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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #247

1/22/07 – 1/26/07

Fancy is such a wimp
This woman really needs to learn how to fight.  She kept constantly getting attacked because she can’t defend herself.  She was in rooms with weapons, but she wouldn’t use them.  The only time she even thought of using a weapon was when Chadney were with her.  It’s no wonder that her attacker can get to her so easily since she won’t put up a fight.

Ethan and Theresa were caught together
The scenes were really good.  They were the best scenes this week to us.  Our problem with the scenes was the way that Ethan and Theresa handled themselves.  We know that Ethan was in some time of trance, but what was Theresa’s excuse for having sex with Ethan?  Anyway, they were expecting Gwen and Jared to just understand why they were having sex with each other.  We think that Jared and Gwen were a little too easy on Theresa considering she had no excuse for why she thought she was with Jared.  We thought that Gwen would have really yelled at her, but she didn’t.  Luckily, she yelled at Ethan.  We know why he was with Theresa, but Gwen didn’t.  Anyway, we didn’t like how Ethan and Theresa expected Gwen and Jared to forgive and forget what they did to them.  Wasn’t that a little too soon to expect them to get over what they did?  Judging from the way Ethan and Theresa were acting this week, we doubt they were as sorry as they claimed.  Actually, they didn’t even apologize for what they did to Gwen and Jared.

What does Ethan want
He didn’t want Gwen to leave him after she caught him with Theresa.  He also told Theresa that he loves her.  This happened after he was begging Gwen not to leave him.  What does this man want?  Does he think he can have Gwen and Theresa?  You can’t have it both ways, Ethan.  Gwen wasn’t even gone long before he told Theresa that he loved her.  He really proved that he wanted his marriage to work.  This man deserves to be alone.  Gwen finally had the sense to leave so you would think that Theresa would realize that she was better off without him.

Whitney’s plan/Theresa wanted to do it
Since these happened together, we decided to combine these rants together.  Whitney had an idea for Theresa to be with Jared and get Ethan out of her life.  She told Theresa that she should use her Crane influence and get Ethan the job he wanted when he wanted to go to India.  Whitney thought that Ethan and Gwen could take Jane to India and she could be with Jared.  It was not a good idea to us.  Whitney would not like it if someone told her that Chad could take her son out of the country.  Why would she suggest an idea like that?  Why not have Ethan relocate to another city?  Jane would have been closer to Theresa.  What’s worse was that Theresa actually agreed to go along with Whitney’s plan.  She was going to choose Jared over Jane.  If she loves her daughter as we’re led to believe, then she wouldn’t have wanted to send her daughter away to India.  She decided not to go through with the plan at the last minute.  Needless to say, she only changed her mind because she found out that Gwen was leaving Ethan.  Gwen cared more about Jane than Theresa did, but she always did so that shouldn’t surprise us.  Theresa, please get your priorities straight.

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