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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #256

3/26/07 Ė 3/30/07

What is Theresa doing to help Luis and Miguel
Everyone under the sun keeps saying how Theresa has the power to help her brothers.  Well, what is she doing to help them?  She has not done much to help them.  All sheís been doing is talking about helping them.  Since she has the Crane money and power, why hasnít she bribed the judge to drop the charges against Luis and Miguel?  Why is it possible that Luis is facing the death penalty?  What is the point of Theresa having the money and power if they are still going to suffer for what they are accused of?  She should have been on the phone with every judge and threw her weight around to make sure that her brothers didnít get convicted.  When she wanted to keep Ethan from leaving Harmony, she went so far as to threaten to kill people if she didnít get what she wanted.  What happened to her?  This would be the time for her to throw her weight around to help Luis and Miguel.

Pick a side, Whitney
Whose side is Whitney on these days? When Jared arrived in town, she practically forced Theresa on to him.  Fast forward some months, and now Whitney wants Theresa to be with Ethan.  What does she want?  She knows that Theresa has to marry Jared to keep her brothers out of prison, but she still keeps telling her to be with Ethan.  Itís really starting to make us suspicious of her motives.  Could she be involved in whatís going on with Theresa?  Maybe she wants her son to get the Crane money and she could be mad that little Ethan has it.  You never know.  We also wanted to add that Whitney is always on the opposite side of what Theresa wants to do.  Itís like clockwork.  When Theresa wanted Ethan, Whitney told her to be with Jared.  Now that Theresa has to be with Jared, she wants her to be with Ethan.

When is Ethan going to help Miguel
Ethan hasnít done anything to help Miguel.  Miguel is in trouble too, but Ethan only seems worried about Luisís case.  Miguelís case is practically open and shut so Ethan should be working on a defense for him.  Fox said he saw Miguel driving the car so Ethan should be looking in to that.  Luisís case is bad too, but he wasnít positively identified.  Just because Miguel isnít facing death, that doesnít mean that Ethan shouldnít be working on his case too.

Fancy was the one who got Luis in trouble
She couldnít stand the fact that Luis could have been with Sheridan so she sold him out.  Why couldnít she just leave him alone?  She wasnít the least bit sorry about what she did to Luis until she realized that he wasnít sleeping with Sheridan.  She even suspected that he could have been the one who attacked her if he could lie about being with Sheridan.  All of a sudden, she wanted him to escape and prove his innocence because she didnít want him to die.  Well if it werenít for her, he wouldnít have been back in jail in the first place. 

The writers want to romanticize Kaguelís affair
Weíre sorry, but weíre not buying Kay and Miguel as this great romantic couple.  They insist on sneaking around behind Foxís back and itís wrong.  Miguel took Kay up to the hospital roof to have a romantic dinner with her.  They ended up making out while they were on the roof.  She practically begged Miguel to make love to her.  She is certainly the dutiful wife, isnít she?  She forgot all about her ďdyingĒ husband.  The writers can have Miguel surprise Kay with romantic dinners all they want, but we still donít think they make a good couple.

Fox didnít confront Kay and Miguel
He caught them on the roof together, but he didnít do anything.  He just stood there and watched them.  He must be crazy to do that.  He should have stopped them by confronting them.  We wanted to see the look on Kayís face when she saw Fox.  He chose to just watch them.  That was such a let down.  Hopefully he will have the sense to confront them when they are shown again.  If he continues to watch them and walk away, then he will deserve what they are doing behind his back.

Luis wouldnít blackmail Theresa
It makes no sense for the blackmailer to frame Luis for blackmailing Theresa.  Theresa gave him money to leave town so what would he gain from blackmailing her?  He also wanted Ethan to stop Theresa from marrying Jared.  The blackmailer wanted her to marry Jared so Luis couldnít be the one blackmailing her.  Itís so obvious that he is supposed to look guilty.  Itís hard to believe that people actually believe that heís guilty because itís so obvious that heís being framed.

Luis wants to get caught
He must enjoy being in jail because he keeps making so many stupid mistakes.  He snuck out of jail again.  What does he think thatís going to prove?  Sneaking out of jail will only make him look guilty.  He ended up going to Dylanís place and the attacker/blackmailer set it on fire.  You know whatís going to happen.  Luis is going to be accused of setting the fire so he could get the letter that Dylan had for Simone.  Oh right, he was also wearing a shirt that smelled like gasoline.  If Luis stayed in his cell, he would not be framed for the fire.  Itís as if he wants to be caught.

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