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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #261

4/30/07 Ė 5/4/07

The writers rewrote Luis and Antonioís story
This week, Luis saw what he thought was a ghost of Antonio at the prison.  Antonio gave him a new mattress and sheets because his other ones were wet and dirty. Luis wondered who he was at first.  When he figured it out, Antonio told him that he was a good brother.  That was weird considering they were on the outs before Antonio died.  Luis is a good brother to Theresa, Miguel, and Paloma, but he wasnít exactly a good one to Antonio.  He did everything he could to break up Antonio and Sheridanís marriage.  Now all of a sudden Antonio is going to consider Luis a good brother?  Why didnít Antonio visit Miguel?  He was in prison too.  This rant may be nitpicky, but we thought it was odd for Antonio to want to visit Luis after everything that happened between them.

Sheridan got Spikeís help
When Sheridan wanted to find a way to get in the prison to see Luis, she got Spikeís help.  That was the last thing she needed to do.  She should know what scum Spike is, yet she took the chance of working with him.  Whatís to keep him from blackmailing her?  While weíre on the subject, did you notice how she called him without looking up his number?  She shouldnít even know his number unless sheís used it before.  This leads us to believe that she possibly hired him to attack Fancy.  We suspected it before, but we didnít touch on it because there wasnít any proof that they knew each other.  Now that she said heís worked for her, it stands to reason that she hired him to attack Fancy.  Is she that desperate to get Luis back that she will get help from Spike?

Evianís not looking for their son
Since they know that heís in Harmony, why arenít they looking for their son?  They donít need to just rely on Valerie.  They could do some detective work too.  Julian could hire a private detective to look for their son.  It would be a great way for them to have a story, but the writers choose to drop the ball.

Eve wanted Sam to forgive Ivy
We thought it was strange of Eve to convince Sam to forgive Ivy.  Ivy was partially responsible for the death of her best friend, yet she wanted Sam to forgive her.  Ivy also blackmailed her and threatened to expose her, but she defended her to Sam.  If anything, she should have stopped Sam from wanting to be with Ivy.  At first we thought it was to keep Ivy from Julian, but if that were true, she wouldnít have dumped Julian for good.

Eve and Samís reaction to catching Julian and Ivy
We understood their shock of catching Julian and Ivy in bed together.  They were excited to tell Julian and Ivy that they wanted to get back together so they rushed into the mansion and got the shock of their lives.  They saw Julian and Ivy in bed together.  Now hereís where we had the problem with Eve and Samís reactions.  They werenít officially couples yet so they didnít really have a right to be mad.  Technically, Julian and Ivy didnít do anything wrong.  As far as they knew Eve and Sam didnít want to be back with them so they were free to sleep with each other.  Weíre not trying to justify their actions, but they didnít really betray Eve and Sam.  If Eve and Sam gave them any indication that they were getting back together, then we could see why they were upset.

Pilar told Ethan to stay away from Theresa
When Ethan told Pilar how the blackmailer wanted him and Theresa not to be together, Pilar told him to do as the blackmailer wanted.  He was supposed to stay away from her Theresa for the sake of her sons.  That was all well and good, but where was Theresaís warning to stay away from Ethan?  Theresa is just as responsible for what the blackmailer did, but Pilar didnít warn her to stay away from Ethan.  Besides, the blackmailer isnít threatening Ethan.  He/She is threatening Theresa so if anybody needed to be warned, itís her.

Fancy is such a baby
After she caught Luis kissing his cellmate, she went high tailing back to the mansion.  She went to a lot of trouble to see Luis.  She used a brown wig and glasses to fool the police guards into thinking she was a woman named Faye who wanted a job.  Lucky for her it worked.  She got to be the guard in his cell black.  When she got here, she saw Luis kissing his cellmate.  Instead of staying there and finding out what happened, she chose to run off.  She went back to the mansion and cried and whined about it to Esme.  Why canít she ever confront people when they mess up?  She always runs away and cries to whoever will listen to her.  No wonder she always gets the wrong idea about things.

Here are some random thoughts:

How did Pilar know that Theresa was married when she wasnít there for the wedding?  Speaking of, why wasnít she invited to the wedding?  Even Julian and Ivy were there, but she wasnít.

Why were people fooled by Sheridan and Fancyís disguises?  They still looked like themselves, yet people were fooled.  Sheridan really looked like herself since all she had on was fake facial hair.  Even with the fake goatee, she still looked the same.

We would like to thank Audrey and DonnyDarko from the TV MegaSite Forum for bringing this thought to our attention again.  We were curious about it, but they reminded us about it again.  Why is Simone able to talk to Paloma, but she didnít want anything to do with Theresa?  You would think that she would be just as upset with Paloma as she is with Theresa.   Luis is Palomaís brother too so why is she still friends with he?  Simone may not be friends with Theresa, but she sure put her in her place at Raeís funeral.  Why not do the same thing to Paloma?

When are Ethan and Theresa going to do anything to help Luis and Miguel?  Everyone keeps saying that they are going to help them, but they arenít doing a thing.

When is Maria going to school?  She should be around Endoraís age, yet she still isnít in school.

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