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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #259

4/16/07 Ė 4/20/07

The case was wrapped up too quickly
Luis and Miguelís trials could have led to good stories, but that didnít happen.  The writers rushed through their cases.  The trials lasted for a few days.  That didnít make any sense at all.  We thought that the cases were going to last longer than they did.  We actually wanted to see their cases.  Everything was wrapped up so quickly.  We didnít get to see too much of Miguelís case.  The bulk of the trials were about Luis.  Also, where were Eve, Sam, and Simoneís testimonies?  They could have testified to make Luis look guilty.  Why didnít Grace talk to them? They would have proven her case against him.  Also, she could have talked to Kay since Miguel admitted to fighting with Fox in front of her.  That would have made him look guilty too. If the writers let the cases last longer than they did, it would have given more characters a chance to be on the show. Who knows what might have been revealed at the trials? It would also give us a chance to see whether Ethan really could try a case.

What does Sheridan want from Luis and Chris
Sheridan blurted out her feelings for Luis in court last week.  She claimed that she wouldnít love anyone but Luis.  That was great to hear.  Well, the second she realized that Chris heard what she said, she wanted to make things right with him.  When she spoke to Chris, she tried to downplay what she meant when she said she only loved Luis.  She was begging Chris to stay with her.  Does she really think she can have both of them?  What would she have done if Luis did want her back?  Would she have dated him while she was married to Chris?  She is just like Ethan.  The writers should find a way to make them a couple.  They are just alike.  They expected to keep their spouses while they were in love with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  Anyway, Sheridan had plenty of chances to get back together with Luis, but she wouldnít leave Chris.  She was too afraid to hurt Chris, but she had no problem hurting Luis.  Itís no wonder that Chris finally wanted to take James and leave her.,  Luis also told her that he wanted to be with Fancy.  As must as we hate the idea of Luis and Fancy being a couple, what else was he supposed to do?  Was he supposed to remain alone for the rest of his life?  Was he supposed to wait until she came to her senses and left Chris?  That would never have happened unless Chris left her first.  Maybe thatís what Sheridan wanted.  We remember that she wanted him to die not too long ago.  Now that Chris has left her, she expects Luis to just run right back to her.  It doesnít work that way Sheridan. 

Luis didnít blame Fancy
We donít understand why he didnít blame Fancy for causing him to be found guilty.  She went for a record blaming herself, but he told her it wasnít her fault.  Did we miss something?  If she had stayed away from Luis, he might not have been framed.  Also, if she lied on the witness stand, then he wouldnít have been convicted.  She could have said that Luis didnít rape her and that someone else was in the room with her.  If he was going to blame Sheridan for what happened, then he should have blamed Fancy too.

Theresa and Ethan signed Luisís death warrant
Luis and Miguel were found guilty this week.  Miguelís case would have been pushed up whether the blackmailer made it happen or not.  Fox wanted him to go to jail, but Luis might have had a fighting chance if it werenít for Theresa and Ethan.  They just had to have sex with each other when the blackmailer didnít want them to do it.  Theresa needs to hate herself for the rest of her life for what she did to her brothers.  Well, Miguel is the one responsible for why he was set up in the first place.  Luis is the one who really suffered because of Theresa and Ethanís carelessness.  Theresa was his only way out of that mess and she blew it.  Itís not as if she didnít know that either.  She said that so many times and so did everyone else.  Why did she even bother marrying Jared to save her brothers if she was going to end up messing up anyway?  She could have just put her happiness first.  Right, she did that already.  She kept crying and saying how it was all her fault, but obviously she wasnít too busted up about that.  Not too long after Luis and Miguelís fates were sealed, she ended up kissing Ethan again. She and Ethan were on the verge of having sex again. She really proved that she regretted what happened to them didnít she?  She will never learn. Now the blackmailer will probably push up Luis execution date because she wonít stay away from Ethan.

Was it worth it to Whitney?
She couldnít wait to tell Valerie about Vincent.  Well, she finally did it.  She told her the truth and Valerie confronted Vincent about it.  He ended up beating her when she wanted to dump him.  Itís too bad Chad told Valerie not to say anything to Whitney.  She needed to feel guilty for sticking her nose where it didnít belong.  Lucky for Whitney, itís a safe assumption that Vincent and Valerie set up the fight that Chad heard.  We donít think that he really hit her. 

Here are some random thoughts:

Kay was hanging around Miguel once again.  Since she still hasnít told Fox that she wants to leave him then she shouldnít have been by Miguelís side. She is one of the worst wives on the show.

Is anyone else sick of Chris acting like a victim?  He must have forgotten that he was hired to keep Shuis apart, but then he wanted to leave Sheridan when the plan didnít work.  Are we supposed to feel sorry for him?

Paloma should lose her job.  She was supposed to be on duty, but she was spending time with Noah.  She was also drinking while she was on duty.  Itís too bad that Sam or Pilar didnít walk in on her fooling around with Noah.

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