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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #267

6/18/07 – 6/22/07

Kay is so hard headed
We don’t know how Tabitha puts up with Kay. She tells Kay not to do something, but she does the complete opposite.  Tabitha told Kay not to use her powers without her supervision.  Tabitha thought that Kay would cause destruction if she didn’t know what she was doing.  Wouldn’t you know it Kay didn’t listen.  She thought she knew better.  She wanted to find a spell that would cure Fox’s disease so she could be with Miguel.  She took Tabitha’s spell book while she was sleep and used it.  She created such a mess in the process.  She kept bugging Tabitha to fix the mess she made.  Tabitha protested because she was tired and didn’t have any energy left.  That didn’t matter to Kay because she wanted Tabitha to help her anyway.  Tabitha made her promise not to use her powers again.  She agreed and Tabitha helped her.  Well, that promise lasted all of five minutes because she was back to using the book.  She didn’t care if she messed up the spell because Tabitha could fix it.  Predictably, the spell didn’t work and she expected Tabitha to help her.  Miguel’s lower body got detached from his upper body.  Unfortunately, you read that right.  Kay whined to Tabitha to fix the spell.  She promised that she would use her spells again.  Again, the promise didn’t last long.  She had to use the book again to save Jessica.  This spell brought out a demon who was willing to help Kay for a price.  Tabitha warned her not to let the demon help, but she wouldn’t listen.  She thought it was the only way to save Jessica so she had to make the deal.  She will end up messing up again, but she will want Tabitha to help her.  If we were Tabitha, we wouldn’t help her anymore.  She would be on her own.

Speaking of Kay’s deal with the demon elf, why would she make this deal with him in the first place?  She barely speaks to Jessica now.  She will only be concerned about Jessica when she’s told about her. Any other time, she will forget about her. Jessica has been going through so many things that Kay doesn’t even know about. Kay probably still doesn’t know that Jessica is pregnant or that she thinks that she killed her johns.  Kay has been too wrapped up in herself and Miguel to even care about Jessica, but she’ll use her as an excuse to keep using the powers.

Jared started in on Chad
When Theresa and Jared were talking about what Chad did to Whitney, Jared said Chad wasn’t his favorite person. Really?  When exactly did that happen?  Was it when he was covering up for Chad or when he was lying for him?  Maybe it was while he was keeping Whitney in the dark about Chad’s affair.  We recall him being quite friendly with him even after knowing that Chad was having an affair so why did his opinion change?

The blackmailer will confess
Why is everyone so sure that the blackmailer will confess to what he/she has done to set up Luis?  The blackmailer went to a lot of trouble to set up Luis so why would he/she confess if he/she is caught?  If anything, he/she might deny everything since the police can’t prove that the blackmailer was behind what happened.

Theresa’s advice to Whitney
As we mentioned in the Raves section, we were two-sided about Theresa’s advice to Whitney.  She told Whitney that she should let Chad be a part of her children’s lives.  Wasn’t that hypocritical?  She is denying Ethan the chance to raise little Ethan as his son, yet she told Whitney that she shouldn’t do that to Chad.  Whitney should have thrown that up in her face. 

Whitney doesn’t want Chad around
We completely understand why Whitney doesn’t want Chad to be around her since she caught him having an affair with Vincent earlier this night, but she shouldn’t be against him spending time with Miles.  Miles is still his son so Whitney shouldn’t deprive him of the chance to spend time with him. Even though he is a rotten husband, that doesn’t mean that he’s a rotten father.  He has a right to see his son if he wants. If she keeps depriving him of seeing his son, he may end up taking him from her. He is a Crane so he might use his influence to get full custody of Miles.

Ethan’s attitude towards Gwen
When Gwen gave Ethan his much deserved tongue lashing, he had the gall to act as if Gwen was the only reason why she left.  He obviously forgot that he was in love with Theresa while they were married.  Gwen didn’t just wake up and decide to leave.  She was practically pushed out of the marriage.  She couldn’t take him constantly rushing to Theresa’s side hand over fist.

Here are some random thoughts:

How was Jessica able to survive in her “coffin” when Spike didn’t leave any air holes in it?

Why was Gwen back in Harmony when earlier she said she would never go back to Harmony?  She said she moved on with her life and she didn’t want to be back in Harmony.  Fast forward a few hours later Harmony time and she’s back in Harmony to settle her divorce from Ethan.

Why was Eve mad at Julian for being with Ivy when she told him earlier that they weren’t going to get back together? He practically begged her for another chance, but she turned him down.  Once Valerie said that hr son wanted her to be with Julian, she suddenly considered being back with him.  Julian is not a mind reader so he had no way of knowing that she was ready to give them a second chance.  He was not wrong for moving on with his life.

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