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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #254

3/12/07 – 3/16/07

The writers are turning Theresa into a martyr
We’re pretty sure that Theresa’s fans may not agree with this, but please think about this before you disagree with it.  Theresa was willing to risk Jared’s life because she wanted to protect her secret.  She knew that Jared was too weak to marry her, but she didn’t care.  She practically forced him to marry her now instead of waiting until he got better.  Naturally, she is only doing it because the blackmailer wanted her to do it.  She also has to do it to save her brothers.  The writers can keep having characters come up to her and remind her about Luis and Miguel’s situations as much as they like, but we’re not buying it.  She has never been the type to sacrifice her happiness to help anyone so why would she do it now?  It would have been more believable if she were forced to marry Jared just because she didn’t want her secret to come out.  Right, if that happened, she would look like a selfish monster.  If she’s faced with a dilemma of being with Ethan or her brothers go to jail, then she looks like a better person.

Another reason why Theresa shouldn’t be considered a saint for marrying Jared is because she brought the blackmail on herself.  She had plenty of time to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan, but she conveniently had a reason not to tell it.  Now months later, she still has a reason to keep quiet.  If she told Ethan the truth, then the blackmailer would have nothing on her.

Ethan is an egomaniac
What was up with Ethan this week?  He kept trying to force Theresa not to marry Jared because he can be with her now.  He also said how she was waiting for him to be with her and now they have a chance to be together.  Can you believe his nerve?  She told Ethan how she didn’t love him anymore and that she’s with Jared.  He couldn’t handle that.  He wanted her to be with him.  Now he knows what it feels like to want someone who he can’t have, but he couldn’t handle it.  We’ve known that Ethan has had an over-inflated ego, but he’s really bad now.  Please don’t break your hand patting yourself on the back, Ethan.  We also wanted to add that he wasn’t acting like this when Gwen was still in the picture. He was still torn over which woman he wanted, but now he’s begging Theresa to be with him.  It makes you wonder.  Would he have done this if Gwen were still around? 

Shuis’s scenes at the Crane apartment were cut short
This week Sheridan and Luis had a chance to be close at the Crane apartment.  This was a moment that die-hard Shuis fans have been waiting for.  Well unfortunately, they didn’t last long because Fancy showed up and ruined them.  We thought it was funny how Fancy ended up being the one in the bathroom with Sheridan instead of Luis, but we didn’t like how she ended the time they had to be alone.  Fancy was giving Sheridan the riot act for going after Luis.  Sheridan was being condescending when she was talking to her.  She was making it seem as if Fancy was crazy for thinking that she was going after Luis again.  No matter how right Fancy was, we still didn’t like how she was the reason why Luis and Sheridan weren’t able to be alone for long.  She’s also the reason why the police were after Luis again.  She didn’t do it intentionally, but she is still responsible.  If she stayed away from Luis while he was on the run, then Chris wouldn’t have realized where he was hiding.  She insisted on finding him because she didn’t want Sheridan going after him.  That was how Chris was able to turn him into the police.

Pretty was the key word this week
We can’t begin to tell you how annoyed we were getting constantly hearing Pretty’s name this week.  Sheridan and fancy were going for a record saying it.  Since the writers don’t want us to know what Fancy did to her, then it should be dropped.  We couldn’t care less what Fancy did to Pretty.  Whatever it was shouldn’t have anything to do with her relationship with Luis because she did it before she even met him.  What difference does it make now?  Sheridan was really driving it home how Fancy did something bad to Pretty.  We know that already.  We don’t have to hear about it over and over again.

Jessica’s intervention
What was the point of Noah, Paloma, and Simone trying to reach out to Jessica again?  The girl doesn’t want to listen to anyone who tries to talk some sense in to her.  She only listens to Spike.  She knows why he married her, but she seems to think he loves her.  Speaking of the intervention, how come Kay wasn’t around to help her?  Right, she was too busy having sex with Miguel to notice.  She is always too wrapped up in herself to realize what’s going on with Jessica.  Anyway, Jessica’s family and friends just waste their breath on her since she won’t get help.  Paloma and Simone know about the murders so they could have helped her.

Whitney is too obsessed with Vincent and Valerie being together
Why does Whitney care so much about them being a couple?  She hardly knows them, but she is constantly in Vincent’s face talking about his relationship with Valerie.  Is she still feeling threatened by Valerie and wants to make sure that she stays away from Chad?  Why else would she care so much about them being a couple?  She shouldn’t even talk to him so much since he’s a tabloid reporter.  Who knows how many stories he printed about her friends and family.  You would think that he would be the last person that she would hook up with a girlfriend.

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