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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #262

5/7/07 Ė 5/11/07

Ethan got drunk over Theresa
Are we supposed to feel sorry for Ethan because he has to see Theresa with Jared?  The poor baby (sarcasm) had to get himself in a drunken stupor because Theresa has to have Jaredís baby.  He knows that the blackmailer wants her to do it so what was the sense of getting drunk over it?  He should accept it the way he expected her to except him being with Gwen.  Instead of pining over Theresa, he should have been concentrating on Luis and Miguelís appeals.  He knows that they are relying on him to get them out of jail, but he chose to get drunk and go after Theresa.  Who would want him as a lawyer?  Luis and Miguel might be better off with Jared as their lawyer.

Jessica made Paloma put her job on the line
Jessica used emotional blackmail to get Paloma to help her get rid of the dead john.  Paloma wanted to turn her in, but Jessica through up her baby in her face.  She knew that Paloma would give in if she said Spike would have her baby.  Paloma predictably gave in to her blackmail, and risked her career to help her.  If we were Paloma, we wouldnít have risked our career to help Jessica.  Paloma and Simone kept trying to get her to leave Spike, but she wouldnít do it.  She went off with Spike.  Once she gets in trouble, she expects them to come to her aid.  It might do Jessica good to get turned in.  She wouldnít have to deal with Spike.

Why does Fox bother fighting for Kay
What is the point of Fox relentlessly fighting for Kay?  She is painfully obvious that she doesnít want to be with him, yet he still wants to be with her.  He overheard her tell Tabitha that she wants to be with Miguel and he still wants her.  He saw her fawning over Miguel at the prison hospital, but he wants her.  Unless he wanted her to stay with him in order to keep her from Miguel, we donít see why heís bothering.  HE should just count up his losses and move on with his life.  How many times does he have to see her be more concerned with Miguel before he realizes that she doesnít want to be with him?  He needs to let her go so he can find a woman who loves him.

Why is Fancy such a homophobe
She was really making a big deal out of Luis possibly being gay when she saw him with ďanother manĒ.  She kept saying how gross it was for him to be with a man.  She also said that it was worse for him to cheat with a man than a woman.  Well maybe that would be worse so letís forget about that part.  Letís get back to how she thought it was gross for Luis to be with a man.  Why is it so gross?  Who else would Luis fall for in prison?  Itís not as if there were any women in the prison so it would have been a man.  We know that he wasnít with a man, but we are going by Fancyís reasoning.  Anyway, the writers are making Fancy come off like sheís homophobic when she says how disgusting it is for Luis to be gay.  Why didnít she just go up to Simone and tell her how gross she is for preferring women to men?  It would have been no different from what she did to Luis when she thought he was gay.  This rant was probably too nitpicky, but it needed to be addressed.

Fancy was such a baby
This isnít news, but it needed to be addressed too.  We were ready to throw something at Fancy when she whined to Esme about Luis cheating on her.  We had to put up with that whining at least two times this week and it drove us bananas.  If she was so upset that Luis cheated on her, why didnít she confront him when she first saw it?  Then she would have known that hew as with Sheridan and not another man.  No wonder Esme could care less about her problem.  Once youíve heard a million of them, youíve heard them all.  Thereís one more thing to add.  Esme shouldnít have had to tell Fancy to confront Luis about what she saw.  If Fancy had her way, she would have cried and whined about it forever.

Kay forgot about Fox
When Pilar called Kay and told her about Miguel getting beat up, she wanted to rush to his side.  Fox had to practically force himself to go with her.  Once she got to the prison hospital, she practically forgot about Fox.  She was hugged up on Miguel as if Fox was an after thought.  When she finally did acknowledge Fox, she practically dismissed him.  She had to make sure that Miguel was okay.  Pilar was at the hospital at that point so she didnít need to stay there.  When Julian and Fox pointed out that Pilar would make sure that Miguel was okay, that wasnít good enough for Kay.  She had to make sure for herself that he was okay.  She didnít care what Fox wanted.  Then she went back in Miguelís room and forgot about him again.  Why doesnít she put him out of his misery and divorce him?  She would be better off divorcing him instead of leading him on.

Theresa canít stay away from Ethan
What is it going to take for Theresa to stay away from Ethan?  She actually did what the blackmailer wanted and had sex with Jared.  She even had to have sex in her room to show the blackmailer that she did what she was supposed to do.  She almost made the winners section since she did what she was told, but that didnít last long.  She allowed Ethan to seduce her again.  Itís as if her brothers donít mean anything to her.  Sure she can say 100 times a day that she doesnít want them to suffer in prison, but you wouldnít know it by her actions.  She proves that Ethan means more to her than Luis and Miguel.  If that werenít true, she would resist the urge of being with Ethan instead of giving in to temptation.

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