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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #257

4/2/07 Ė 4/6/07

Someone please slap Simone
Is anyone else getting sick of Simone whining about Luis being the killer?  We know that Simone is grieving, but she needs to stop whining.  She has known Luis all of her life so she should know that Luis wouldnít have killed Rae.  You donít have to be Sherlock Holmes or even Columbo to know that Luis is being framed.  Sheís not even willing to give Luis the benefit of the doubt.  She would rather see him die.  If this is what we have to look forward to, then maybe itís a good thing that she doesnít get that much air time.  We certainly donít want to keep hearing Simone constantly blaming Luis for what happened to Rae.

Noah and Palomaís scenes
We are sorry to offend any Noah and Paloma fans, but their scenes were incredibly boring.  They were also vomit inducing.  We donít understand the point of making them a couple.  The writers donít even care enough about them to flesh out their story.  Itís as if they became a couple overnight.  We still donít even know when Noah officially fell for Paloma.  They flirted with each other in a few episodes and then thatís it.  That is not enough to make us want to see them become a couple.  With any luck, we wonít have to endure seeing more scenes like the ones we saw this week.  When Noah and Paloma about his ďconditionĒ, we really thought we were going to lose it.  He took so long just to tell her that he loved her.  It was really sickening.

Whitney was obsessed with telling Whitney the truth
What was with Whitney this week?  She kept driving it home that she had to tell Valerie the truth about Vincentís affair.  Why is it any of her business?  What Vincent does to Valerie is his business.  She kept making such a big deal about how wrong he was for cheating on Valerie.  Hello, Whitney.  Your best friend did the same thing to Jared and you were giving her your blessing.  Why is she so high and mighty as far as Vincent and Valerie are concerned?  Why is it okay for Theresa to cheat on Jared, but Vincent canít do that to Valerie?  Also, since when has Whitney been such a cheerleader for Valerie?  She hated her not too long ago, but now she feels itís her duty to tell her about Vincentís affair.  Sheís going to get enough sticking her nose in other peopleís business.

Chadís behavior towards Whitney
While weíre on the subject of Whitney, letís move on to what Chadís doing to her.  Heís cheating on her with Vincent, but he is acting as if sheís being paranoid.  When she told him how she doubted him again and went to the motel to look for him, he made it seem as if she was crazy.  He knows that Whitneyís suspicions about him are right so he shouldnít go overboard trying to make her look like the bad guy.  He is really going to look like an idiot when he is finally exposed for cheating on Whitney.

Ethan wants Theresa to break her vows
Can you believe this hypocrite?  He expected Theresa to forget about her marriage vows to Jared, but he didnít want to do that to Gwen.  It would be impossible to count up the number of times that Theresa wanted Ethan to be with her while he was with Gwen.  She even begged him to be his mistress.  He refused to do that because he was married to Gwen.  Now that Theresaís married, he doesnít care about vows.  When Theresa told him about the way he was when he was with Gwen, he didnít care.  We wonder if Ethan would be acting like this if Gwen didnít leave him.  He wasnít talking about being with Theresa so much before she left town.  What is he going to do when Gwen comes back?  Weíll see if Ethan really does want to be with Theresa.

Theresa messed up again
Does Theresa really want to help Luis and Miguel?  The answer becomes more obvious with every move that she makes.  She decided to call the blackmailerís bluff and have sex with Ethan again.  She must have forgotten that the blackmailer is watching her every move.  She has said many times that the blackmailer knows what she does before she does it, but she was with Ethan anyway.  The blackmailer told her to stay away from Ethan because he/she wanted Ethan.  Obviously, she didnít want to help Luis and Miguel the way she said she did.  If she did, then she wouldnít have messed up by being with Ethan again.  Theresa, when you know that the person blackmailing you is watching you, donít do the opposite of what he/she wants.  All she did was anger the blackmailer and Luis and Miguel had to pay the price.  Itís too bad that the blackmailer didnít have something else hanging over Theresaís head.  That way he/she could have made Theresa pay without taking his/her actions out on Luis and Miguel.  If Theresaís life were the one on the line, she probably wouldnít have taken such a stupid risk like that. 

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