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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #263

5/14/07 Ė 5/18/07

Amyís mother was so cruel to Amy
We felt so sorry for Amy.  She is Endoraís friend.  Amy and Endora saw each other at the zoo.  Tabitha was really nice to Amy and was looking forward to meeting her mother.  Mrs. Bradley (Amyís mother) turned out to be a horrible person.  Maybe she wasnít a horrible person, but she was a horrible mother.  She said the most awful things.  She all but called the girl a burden.  All Amy wanted to do was spend time with her mother, but Mrs. Bradley couldnít be bothered. She wouldnít have even been with Amy if the nanny showed up.  It was heartbreaking seeing the little girlís face when she said that her mother wishes she were never born.  It was awful.  Luckily, Endora taught her a lesson.  We did have a problem with the lesson Endora taught Mrs. Bradley.  Weíll discuss that next.

Endora taught Mrs. Bradley a lesson
Endora had had enough of the way Mrs. Bradley was treating Amy so she wanted to teach her a lesson.  She zapped Mrs. Bradley in the cage with a gorilla.  The gorilla was a talking gorilla that tried to talk her into being a better mother to Amy.  Our problem with this lesson was the fact that Mrs. Bradley could have been killed in the cage.  Sure it was a talking gorilla, but what if it werenít a talking gorilla?  Also, a zookeeper almost shot her with a tranquilizer when Endora turned her into a gorilla.  Luckily for Mrs. Bradley, Tabitha was able to keep the zookeeper from shooting her with the tranquilizer.  If Endora wanted to teach her a lesson, why couldnít she use her powers to turn her into a better mother?

Speaking of Endora teaching Mrs. Bradley a lesson, she needs to teach other people a lesson on how to be better mothers.  Theresa, Whitney, and Kay could be taught lessons too. They are never with their children.  We donít even remember the last time Theresa has been with Jane.  She has barely been around little Ethan.  If she spent any time with little Ethan, he wouldnít be lonely.  All Whitney and Kay ever do is pass their kids off on babysitters.  The last thing Whitney needs is another baby when she doesnít want to spend time with the one baby she has.

Kay tried to justify her actions with Miguel
Maybe it was just us, but we donít think Kay was right to have her affair with Miguel.  She told Julian, at Chadís party, that she couldnít help falling in love with Miguel.  She also had the gall to say that it wasnít fair for her to have to stay with a man she doesnít completely love.  That was so rich of her.  She knew she was in love with Miguel when she married Fox, but she went through with the wedding anyway.  She was so sure that Fox would let her go if he knew she loved Miguel.  If she really believed, that, why didnít she tell him she was in love with Miguel before she got married?  None of this mess had to happen if she did.  She and Miguel might be together if she told Fox how she felt.  Now weíre expected to feel sorry for her because Fox is scheming to keep her from Miguel.  We donít think so.

Fox is going to all this trouble for nothing
Why would Fox want to be with Kay?  She gives him no reason to want to stay with her.  During Chadís party, he overheard her telling Julian how much she loves Miguel.  That should have been an eye opener for him that he needs to give up on his life with Kay.  Thereís no needs to scheme in order to keep a woman who doesnít love him.  This is so obviously a Crane trait since Sheridan is the same way.

Ethan and Theresa scenes at Chadís party
These two are so sick.  They couldnít even control their hormones for one night so they could be there for Chad and Whitney.  Ethan barely sees Chad as it is, yet he couldnít stay for the party.  He had to plan another sex session with Theresa.  He just had sex with her that morning so why did he need to be with her again?  Maybe he needs to see someone about his obsession with sex.

Theresa was even worse than Ethan.  She should have been at the party with Whitney.  When she and Whitney were planning the party, Whitney told her that she was going to announce her pregnancy to Chad.  If Theresa was so happy for her, why wasnít she there to share the news with her?  She could have made Ethan wait to have sex with her.  No one else felt the need to have sex during the party so she didnít have to be with him.  That was a terrible thing to do to her best friend.  We have read some posts by Theresa fans who crucify Whitney for being a bad friend to Theresa.  That may be true sometimes, but Theresa can be a bad friend to Whitney as well.  Her stunt at Chadís party was an indication of how bad a friend she can be to Whitney.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why isnít Endora able to speak yet?  She should be about the same age as Amy, yet she isnít talking.

Why wasnít TC invited to Chadís party?  He didnít have to babysit for Myles.

Speaking of Myles, why wasnít he at the party?  Chad is his father so he could have been there.  He didnít have to stay long, but he could have made an appearance.

Did Vincent really expect Chad to stay faithful to him?  If Chad stopped having sex with Whitney, she would have been suspicious of him.

Why was Paloma obsessed with the shooting at the sleazy motel? Shouldnít she be worried about the dead johns?

Why was Fancy able to recognize Sheridan with her back to her nanny cam, but she didnít recognize her when she looked in her face?

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