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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #260

4/23/07 Ė 4/27/07

Chadís priorities were mixed up
When Chad found out that Vincent ďbeat upĒ Valerie, he told her to go to him for help.  She wanted to call the police and have Vincent arrested. He stopped her and told her it would be bad for business.  That was complete garbage.  Chad would rather risk Valerie getting hurt by Vincent than have his affair exposed.  He doesnít know that Valerie is possibly working with (or possibly is) Vincent, but he would be willing to live with Vincent hurting her.  Heís a great friend, isnít he?

Theresa was with Ethan again
The two of them know that the blackmailer is always watching them, yet they took the risk of sleeping together again.  They were also going to take the risk of being a couple.  They didnít care what the blackmailer wanted.  Ethan was foolish enough to think that the blackmailer has done all that they were going to do so it was safe to be together.  Theresa, looking for any excuse to be with Ethan, agreed with him.  She said she was going to divorce Jared and be with him.  She must have forgotten that the blackmailer still knows about little Ethan being Ethanís son.  How was she going to help her brothers if she went against what the blackmailer wanted?  Did she really think that the blackmailer would allow her to be with Ethan and save her brothers without exposing her dirty little secret?

Sheridan, Fancy, and Kay thought of themselves
When Luis and Miguel were convicted, all three of them cared about were themselves.  They didnít care that Luis and Miguel were going to be executed and in prison.  We shouldnít have been focused on the three of them losing the loves of their lives.  They will find love again.  Luis and Miguel may not be free since Theresa canít get her act together.

Kay had ďgreatĒ timing
Kay had ďgreatĒ timing when she told Fox the truth.  She waited good until Fox got his ďtreatmentĒ in order to say something.  She also waited until Miguel was sentenced to life in prison to want to tell Fox the truth.  Why didnít she tell him about her love for Miguel before when Miguel kept telling her to say something?  None of this mess had to happen if she said something sooner.  Fox wouldnít have had to go to so much trouble to keep her if she didnít marry him.  She could have been with Miguel sooner.

Miguel wanted Kay to be with Fox
Heís so selfish isnít he?  When Kay went to see Miguel, he told her to stay with Fox.  He wanted her to make a life with Fox and Maria.  How generous of him.  If he left her alone in the first place, he wouldnít be in prison.  Now that he canít be with her, sheís free to be with Fox.  Itís stuff like that that makes it easier to root for Miguel.

Fancy quit the force
She told Sam that she wanted to quit the force.  She couldnít deal with the memories so she wanted to leave.  That was proof that she didnít care about being a cop the way she said.  It was just an excuse for her to be near Luis.  If she stayed on the force, she might have been able to clear his name.  She might have been able to find her rapist.  Instead, she took the cowardís way out by quitting.  It isnít going to do Luis any good if she quits.  Besides, Paloma is Luisís sister and she didnít feel the need to quit.  This isnít the writers way of telling us that Fancy cares more about Luis than Paloma is it?  If Fancy is going to be bothered by memories of Luis, when is she going to leave Harmony?

Theresa angered the blackmailer
We know that we put Theresa standing up to the blackmailer as a Rave, but we also had a problem with her doing that.  She kept pushing her luck with the blackmailer when she could have tried to get away from him/her. She had plenty of opportunities to try and get the knife or leave the room. She chose to stay there and yell at the blackmailer.  She was dealing with a crazy person. Why would she go out of her way to anger the person who controls her brothers' lives?  The last thing she needed to do was anger the blackmailer even more by calling him/her names. She took a really stupid risk by doing that.

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