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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #266

6/11/07 Ė 6/15/07

Noah proposed to Paloma
This may seem as if it doesnít belong in this section, but it does.  Noah and Paloma havenít been together that long, yet he proposed to her.  We are not buying that they have this great love and are ready to get married.  He didnít even want to be with her at first, but now he wants to get married.  Also, Noah said that Fancy was the love of his life and he wanted to be with her forever.  Now weíre supposed to believe that he feels this way with Paloma.  We donít see why the writers have to rush these new couples into marriage.  Why have Noah in a position where heís ready to marry Paloma when they have only been together for a short time?  That is another indication that Noah and Paloma are a forced couple.

Ethan told Ivy about getting involved with Julian
Ethan had some nerve warning Ivy about Julian.  He told her that she shouldnít be with him.  That was something coming from him.  He never wants to hear what Ivy has to say to him about staying away from Theresa, yet he thought he could give his two cents about her being with Julian.  He couldnít just leave well enough alone.  Besides, Julian apologized to him earlier that night so why did he badmouth him the way he did?  Ethan certainly knows how to be loyal doesnít he?

Chadís in denial
For some reason, Chad wonít admit that heís either gay or bisexual.  He has to be one or the other.  He canít have it both ways.  He had a point to prove this week when he and Ethan were at the Blue Note.  When Chad thought Ethan considered him gay, he ha to show him that he was straight.  He flirted with a girl and danced with her.  Of course he had to name drop that he was a Crane before she danced with him.  When one woman wasnít enough for him, he had to dance with another woman in addition to the first woman.  He got surprised when Whitney busted him again.  When she walked off, he went chasing after her and swore that he loved only her.  Maybe he needs to see someone because he obviously has a problem.  Eve is supposed to be a psychiatrist too so he should see her.

Sheridan was willing to let Fancy die
As you know, we donít like Fancy so we donít really care that she let the blackmailer try to kill her.  Just kidding. Anywho, Sheridan allowed the blackmailer to get away because she didnít tell Sam that the blackmailer was attacking Fancy.  If she said something, he might have caught the blackmailer.  As tempting as it might have been to see the blackmailer kill Fancy, she should have thought of Luis first.

Miguel should be happy to be free
Leave it to Miguel not to be happy that heís out of prison.  When he was outside with Maria, he was complaining about not being with Kay.  He should have been grateful that he could be with Maria.  Who cares about not being with Kay?  Since we are constantly beaten over the head with the fact that he is so handsome, why is it so hard for him to find someone else?  Apparently, a woman would want to be with him so he should have his pick of the litter.  The bottom line is he should be counting his lucky stars instead of worrying about not being with Kay.

Ivy dumped Julian
Ivy dumped Julian before they got together.  After Ethan opened his big mouth and told her about Julian running Crane, she went ballistic.  She wanted to break up with him because he lied to her about running Crane again.  Technically, he didnít lie to her.  He wasnít given the chance to tell her about it before Ethan sold him out.  She gave him a tongue lashing about him not changing.  Considering what she did to him, she was in no position to get mad at him.  When Julian reminded her of her lie (Ethanís paternity) and how much that lie hurt him, she thought it was good that it hurt him.  Evidently she forgot that she is not innocent when it comes to lies.  She would still be with Sam if she didnít lie and scheme.

Jared insulted Chad
When Jared found out that Chad was busted with Vincent, he called Chad a fool.  Off and on, he kept insulting him for not ending his affair.  Well hew as no better than Chad since he kept Chadís secret.  He lied and covered for Chad.  He had the chance to say something to Whitney, but he didnít.  No matter what his excuse was for not telling Whitney, he should have said something if he thought Chad was so wrong.  He was not right to judge Chad when he went along with Chadís affair.

Here are some random thoughts:

How long is this night going to last?  This night has been going on for weeks.  Even though the cast keeps going through wardrobe changes, the night has still been the same.

Why was Eveís computer so slow?  Any other time, the computer is fast.  When Eve used the computer on her desk to do Fox and little Ethanís DNA test, it was fast.  The computer that Fancy and Sheridan used to check the blackmailerís DNA was slow.  Why was it fast when Eve used it to find out little Ethanís paternity, but it was slow when Fancy and Sheridan wanted to use it to test the blackmailerís DNA?

If thereís one nice guard at the prison, where was he when Luis got beat up?

Why didnít Kay listen to Tabitha when she told her not to use her powers?  She didnít know what she was doing so she should have left well enough alone.  Besides, she still made the deal with Julian to stay away from Miguel, so she still canít be with him even if Fox is cured.

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