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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #258

4/9/07 Ė 4/13/07

Samís comments to Jessica
What was with Sam this week?  Jessica found out that sheís pregnant.  She was going to tell Sam about it, but he cut her off.  He ended up telling her how itís good that she didnít get pregnant.  He was really carrying on about that.  He should have realized that it was a possibility that Jessica could get pregnant.  Thanks to Sam making those comments to Jessica, she wonít tell him that sheís pregnant.

Kay was on the wrong side
Did Kay forget that she isnít married to Miguel?  She must have because she strolled up at the courthouse with Miguel as if they were a couple.  We were surprised that Fox didnít question her about being at the courthouse with Miguel.  Since she hasnít told Fox the truth yet, she shouldnít be going out in public with Miguel.  She even went so far as to expect Fox to help keep Miguel out of prison.  She begged him to testify that he was wrong about Miguel being behind the wheel of the car that hit Fox.  Why would he help her lover stay out of prison?

Whitney was obsessed again
Once again Whitney was obsessed with telling Valerie the truth about Vincentís affair.  Vincentís affair is none of her business.  She doesnít know about Chad yet so she has no reason to care so much about whatís going on in Vincentís life.  He doesnít want Valerie to know about his affair and he would do anything to stop her.  He tried to kill her to stop her from opening her mouth.  Weíre not surprised that he wanted to do something to stop her.  She spent the entire week talking about telling Valerie the truth.  She was talking about Valerie getting mad if she found out how long Whitney knew about the affair.  Valerie never has to know that she knew about it.  Whitney is going to regret sticking her nose in other peopleís business.

Whereís Pilar
Her sons are going through a horrible ordeal and she wasnít there.  They were in court for their cases, but she didnít show up.  She claimed that she was so worried about what was going to happen to them, but she didnít show up at the courthouse.  There is no way that she didnít know about Luis and Miguelís cases.  Almost everyone else in Harmony knew that their trials were pushed up so she should have known too.  She wasnít there to know that they were found guilty.  This is very suspicious.  What kind of mother would stay away from her sonís trials?  Is it possible that Pilar could be the blackmailer?  She is never around while the blackmailer is talking to Theresa.  She didnít want Theresa with Ethan before she found out that little Ethan is his son.  The blackmailer said that he/she knows all about Theresa.  Pilar knows Theresa so she could be the one blackmailing her.  Pilar also chose not to show up to court to support her sons.  Is it possible that Pilar could have flipped out?  We think that would be a good twist if Pilar ended up being the blackmailer.  That would be better than Alistair being the blackmailer or someone who hasnít been on the show that long.

The secret about Pretty
Wasnít that one of the worst kept secrets?  That one is right up there with the secret of what was in TCís shed.  Grace grilled Sheridan about what happened between Fancy and Pretty.  Sheridan said that Fancy told Prettyís boyfriend a lie about her so she left town.  That was the big secret?  Fancy told Prettyís boyfriend a lie?!  That was a real let down.  Weíre not sure what else Sheridan said because Passions was interrupted for news coverage on John Corzineís car accident.  We can only go by what we saw.  Sheridan and Fancy were making such big deals about Pretty.  We knew that it was going to be something little, but we were hoping that we were wrong.  That was a secret that could have stayed hidden.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why were Luis and Miguelís trials the same day?  They werenít on trial for the same thing so they should have had separate days.

Why did Ethan feel that he couldnít discredit Fancyís testimony, but he was able to do that to Sheridan?  It might have helped Luisís case if he discredited Fancy.

Why didnít Ethan question people regarding Miguelís case?  He was on trial too.

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