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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #264

5/21/07 – 5/25/07

Theresa pushed her luck
When Ethan and Theresa had the blackmailer trapped in the Crane mausoleum, she chose to get smart with the blackmailer.  She kept yelling at him/her and called the blackmailer a freak.  Then she got cocky and told the blackmailer that Ethan wants her and not the “freak”.  She would have been sick if the blackmailer exposed her secret right then and there.  That would have taught her for getting smart.  She wasn’t in a position to be getting smart when the blackmailer had a huge secret over her.

Paloma wanted to arrest Chad
Noah confided in Paloma about Chad shooting at Vincent.  Paloma said she wouldn’t arrest him because he was a friend.  Noah was hesitant to tell her, but he gave in and told her about the shooting at the motel.  After Noah told about the shooting, Paloma said she had to arrest Chad.  We couldn’t believe it either.  She felt she had to arrest him because someone could have gotten hurt.  If she felt that strongly about someone getting hurt, why didn’t she arrest Jessica for killing the john?  We know that Spike is probably the one who killed the johns, but Paloma doesn’t know that.  As far as she knows, Jessica is guilty.   Why didn’t she arrest her?  Paloma went the extra mile and helped her get rid of the body.  She did this one or two days ago Harmony time, but she didn’t want to arrest Jessica.  This point may seem moot now since she didn’t arrest him, but it was glaring that she felt Chad should have been arrested for shooting at Vincent, but she let Jessica get away with murder.

Miguel doesn’t know what he wants
When he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life in prison, he told to stay with Fox and make a life with him and Maria.  Kay kept refusing to stay with Fox, but Miguel kept insisting that she stay with Fox.  Once Julian was able to get him out of prison, he was ready to be back with Kay.  He didn’t care that he told her to move on with Fox.  What if she did move on with him?  Was she supposed to forget about that and be with him?  Miguel really has some nerve.

While we’re on the subject of Miguel, he acts as if it’s supposed to be so easy for Kay to break Fox’s heart.  He’s not in Kay’s position so it’s really easy for him to tell Fox the truth.  He’s not the one who allegedly loves Fox.  Kay is the one who allegedly loves him.

Endora’s sleepover
Endora had a sleepover with some of her friends from school.  While Tabitha and the girls’s mothers were in the kitchen, Endora used her magic.  When the girls were bored, Endora used her magic to turn them into teenagers.  They were partying on what looked like a beach, but was really Tabitha’s living room.  Tabitha had to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to cover up what Endora did.  Those scenes were a waste.  The older version of the girls as well as their mothers were terrible actresses and it ruined the scenes.  The scenes were bad enough, but their acting made them worse.

Fox must be a fool
It’s really unbelievable to us that Fox would want to stay with Kay.  He saw how busted up she was about having to give up Miguel, yet he still wanted to be with her.  You would think that he would have a little pride and tell her to be with Miguel.  It wouldn’t be losing if he gave her up to Miguel.

Chad brought his troubles on himself
Chad has no one to blame but himself for why Vincent set him up to be caught.  If Chad didn’t threaten Vincent, he might not have set him up.  Also, he shouldn’t have rejected him the way he did.  Chad would have been better off sneaking around with Vincent.  His secret might have been safe if he did.  Instead, Chad had to show what a big man he was by attacking him.

Sheridan and Fancy need to stay away from Luis
What is it going to take for Sheridan and Fancy to leave Luis alone?  All they do is cause trouble for him.  Fancy couldn’t stay with Luis and have a roll with him.  She obviously forgot about her nanny cam and got busted.  Sheridan saw them together on Fancy’s nanny cam.  That was a neat trick considering Sheridan broke the laptop, but that’s neither here nor there.  Once Sheridan saw Fancy and Luis rolling around in the bed, she called the prison and got Fancy fired.  A guard caught Luis and Fancy together and threw Fancy out. The warden gave orders that Luis get assigned to the general ward instead of solitary confinement.  The guard said the ward is going to lose privileges because of Luis.  There’s a possibility that he won’t make it out alive.  If Fancy and Sheridan left hi alone, none of this had to happen.  They couldn’t respect his wishes and stay away from him.  They had to be selfish and be with him anyway.  Luis would be better off without either one of them.

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