can get her digs in about his sexual preference all she wants, but that doesnít change how heís Milesís father.  Besides, if Whitney was with Miles in the first place, Chad wouldnít have had him.



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