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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #248

1/29/07 Ė 2/2/07

Theresa only wanted Jane after Gwen left
Why didnít Theresa fight for Jane before Gwen left Harmony?  She was willing to continue giving up her rights to her daughter just because of a court order.  She is one of the most powerful women in Harmony so she didnít have to take that.  She could have made sure that she got her daughter back.  Now that Gwen is gone, she wants to be with her daughter.  Itís good that she wants her, but her timing was wrong.

Ethan moved into the mansion
The man wasted no time getting over Gwen.  The same night that Gwen left, he was jamming his tongue in Theresaís mouth.  He was also telling her about his love for her.  This is the same man who was crying over Gwen leaving at the end of last week.  Now he acts as if he doesnít even care.  He even went one step further and decided to move into the mansion to help Theresa raise the kids.  Thatís a really smart move to make if he really does want to get back together with Gwen.  Oh thatís right.  He doesnít care about his wife when he can go running after Theresa.

The plot holes with Luis being Fancyís attacker
There are so many problems with Luis being framed as Fancyís attacker.  Itís also bad that we (the audience) have to endure watching Luis get framed for rape.  Here are the problems:

*Luis wasnít around during the first rape.  He was nowhere near Fancy when she was attacked. He was at the police station at the time.  He has witnesses to prove that he was there at the time of Fancyís rape.

*Fancy said that the same person attacked her so that proves that Luis is innocent.

*Fancy fought with her attacker so she should know that he/she wasnít as tall as Luis.  The attacker is also a different build from Luis.

*Luis has no bruises from when Fancy actually did fight the attacker.

*Luis wouldnít have stayed at the hospital if he knew he would have been accused of raping Fancy.

Ivy was acting like mother of the year
We know that she is worried about her children, but she was going overboard.  She never cared about them except for Ethan, but now sheís acting as if they mean so much to her.  She doesnít even admit too much that she was wrong to ignore them.  We did like that she finally showed concern for her children.  You can check out our opinion about this in the Raves section.  We donít like the way she went about helping her children.  She was trying to throw her weight around to make sure that Luis was arrested for raping Fancy.  She must have been playing favorites this week because she didnít make sure that Miguel was arrested for hitting Fox.  She acted as if she cared so much about Foxís condition, but she didnít want Miguel to go to jail.  Guess she didnít really want Foxís attacker to be punished enough to call the mayor to get him arrested.  

We are really two-sided about the way that Ivy is treating Luis.  She is a mother who doesnít want her children hurt and she is only going by the facts.  Sheís also making decisions for Fancy without consulting her.  Sheís also trying to damage Luisís reputation by calling him a rapist.

Jessica was being self centered
She was really making Graceís death her moment.  She is not the only one who lost Grace, but she was worried about herself.  Noah lost his mother too, but he had to comfort her because she was talking about how her life turned out.  Wouldnít it have been nice to see Jessica comforting Noah?  He hasnít even cried over Graceís death yet.  He has to continue to keep Jessica from getting in trouble.

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