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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #249

2/5/07 Ė 2/9/07

 Jared was so desperate to get Theresa

This is really bothering us.  Why does he want Theresa back so badly?  He just caught her rolling around in the sheets with Ethan, but he still expects to marry her.  Why would he want to do that?  He is obviously very desperate or very suspicious.  This is definitely suspicious behavior to us.  This man wanted to leave town every time he thought Theresa wanted Ethan, but now he wants to stay.  He kept saying that he didnít want to be second best to Ethan, but now heís changed his mind.  We have a feeling that someone told him to change his mind about leaving town and giving up on Theresa.  Unless Jared really has no pride, there is no other reason why he would want to be second best to Ethan.

Theresa shouldnít have given Jared hope

She knew that she wanted to be with Ethan, but she let Jared think that she would consider getting back together.  Was she going to do it if Ethan didnít want her?  Does she think she can string the two of them along?  That seems like something Ethan would do.  What would she do if Jared and Ethan confront her together?  She wouldnít have the option to wait and see how the other one would react.  She should have told Jared that she loves Ethan and wants to be with him.

Kay kissed Miguel in front of Fox

What is wrong with this woman?  Is she so obsessed with Miguel that she has no self-control?  She kept letting Miguel kiss her while she was in Foxís hospital room.  Her husband could be dying, but all she cared about was kissing Miguel.  Weíll get back to Kay in a bit.  Letís move on to something else.

Samís favoritism towards Luis

Itís very obvious that Sam plays favorites as far as Luis is concerned.  Luis has messed up quite a bit lately, but Sam always gives him a slap on the wrist.  He messed up because of Fancy at the strip club when they made the tape.  It was supposed to be a big deal, but Sam got over it.  He also found out about Luis and Fancyís relationship.  This was also supposed to be a big deal, but once again he overlooked it.  Luis made such a big thing about not dating a cadet.  Sam was mad, but he let Luis and Fancy keep their jobs.  Fast forward a couple of months later and Sam is letting Luis investigate the rape case against him.  Luis is accused of raping Fancy.  He wanted to prove his innocence.  He practically barked at Sam to let him clear his name.  We all know that Luis is innocent, but Sam doesnít know it.  Would Sam have let any other cop investigate a rape case that he was accused of?  Thatís right.  He wouldnít do it.  Guess it pays to be the best friend of the chief of police.

Whitney was a tennis ball

She didnít know what side to be on this week.  One minute she wanted Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan and the next she was telling her to wait to do it.  She is constantly changing her mind about what Theresa needs to do.  Maybe Theresa needs to make her own decisions since Whitney tends to flip flop too easily.

Theresa didnít tell Ethan the truth

What a surprise, right?  The writers kept coming up with one interruption after another to keep Theresa from telling Ethan the truth.  Theresa had to keep building up what she had to tell Ethan.  It would have taken a few seconds for her to tell him the truth.  She also had to wait because Ethanís phone kept ringing.  He couldnít just turn it off so Theresa could finish talking to him.  She even had fantasies about her life with Ethan.  If that werenít enough, Whitney talked her out of telling him the truth because she would lose her Crane power.  We have been watching Passions since the first episode so we know that this happens all the time, but this was bad even for Passions.  It was such a deliberate attempt to keep the truth from coming out that the scenes between Ethan and Theresa ended up being a waste.

Whitney almost blew Theresaís secret

Once again Whitney let it slip about Ethan being little Ethanís father.  This time she said it in front of Jared.  Lucky for her, she was able to lie her way out of telling the truth.  Jared probably didnít believe her.  She even let it slip to Theresa that she told Chad the truth.  Theresa didnít take it badly.  Weíre sure that if it were the other way around, Whitney would have had a fit.

Kay was upset with Miguel again

She was mad at him again because she found out that he kissed Charity.  She was really throwing a tantrum about Miguel kissing Charity.  She also kept throwing up in his face how he had sex with Charity during her bridal shower.  She knows that Miguel was probably telling the truth because nothing happened to Tabitha, but she conveniently forgot that when she was whining.  Considering she is married, did she have a right to criticize Miguel for kissing ďCharityĒ?  BTW, why is it okay for Kay to love someone else, but itís wrong for Miguel to possibly love Charity?  She is in no position to get upset with Miguel about Charity.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why didnít Miguel realize that he wasnít really kissing Charity?  The real Charity and the fake Charity shouldnít kiss the same.

It seemed like Theresa cared more about losing the Crane Empire than she did helping Luis and Miguel.  She was crying more over losing the money than her brothers getting the help they need.

Who was watching Maria while Tabitha was away?  Kay and Miguel were at the hospital and they didnít say anything about a sitter.

Ethan said he was a free man, but heís not even divorced yet.  He didnít even tell Theresa that he would get the divorce.  He is probably waiting for Gwen to divorce him.

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