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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #252

2/26/07 Ė 3/2/07

Chadís lover was revealed
The identity of Chadís lover was revealed this week.  As you know, Chadís lover is Vincent.  Was anyone else disappointed by this revelation?  We werenít surprised that Vincent ended up being Chadís lover.  We were hoping that Chadís lover would have been a surprise.  What was the point of hiding Vincentís identity?  He hasnít been on the show long enough for the audience to care that he is Chadís lover.  It would have been better if Chadís lover had been someone who was on the show longer than Vincent.  Most of the audience probably assumed that Vincent was Chadís lover so there was no point hiding him from us.  This was probably a last minute decision.  Jared saw Chadís lover at the motel, but he didnít react to Vincent when he saw him at Crane Industries.  He acted as if he had never seen Vincent before.  It also didnít make sense for Valerie to date Vincent.  She was covering for Chad so she probably knew that he was seeing Vincent.  Why would she date Vincent if she knew about his relationship with Chad?  The writers really messed up this story.

Sam doesnít realize that Luis is being framed
We know that Sam can only go by the proof, but why canít he realize that Luis is being framed?  Sam is just as by-the-book as Luis is so you would think that he would get that gut feeling that something is wrong with the case.  Everything is adding up too easily for Luis to be guilty.  There is no way that Luis would have left so much evidence around to be caught.  If Alistair were the one in Luisís position, Sam wouldnít be able to make the charges stick.  Alistair could have a smoking gun in his hands, but Samís hands would have been tied.  Is Sam on the take?  Is he working for the Cranes?  Could he be one of the attackers?  He did show up at the B & B right after Fancy was attacked once again.  He also refused to check the shower when he was looking for the attacker.  If Samís not the attacker, then he might be involved.  You never know.  The writers may decide to make Sam one of the attackers.

Ethanís reaction to Gwen sending the divorce papers
The way he reacted to Gwen sending him the divorce papers was a slap in the face to her as well as to her fans.  He may as well had clicked his heels with delight.  What happened to him wanting to make his marriage work?  He certainly forgot all about that.  The second he received the papers he was ready to go running to Theresa.  Why didnít he just get a divorce if he wanted to be free?  Why did he choose to stay with Gwen for so long if he was going to be so happy that she wanted a divorce?  He could have given her divorce papers if he was so unhappy.  He also could have let Gwen leave all of the times that Gwen wanted to leave him.  He is going to get what he deserves when he ends up alone.

Kay cheated on Fox again
What is wrong this woman?  She claimed that she was mad at Miguel for ďhaving sexĒ with Charity and for ďhitting FoxĒ with his clear, but she wanted to be with Miguel again.  As far as she knew, Fox was waiting to take his treatment, but she was making out with Miguel once again.  What is it going to take for her to realize that she shouldnít treat Fox that way.  If she didnít, then Fox wouldnít have had to scheme against her.

Miguel is obsessed with Kay
He is truly a Lopez-Fitzgerald.  As most long time viewers know, once a Lopez-Fitzgerald falls for someone, they will take a long time to get over it.  Miguel is no different.  He is really obsessed with Kay.  He has been following Kay around everywhere she goes.  It doesnít matter where she goes because he is always there.  When he does get to talk to Kay, he constantly tells her how much she loves him and he kisses her.  If heís not doing that, he tires to get her in the bed.  He seems to enjoy playing on Kayís old feelings for him to get her to leave Fox.  This is quite a difference from a few years ago.  He barely acknowledged her existence when he was with Charity.  Now that he is alone and she is with someone else, he wants to be with her.

Luis was framed again
Once again Luis found himself in a position to be framed.  This time the attacker threw acid on Fancyís leg and Luis was caught holding the jar of acid.  How many times is Luis going to be framed?  We all know heís innocent so what is the point?  Luis has had plenty of chances to hurt Fancy if he wanted to, but he didnít do it.  He was alone with Fancy enough to hurt her so that proves that heís innocent.

Even though we know Luis is innocent, he places himself in situations that make him look guilty.  He refuses to stay away from Fancy even though he is accused of raping her.  He also choose to stay outside when he knew that someone was after Fancy.  Why didnít he stay in the room with her?  Also, he chose to sneak out of the police station after he was arrested.  That made sense, right?  He only made himself look guilty.

Will the writers please rest Fancyís story
No offense to any of Fancyís fans, but we really feel that itís time for her story to be rested.  Ever since sheís been involved with Luisís story, she has been put on the front burner.  Itís not fair to the other characters on the show who are getting the shaft.  She had a lot of screen time when she was with Noah, but she has a lot now.  Noah is barely being shown, but she is on practically everyday.  Why is that?  Why did the writers build her role so much?  There are other female characters on the show who could use some screen time, but sheís getting so much of it.  We remember a time when Sheridan was shown like that, but now Fancyís getting shown a lot.  This really isnít fair that someone who has only been on the show for a couple of years can get more airtime than people who have been on the show from the beginning.  It would be really nice to get a break form her whining for a while.  It wouldnít be so bad to see her this much if she wasnít constantly whining and acting like a baby.

Why was Valerie so happy for Theresa
This was really suspicious.  Theresa has threatened to fire Valerie on numerous occasions so why would she be happy that Theresa can be with Ethan?  Also, why did she tell Jared how Theresa loved him if she thought she belong with Ethan?  We have a feeling that Valerie may be involved in whatís going on in Harmony.  There was no reason for the writers to bring her character back to the show unless sheís involved in something.

Theresa cheated on Jared again
Obviously Theresa thought that the blackmailer was bluffing when he/she told her to stay away from Ethan.  That was why she agreed to marry Jared in the first place.  Well that didnít last long.  She ended up in bed with Ethan again.  All he had to do was say that Gwen filed for divorce and they jumped in the sack.  The last time we checked, filing for divorce was not the same as being divorced.  He didnít sign the papers.  Also, Theresa is engaged to Jared, but she couldnít wait to cheat on him once again.  To make matters worse this time, she cheated on him while he was in the hospital.  He was shot trying to help her.  She didnít even feel guilty about it.  She would deserve it if the blackmailer exposed her secret after all because she didnít think about that when she was with Ethan.

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