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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #246

1/15/07 Ė 1/19/07

Fancy makes it so easy for the attacker to get away
This is obviously going to happen every week.  She keeps getting attacked and no one believes her.  Her attacker is always able to get in and out of her room without anyone else seeing him/her.  Hereís what Fancy did that made the attacker get away and made herself lose credibility:

*When Fancy trapped the attacker in her closet, she yelled out for Luis to come get the attacker.  He and Sheridan got to Fancyís room at the same time.  Instead of showing Luis the closet, Fancy chose to argue with Sheridan.  The only thing that accomplished was wasting time.  Her yelling at Sheridan gave the attacker time to leave the closet.  Granted, the attacker might have gotten away anyway, but their arguing which kept him from searching the closet right away wouldnít have distracted Luis.

*Until the end of the week, Fancy kept staying in her room by herself.  When she knew that she was getting attacked and no one believed her, why didnít she insist on someone staying in the room with her?  That way they would have seen the attacker come after her.

*Fancy touched the knife that was in her robe.  The attacker cut up her sheets with the knife.  When Luis checked Fancyís robe, the knife fell out of the pocket.  Being the rotten cop that she is, she picked up the knife with her hand.  She should have used a tissue or something to pick it up.  What kind of a cop touches a weapon with their hands?  Even Luis didnít do that and heís a Keystone cop. LOL!  When Luis had the knife tested for prints, the only prints that were found on the knife were theirs.  If Fancy didnít touch the knife, her prints wouldnít have been on the knife.  We didnít understand why Luisís prints were on the knife when he didnít touch it with his hands.  That was quite the head scratcher for him as well as us.

Jessica blamed Eve, Kay, and Ivy
Jessica went off on Eve, Kay, and Ivy because of Graceís death.  That wasnít the problem.  The three of them deserved to get yelled at.  Our problem was her delivery.  She made us feel sorry for Eve, Kay, and Ivy.  A better actress might have made us root for her, but that didnít happen.  

Ivy got mad at Fox for lying
She had some nerve getting mad at Fox for lying about dying.  Considering what she has done, she should understand what he did.  Also, if she didnít scheme to break up Fox and Kay in the first place, he wouldnít have had to lie.  If she didnít have Valerie lie to Miguel in order for him to come back to Harmony, none of this mess would have happened.  She wasnít in a position to tell him that he couldnít love Kay or he wouldnít have lied to her.  Seeing as she lied to Sam, she must not love him either.

Jared and Theresaís relationship
Why do the writers make it seem as if Jared and Theresa have a good relationship?  All they ever do is have sex.  They never go out or anything.  If they werenít helping Whitney and Chad with their relationship, they wouldnít have much of a relationship.  We donít see what they love about each other outside of the bedroom.

Kay cheated on Fox
Kay certainly didnít waste any time cheating on Fox.  She was worse than Chad.  He cheated on Whitney, but he didnít cheat on their wedding night the way Kay did.  What was the point of marrying Fox if she was going to cheat on him?  Miguel can justify her affair by saying that Fox lied to her all she wants, but that doesnít change what she did.  

Ethan and Theresa had sex
Ethan was put under a spell by someone dressed like Fancyís attacker.  The person told Ethan to go to Theresa.  When Ethan got to the mansion, he and Theresa had sex.  What was weird was Theresaís reaction.  She conveniently pictured Jaredís face while they were together.  Any other time when sheís with Jared, she pictures Ethanís face.  Now all of a sudden, she pictured Jaredís face.  You would think that she would have known that she was with Ethan considering how long sheís loved him.  Ethan had his excuse for not knowing what he did but Theresa didnít.

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