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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #265

5/28/07 – 6/1/07

Eve should have known the truth
When Julian was going on a rampage about little Ethan not being his son, Eve claimed she didn’t know who the father was.  That was a major re-write.  Long time Passions viewers know that Eve was the one who told Theresa that Ethan couldn’t be the father.  When Theresa found out she was pregnant, she thought there was a possibility that Ethan could have been the father instead of Julian.  She told Eve her theory.  Eve shot it down by saying it was impossible for Ethan to be the baby’s father because Theresa was on the pill when she slept with Ethan.  Fast forward years later and Eve acted as if she didn’t know that Ethan could have been the father.  Unless she didn’t want Julian to know that she knew Ethan could have been the father, that was a bad re-write.  We didn’t see why the writers needed to rewrite Eve knowing the truth.  Was it so she wouldn’t look like a terrible doctor?  It’s too late for that because she already is one.  If she weren’t, Julian wouldn’t know that he isn’t little Ethan’s father.

Tabitha was visited by the witch’s committee
Talk about a waste of airtime.  The writers could have kept those scenes.  This week, Tabitha got a visit from the witch’s committee.  Tabitha never mentioned a witch’s committee before, but that’s neither here nor there.  The witch’s committee showed up to see if Tabitha is a good witch or a bad witch.  Tabitha had to prove to the committee that she is a bad witch.  By the way, the committee was made up of three bad witches and two good witches.  The bad witches thought Tabitha had gone soft.  The good witches were happy to have Tabitha join them.  Tabitha was against being declared a good witch so she casted a spell to prove that she’s bad witch.  In her attempt to prove that she’s a bad witch, she got caught.  Miguel discovered she’s a witch when she was casting her spell.  Luckily for her, he was stupid enough to walk in her house and announce that he knew she was a witch.  He thought it was his duty to tell everyone that she’s a witch.  Tabitha zapped him to keep him still.  She tried to talk him out of exposing her by reminding him what she’s done for him.  To make a long story short, she zapped him again hoping that he would forget that she’s a witch.  The bad witches weren’t impressed because she didn’t destroy him.  We thought she should have destroyed him.  After everything she has done for him, he was still willing to sell her out.  Sure he was willing to forget about her being a witch, but that was only after Tabitha zapped him.  Anyway, the witches left Tabitha’s house and were going to decide what to declare her.  The scenes were a waste.  Tabitha has been given some bad stories lately.  These past two weeks are an indication of the garbage she has been given.

Chad’s secret was a bit of a letdown
We were expecting a big showdown when Whitney found out about Chad’s affair.  We thought the sh*t was going to hit the fan.  We expected her to yell at Chad and Vincent for betraying her.  She had more of a reaction to Chad cheating before he was caught. Don’t get us wrong.  We think that Brook Kerr did a good job acting wise, but there was something lacking.  She should have been screaming her head off at Chad.  She could have reminded him how she suspected him all along of cheating on her, but he kept denying it.  She could have asked him how he passed the lie detector test when he cheated on her.  Then she should have let him have it for giving her the ultimatum before they got married.  He knew she was insecure about his fidelity, but he made her look like she was crazy for suspecting him.  He was willing to let her go if she didn’t marry him.  The writers missed the mark by not having her bring that up to him.

Ethan had no right to judge
After Chad was busted, he called Ethan to talk to him about what happened.  If you could believe it, Ethan had the nerve to criticize Chad for destroying his family.  He did acknowledge that he cheated on Gwen, but it was practically a throw away comment.  He forgot what he did when he chastised Chad.  Maybe he should have taken his own advice and dealt with his feelings for Theresa instead of marrying Gwen.

Theresa expected Julian not to sell her out
Theresa had some gall expected Julian to keep her secret about little Ethan.  Earlier that day, she tried to throw her weight around with him when he wanted to know about Crane Industries.  She also kept him from being apart of little Ethan’s life, but she used little Ethan as a way to keep Julian from throwing her out of Crane.  Obviously, she thinks it’s okay to treat anyone any way she wants, but they are supposed to help her.  Where was Theresa’s compassions for Julian when he wanted to spend time with little Ethan? It probably wasn’t easy for him to have to ask her to spend time with little Ethan, but he did it.  She wasn’t having it.  She didn’t want Julian anywhere near her son.  He was supposed to understand that because she was protecting her child.  Now that she needs something from him, he’s supposed to help her because she has to protect her brothers.  Everybody’s always supposed to turn the other cheek when it concerns her.

Sheridan and Fancy fought over Luis
Sheridan and Fancy went Round number umpteen with their blame game.  When they were at the prison, Fancy blamed Sheridan for getting her fired as a guard.  She would have been there to protect him from being hurt.  Sheridan shot back by blaming her for him being in prison in the first place.  These two are a piece of work.  Luis could die, but they are concerned with whose fault it is.  If Pilar didn’t put them in their place for what they were doing, they probably would have continued their verbal boxing match.  As we mentioned before, Luis should consider staying away from both of them if he gets out of prison.  They always have their priorities mixed up.

Ethan is the dumbest man alive
We know this is a hard decision, but Ethan has got to be the dumbest man in Harmony.  Actually, he’s possibly the dumbest man alive.  Julian and Theresa practically told him that he is little Ethan’s father, but he couldn’t get it.  Julian kept dropping hints about what Ivy did to him with Ethan.  He brought up little Ethan and his paternity, yet Ethan couldn’t get it.  Julian and/or Theresa should have drawn a picture for Ethan since he couldn’t get what they were arguing about. Theresa needs to be afraid for her children if they take after him since he has the brain cell of a dust ball.

Julian didn’t sell Theresa out
Julian blew a lot of smoke about exposing Theresa.  We wee waiting for it.  We figured he was just giving it the normal buildup before he dropped the bomb.  To our disappointment, he didn’t expose Theresa.  In fact, he allowed her to throw her weight around again.  She said she was in charge of Crane and that justice would never be served for him if he tried to sue her.  She also tried to minimize his importance at Crane as merely a stockholder.  If he exposed little Ethan’s paternity, he could have wiped that smug look off of his face.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why does everyone act as if Chad couldn’t be bi-sexual?  Whenever he says he’s not gay, people tell him that he is.  Hello?! He could be bi-sexual since he wants to have sex with Whitney.

If Spike cares for Jessica the way he said, why was he willing to sell her out to the blackmailer?  Also, since he is framing her for murdering the johns, why did he care that the blackmailer wanted to out Jessica for the murders?

Did the writers lose track of time?  This is the same night that Gwen was tied to a bed, yet now she’s free and talking about how she’s with someone new.  This is also the same day when Jessica “killed” the john, but Paloma said it was a few days ago.

When is Ethan going to check his cell phone?  If he did, he would know that Miguel was free and Luis’s execution was pushed up sooner than expected.

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