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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #253

3/5/07 Ė 3/9/07

Foxís nurse should be fired
Normally, we choose not to rant about extras that pop up on the show, but this woman was horrible.  She allowed Julian to blackmail her to make sure that Fox didnít get the real treatment.  He conveniently knew that the nurse had a gambling problem.  He offered to pay off her debit if she gave Fox a placebo treatment.  She ended up taking the bribe.  If that werenít bad enough, she dropped the treatments when she bumped into Miguel.  The label she put on the faked treatment conveniently fell off and she didnít know which one was the fake one.  She decided to take a chance and give the treatment to Fox anyway.  What was wrong with that lady?  What kind of nurse is she?  She had the nerve to lie to Julian and say that she gave Fox the fake treatment.  She felt no guilt about what she did.  She ended up giving Fox the real treatment instead of the fake one.  There was probably someone in the hospital who could have used the treatment, but that person ended up with a fake one.  This woman should be fired.

Miguel needs to give up
Sorry to have to keep ranting about him every week, but he is really getting on our nerves.  He was following Kay around like a puppy dog again.  He kept telling her how Fox was faking his illness.  When Kay wasnít convinced, he had to continue to hang around the hospital to make sure that Fox got the treatment.  Why wonít Fox have Miguel banned from his room?  Anyone else in Foxís position would have done it by now.  Miguel doesnít have to keep watching his every move if he would make sure that Miguel stays away from his room.

Sheridan wonít leave Chris
What is stopping Sheridan from leaving Chris?  She told him how she is in love with Luis.  If thatís true, why wonít she leave Chris?  Is it because of James?  Is it because Luis doesnít want her anymore?  Maybe itís a little bit of both.  If James is the reason why she is staying with Chris, then she could still see him.  She is a Crane so she could get visitation rights.  She might even end up with full custody of him.  If that didnít work, then she could have another child.  She wasnít told that she couldnít have kids so she could have another child.  That just leaves Luis.  He seems to be over her now and she doesnít like that.  She obviously forgot that Luis begged her to be with him, but she wouldnít leave Chris.  Now she has risked going to jail because she wants to help Luis.  She got mad because Luis had the audacity to mention Fancyís name.  Well, she is the reason why Luis ended up falling for Fancy.  If she wants to stay with Chris, then why is she obsessing over Luis?  She wonít divorce Chris, but she wonít let Luis move on with his life.  She is as bad as Ethan.  She wants it both ways.  What would she do if Luis actually decided to forget about Fancy and be with her? 

Luis must want to get caught
Luis obviously wants to go to jail after all.  He is a fugitive and that doesnít prove his innocence at all.  Ethan told him not to get in contact with Fancy.  What do you think Luis did?  Thatís right. He found a way to get in touch with her.  He called her despite Ethanís warning.  Lucky for him the phone wasnít bugged.

Another thing Luis did that almost got him arrested was go out in a disguise to investigate the case against him.  It wasnít even much of a disguise.  Theresa gave Luis a lot of money to disappear and the best disguise he could come up with was a pair of glasses.  He looked exactly the same so he didnít even need a disguise.  Can you believe that was the best he could do?  Why couldnít he just stay at the apartment instead of going out?  The man at the store recognized him and he was almost arrested again.

Chad was a hypocrite
Chad talked to Ethan about the way he has treated Gwen and Theresa.  He was right about Ethan, but he didnít have a nerve to criticize him.  Chad made it seem as if itís so impossible to love two people.  He also told Ethan how he doesnít know how he could treat them the way he does.  What right did he have?  He is cheating on Whitney so he is just as wrong as Ethan.

Ethan wants it both ways
Speaking of Ethan, he told Chad that he called Gwen and tried to make things work.  Doesnít that sound like a man who wants to move on with his life?  Why does he keep trying to talk to Gwen if he loves Theresa so much?  This man talks out of both sides of his face.  If Ethan had his way, he would probably be with Gwen and Theresa.  Maybe he wants to make sure that Theresa wonít go back to Jared before he decides to end things with Gwen.  The man deserves to be alone.

Here are some random thoughts:

When is Julian going to check on Fancy?  He hasnít spoken to her in a long time.

What does it say for Sam that Sheridan was able to find Luis, but he couldnít?  He should have realized that Luis would have gone to Theresa for help to get away.

Theresa didnít feel any guilt about marrying Jared because the blackmailer wanted her to do it.  She was only worried about hurting Ethan.

Can you believe that Sheridan used Marty to get Luis to feel sorry for her?  You would think that she would have genuinely thought of him instead of using him as a ploy to get closer to Luis.

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