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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #245

1/8/07 – 1/12/07

Kay is keeping secrets from Fox
Before Kay married Fox, she wanted to be sure that she could trust him.  She didn’t want there to be any secrets between them.  Did she forget about the secrets that she’s keeping from him?  She’s keeping the fact that she cheated on him with Miguel from him.  She’s also keeping him in the dark about her love for Miguel.  Is it okay for her to lie, but Fox couldn’t lie to her?

Fancy made herself lose credibility
When Fancy told Luis about what Sheridan told him at the hospital, she lost credibility.  She waited good until she was drinking and taking her medication to say something.  She should have said something right after she confronted Sheridan.  Luis might have been willing to believe it.

Sheridan is a hypocrite
When Sheridan and Luis were talking about Fancy being attacked, she told him that Fancy needed hard evidence in order to prove to him that she was telling the truth.  That was so rich of her.  She expected Luis to believe her when she told him about Beth and Marty.  He told her he needed proof in order to believe her, but that wasn’t enough for her.  She wanted him to take a leaf of faith and believe her because he loved her.  When he still needed proof she kicked him to the curb.  Fast forward a year or two later and she’s telling him that Fancy needed proof in order for him to believe her.  It’s too bad she didn’t believe that when she was trying to get him to believe her.  If she did, they would still be together.

Why was Gwen apologizing to Ethan
We almost threw something at the TV when Gwen degraded herself apologized to Ethan for the way she acted last week.  She had every right to throw her ring at him.  He was the one who called out Theresa’s name, yet she was the one apologizing to him.  She also had to beg him for her ring back.  We could have thrown up watching that.

Ethan had his way out of his marriage
Ethan is so crazy.  If he loves Theresa so much, why didn’t he refuse to take Gwen back when she begged him to forgive her?  Instead, he chose to stay with her.  What makes it so bad is he kept telling Gwen that he wanted to be with her, yet he was still obsessing over Jared and Theresa.  If he let Gwen go, he wouldn’t have to worry about Theresa being with Jared.  We get it.  Ethan doesn’t want Theresa, but he doesn’t want Jared to have her either.

Paloma should have minded her own business
She talked Fancy into fighting for Luis.  She all but insulted Sheridan in order to convince Fancy to be with Luis.  Our problem with what Paloma did was the fact that she was just telling Sheridan to fight for Luis.  Now she’s telling Fancy to fight for him.  Next week she’ll probably tell Sheridan to fight for Luis again.

Fancy barely fought off her attacker
It was so painful watching her get attacked again.  The girl doesn’t know how to protect herself to save her life.  She had plenty of things to use in order to hit the attacker, but she didn’t use them.  The best she could do was spray mace on him.  One time while she sprayed the mace, she sprayed it on his stomach.  It was obvious that she hasn’t used it before.  It’s things like that that prove that she’s going to be a terrible cop.  Here are some questions we had:  why was she trying to fight the guy in the dark?  She was standing by the light switch so she could have turned on the light.  How was he able to get in her room when she locked the door?  Why did she continue to stay in her room by herself?  She knows that she was attacked in her room so why didn’t she go downstairs with the others?  At least she wouldn’t have been alone.

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