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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #250

2/12/07 Ė 2/16/07

Rae got herself killed

Weíll get to what we think about Rae being the victim shortly.  We want o talk about what Rae did to get killed.  She suddenly realized out of the blue that she knew who the attacker was.  Like most of the ďsmartĒ people in Harmony, she decided to keep the info to herself.  She wouldnít tell Simone what she knew.  She also called Luis to tell him about the attacker.  She wouldnít tell Luis who the attacker was either.  She needed him to be at the Blue Note before she could tell him. She was afraid that someone might have bugged the phone.  If that werenít enough, when she saw the attacker, she went after him/her alone.  She was defending herself against the attacker at first, but then she did something stupid.  She was talking to the attacker while he/she was knocked out.  She also turned her back on the attacker.  That was how she ended up getting killed.

Raeís murder could have been prevented if she didnít do stupid things.  She should have told Simone and/or Luis who the attacker was.  She made the same stupid mistake that Grace made before she ďdiedĒ.  If Rae told someone who the attacker was, then Luisís name would have been cleared.  She also shouldnít have gone after the attacker by herself.  She should have went to the back of the Blue Note with someone so that they could take the attacker on together.  Another stupid thing Rae did was take the time to talk to the attacker.  She had the attacker knocked out, but she stayed in the room and kept talking.  She also didnít take the knife.  She should have picked it up once the attacker was out cold.  She turned her back on the attacker and that was how she ended up getting killed.  The things she did to get herself killed were dumb even for Passions.

Rae was the murder victim

Tabitha told Kay that someone was going to die.  Imagine our surprise when we read the spoilers and found out the victim was going to be Rae.  She was a very unimportant character so it didnít matter if she were the one who died.  What possible sense did it make to get rid of Rae?  She was brought on because the writers wanted to start a lesbian storyline for Simone.  The writers didnít even develop a decent story for Rae and Simone and now sheís dead.  Itís hard to even care about her death because we didnít get a chance to get to know her.

Luisís frame up

This story is becoming more senseless by the week.  We donít mind mysteries.  In fact, we love them when they are done right.  We donít have a problem with the mystery storyline, but we do have a problem with Luis being framed for it.  It makes no sense because the audience knows heís innocent.  We think that the story would have been better if the writers made it a possibility that Luis could have been the attacker.  The writers should have given us the option to suspect him as the attacker.  That is not happening with this story.  The writers are trying that with Raeís death, but it doesnít add up.  Simone claimed that Luis was missing for a few minutes while Rae was gone.  We know that Luis and Fancy were together when Rae was getting killed.  When could he have left Fancy?  Also, if Simone knew that Rae and Luis were missing at the same time, why didnít Rae just talk to Luis?  If Simone saw Luis at the Blue Note, then itís safe to assume that Rae should have seen him too.  She didnít have to go in the back room to go after the attacker.  Another thing that doesnít add up is Luisís necklace being in Raeís hand.  Luis is a cop so why would he be dumb enough to leave evidence like that behind?  Itís such an obvious frame up and thatís the problem.  Sam didnít even realize that Luis is being framed. Luis is a Lopez-Fitzgerald so everyone knows that they are never responsible for any wrongdoing in Harmony.

Kay keeps switching sides

Is anyone else getting sick of watching Kay jump from side to side as far as Miguel is concerned?  All week long Kay has been back and forth over whether Miguel had sex with Charity.  When she was talking to Miguel, she acted as if she didnít believe that he was being set up.  When she was talking to Noah and Simone, she thought that Miguel might have been telling the truth.  This is what drives us crazy about Kay.  She canít make up her mind about who she wants to believe.  If she wants to be with Fox, then why does she keep listening to Miguel?  If she wants to be with Miguel, why wonít she believe him without getting mad every five minutes?  At this point, is there even a person left who cares who she chooses?  It would be great if she would make a choice and stick with it.  She needs to stop changing her mind just because one of them did something that she didnít like.

Jessica lied to Kay

Thanks to Julian manipulating Jessica, she ended up lying to Kay about seeing the fake Charity.  Jessica told Miguel that she saw her, but she told Kay that she didnít.  Jessica never wants to help her family.  This is the third time that she wouldnít help her family.  She made sure that Sam and Noah were arrested for attacking her.  She wouldnít help Noah prove to Fancy that he wasnít with Maya.  She wouldnít help Miguel prove to Kay that Fox schemed against them.  Jessica is rally selfish.  We donít know why her family tries to reach out to her when she wonít help them.

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