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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #251

2/19/07 – 2/24/07

Can Fancy please stop whining
She has been whining every week.  We know that she does it all the time, but she has really been going overboard lately.  We had a feeling that was going to happen once she was raped.  Unfortunately, we were right about that.  She had to whine so much that she even told Sheridan that she thought she was the attacker.  Can Fancy ever keep her mouth shut?  Does she even want her attacker to get caught?  She compromised the investigation by telling Sheridan that she thinks that a woman attacked her.  Why would Fancy do that?  Right, she must whine about the attack over and over again.  We may be the only ones who feel this way, but she is starting to drive us crazy.  Instead of whining about being raped, she should consider getting counseling.

Kay and Miguel are getting on our nerves
The subject of this rant explains it all.  These two were really annoying this week.  Actually, they are annoying every week, but let’s talk about how they were this week.  All week long these two were saying the same things over and over again.  We know that is nothing new on Passions, but it was really bad this time.  All Miguel kept saying was “Kay, I didn’t hit Fox with my car” and “You love me more than you love Fox.”  It was endless.  Kay kept saying “Fox said you hit him” and “I need to be with my husband.”  She also kept mentioning how Miguel slept with Charity.  She already knows why it’s possible that Miguel was telling the truth, but she has selective memory loss now.  It was really painful to watch their scenes because we knew what they were going to say.  They deserve what Fox is doing to them since they seem to think that they are so innocent.  The writers can try and make Fox look like he is the bad one by getting in the way of “true love”, but it’s not working for us.  We have mentioned this before, but they are the reason why he has to go to such extremes to keep Kay and Miguel apart.  Anyway, back to the point.  Kay and Miguel’s scenes were so boring to us.  They were definite fast forward and/or mute material.

What does the attacker want
As you all know, the attacker made sure that Ethan went to Theresa so that they could end up in bed together.  Fast forward some weeks and the attacker wants Ethan and Theresa to stay apart.  He/she is blackmailing Theresa to keep her from telling Ethan the truth.  The blackmailer would ruin her chances of helping Luis and Miguel if she didn’t choose Jared.  Why did the attacker make sure that Ethan and Theresa cheated on Gwen and Jared if they weren’t supposed to be together?  Also, why would the blackmailer shoot Jared if he/she wanted Theresa to be with him?  We are not sure what the attacker/blackmailer wants from Theresa and Ethan?  Are they supposed to be apart?  Was that the point of their affair at the mansion?  Is anyone else getting confused by this?

Chad’s opinions about gay couples
Chad has to be the biggest hypocrite in Harmony.  He has himself convinced that homosexuals can’t be in love.  He thinks that same sex literally means people are just have sex with the same sex and that’s it.  He is having an affair with a man so you would think that he wouldn’t feel that way.  He is either in denial about his relationship with the man or he’s just trying to justify it.  For some reason, he seems to think that he can have a relationship with his lover and not be gay.  It’s just sex to him.  What else would he be if he is having sex with a man?  We want to add another stupid thing that Chad said.  He told Whitney at the funeral home that Simone and Rae weren’t really in love because same sex couples can’t love each other.  He saw the way Simone was reacting over seeing Rae’s body in the casket, but he thinks they weren’t in love.  He also wouldn’t let Myles play with his friend anymore because his parents are gay.  That was really unbelievable.  That is the type of opinion we would expect from TC not Chad.  Guess his nose is up in the air now that he’s a Crane.

Where were the rest of Simone’s family and friends
Rae’s body was at the funeral home this week.  Simone was pretty much the only on there for Rae.  Whitney did show up to the funeral home, but she did it after Simone called her.  Chad showed up after Whitney called him.  Where were Rae’s family and friends?  Didn’t they want to say goodbye to Rae too?  Also, why was she in the funeral home already, but the Bennetts still haven’t had a service for Grace?  Anyway, why weren’t Eve and TC at the funeral home?  They knew how much Rae meant to Simone so they should have been there for her.  Whitney said that Eve was at the hospital.  Was that really more important than being there for her daughter?  Simone was really heartbroken so her parents should have been there for her.  Also, where was Kay?  She is supposed to be Simone’s best friend, but she was nowhere to be found when she needed someone.  Simone was always there for her more times than not, but Kay wasn’t there for her.  Fox was out of his coma so she could have left the hospital to be with her.  She left the hospital to get Maria for Fox so she could have left to go to the funeral home for a little while.  Fancy could have gone to the funeral home to be there for Simone too.  Maybe she would have been able to convince her that Luis didn’t kill Rae.  The Bennetts and Lopez-Fitzgeralds could have been there for Simone too.  The Russells, Bennetts, and Lopez-Fitzgeralds have been friends for a long time so it was hard to believe that none of them showed up for Simone.

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