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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #244

1/1/07 – 1/5/07

Ethan tried to blame Gwen for his actions
When Ethan was busted calling out Theresa’s name in his sleep, he couldn’t accept responsibility for what he did.  He had to turn it around and put it on Gwen.  When she confronted him about his dream, he got on the defensive instead of being apologetic.  He claimed that he was concerned for Theresa and little Ethan.  He thought that Jared was a danger to them because he killed JT.  When that excuse didn’t go over well with Gwen, he turned the situation around and accused her of killing JT.  He asked her if Theresa was right about her and Rebecca all along.  That was a great way to prove that he was sorry for what he did.

Jared was in a rush to get married
Why was Jared in such a rush to get married to Theresa?  The man didn’t even want to give Theresa time to think about the proposal.  He had to have her answer right away.  Is there a reason why he needs her to marry him so fast?

Why does Eve ever bother talking to the Cranes
Eve must love having her head handed back to her by the Cranes.  All they ever do is yell at her.  If they aren’t yelling at her, they threaten her job.  This week she fell victim to Fox’s wrath.  When he found out about Miguel seeing his medical files, he yelled at her and threatened her job.  When she tried to warn him about starting his marriage off with a lie, he yelled at her again.  The only thing she does is waste her time talking to them.  She needs to stay out of their business.

Why weren’t the Cranes at Chadney’s wedding
With exception of Fox, why weren’t the Cranes at Chadney’s wedding but they were at Fox’s wedding?  Fancy had her excuse, but she was going to make an effort to go to Fox’s wedding.  Luis had to talk her out of going to the wedding.  She wanted him to go to the wedding because Fox is her brother.  Julian and Sheridan also didn’t go to Chadney’s wedding, but they were at Fox’s wedding.  Chad is related to Fancy, Julian, and Sheridan too yet none of them showed up for the wedding.  It was every glaring how none of them were there.  It’s just proof that they don’t consider Chad family.  Sure Fancy made reference to him being her uncle, but other than that, they forget that he’s a Crane.  Guess when the chips are down, he will always be Chad Harris.

Gwen wanted to make her marriage work
We were so proud of Gwen when she threw her ring at Ethan earlier this week.  We thought she finally wised up to the fact that she deserves better than Ethan.  Then the bomb dropped.  She wanted to make her marriage work.  What is it going to take for her to realize that Ethan wants to be with Theresa?  She caught the man dreaming about Theresa, yet she still wanted to make her marriage work.  She didn’t want to lose him to Theresa.  It makes us wonder:  Does he really want to be with Ethan or does she want to keep him from Theresa?  If it’s the latter, than would explain why she wants to stay with a man she thinks is in love with another woman.

When she tried talking to him at the mansion, he didn’t even take the time to speak to her.  He had to go chasing after Theresa.  That alone should have raised a red flag.  It should have been enough to go through with leaving him.

Spike is possibly the rapist
It was so predictable of the writers to possibly make Spike Fancy’s rapist.  It is impossible for it to be him because he doesn’t fit the build of the attacker.  He also had to have had psychic powers in order to know that Fancy was going to take her colleague’s place at the stakeout.  We know we mentioned these things before, but they were worth repeating.

The writers weren’t fooling anyone by keeping the attacker’s face covered.  IT would have been easy to finger spike because he had easy access to be in the mansion.  He was a guest at Fox and Kay’s wedding.  He also disappeared when the attacker was in Fancy’s room.  It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.  They should have made it more of a mystery.  They could have shown his face to the audience.

Sheridan wanted Chris to die
That seemed a bit harsh for Sheridan to want Chris to die.  Why doesn’t she just divorce him instead?  She could have used her Crane influence or Theresa’s Crane influence to get custody of James.  What is she going to do, hire someone to kill him?  Is she going to kill him herself?  Who needs divorce when you can wait for your spouse to die?

Here are some random thoughts:

What was the point of having Grace know a secret if she was supposed to die?  If she did die on the bus, we will never know what she knew.  Why start this story if they never had any intention of revealing it?

How was Chad able to pass the lie detector test when we know he’s cheating on Whitney?  Is he turning crazy?  When did he learn how to beat a lie detector test?  He must really be a Crane after all.

Why wasn’t Maria at Fox and Kay’s wedding?  Paloma was supposed to bring her to the wedding, but Maria wasn’t there.

If Ivy didn’t want Fox to marry Kay, why would she dress up for the wedding?

Did you notice how Ethan pulled a Theresa when he was kissing her?  She used to be the one who shoved her tongue down his throat. Now it must be his turn.

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