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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #255

3/19/07 – 3/23/07

Ethan needs to get his priorities straight
He kept whining all week about how he had to get Luis and Miguel out of the trouble that they are in because he had to get Theresa back.  What kind of lawyer is that?  He should have been more worried about helping Luis and Miguel and not about getting Theresa back.  He isn’t even doing anything to help them out.  He kept talking to Sam about how he was going to lose Theresa because of the blackmailer. It was hard to believe that he was wasting so much time worrying about what was wrong with Theresa.  Reality check, Ethan.  One of your clients can get the death penalty while the other can spend his life in jail.  It shouldn’t matter whether he is going to marry Theresa.

Kay was let off the hook
Once again Kay cheated on Fox with Miguel.  Tabitha wanted to keep Miguel away from Charity so she came up with a potion so that he would want Kay.  How convenient was that?  Kay was let off the hook for cheating again because of Tabitha’s spell.  Why can’t Kay ever just be guilty without the responsibility going back to Tabitha?  Most of the time, Kay’s actions are not her fault.  We find it hard to believe that Kay wouldn’t cheat on Fox without Tabitha’s help since she did it before.

Jessica went back to Spike
What is with this girl?  Paloma, Simone, and Noah were trying to reach out to Jessica again.  They ended up wasting their time since she went back to Spike anyway.  She decided to take Spike back because she saw Noah and Paloma kissing.  That didn’t make any sense at all because she was okay with them being together and now she’s upset about it.  There is no point helping her because she never wants to listen to anyone but Spike.

Did Ethan forget about Sarah?
When Fancy was whining about Sheridan going after Luis, he told her how Sheridan lost a child.  He practically implied that only Sheridan knew about losing a child.  Did he forget that he knows what it’s like to lose a child?  The writers could have had Ethan remember the death of his child.  He could have told Fancy how he knew what Sheridan was going through because he went through it too when he and Gwen lost Sarah.  This is a real insult to Gwen as well as Sarah’s death.  He obviously didn’t care about Sarah or he would have remembered her.

Fancy was at it again
She was whining again this week.  She saw Luis and Sheridan together and she assumed that he had sex with her.  Luis kept trying to tell Fancy that he didn’t have sex with Sheridan, but she wouldn’t believe him.  Once again she gave the speech about the way men treat her.  She gave this same speech to Noah when she broke up with him.  We didn’t realize that Fancy was so precious.  She was really acting like a princess when she was whining to Luis about what he did to her.  She is the only female character who keeps talking about how “her” man should love only her and blah, blah, blah.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but Luis is not her man.  They have not become an official couple yet.  They were going to start dating after she was finished with the academy.  Another problem with Fancy’s whining is that she has no right to act this way.  She mentioned how terrible it was for an aunt to steal her niece’s boyfriend.  Well what kind of niece goes after the love of her aunt’s life?  She knew that Sheridan was still in love with Luis when she wanted to go out with him.  Fancy always has to get what she wants so she had to go after Luis.  Who knows what she did to Pretty so maybe this is her karma.  Maybe any relationship she is in will be ruined because of what she did to her sister.

Fancy is suspicious of Luis
Now that she thinks that Luis was with Sheridan, she thinks he might have attacked her.  It’s obvious that she is only doing this out of spite.  She claimed that she thought he was innocent before, but now she’s not sure.  She knows that he could get the death penalty so she needs to make up her mind about whether she thinks he’s guilty.  It will be too late for her to make up her mind and realize that he’s innocent once he’s convicted.  She shouldn’t let her jealousy cloud her judgment.

Here are some random thoughts:

Ethan keeps begging Theresa to marry him, but what would he do if Gwen wanted him back?  He can’t have Theresa and Gwen.

Since Sheridan wants Luis back so badly, why does she keep lying to Chris?  Why won’t she just leave him?

Do the writers expect us to forget that Chris is a liar and worked with Alistair?  Well we didn’t forget it so we don’t feel sorry for him now that Sheridan has been lying to him.

Why would Sam only go to Rae’s funeral because he’s chief of police?  Simone is his best friend’s daughter so you would think that he would go to the funeral for her and not because he had to do it.

Fancy has all but forgotten that she was attacked.  Now she is only worried that Luis might be falling for Sheridan again.  She has barely mentioned being attacked. 

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